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81 Cowboys From Hell

Amazing Riff! Pantera Forever! Dimebag Rocks! All together run for cover!

82 Schism
83 Nothing Else Matters
84 Killing In the Name

If you haven't really listened to this song, you're not a rocker

85 Shout At the Devil

You have to have Motley Crue is here somewhere just because of their no-nonsense musical approach and big personalities. Plus Mick's riffs are pretty straightforward and fun to follow.

I absolutely think it should be higher but regardless I like this glam metal song.

86 XXX For You - D'erlanger
87 T.N.T.

Way too good to be all the way down here.

V 2 Comments
88 Dead or Alive

greatest acoustic rock song of all time - richie4life

89 Black Dog
90 Photograph
91 Heaven and Hell

95? Wow. This should be top 25 if not higher. Sometimes I wonder about these lists.

92 Another One Bites the Dust
93 Rock of Ages V 1 Comment
94 It's So Easy

Awesome drumming by Steven Adler
Amazing vocals by Axl Rose
Mind-raping guitar solo by Slash
Cool bass by Duff McKagan
Outstanding rhythm work by Izzy Stradlin

95 Drink It Down
96 Stargazer - Rainbow

Rainbow is criminally unappreciated. This song is tied with Gates of Babylon for Rainbow's best song, and is one of the greatest, most important, and influential songs of all time. Without this song, there would likely be no power metal as we know it, not to mention many of the great epic metal tracks that followed it.

97 Show Must Go On

Simply one of the most inspirational songs I've ever heard

98 Over the Hills and Far Away

I don't like some of the lyrics 'friends' wife' but the rest of it is fantastic.

99 Bullet With A Name
100 Heaven
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