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21 Kankri Vantas

Kankri is very cute and he states his opinion all the time, and he has likes his personal space and boundaries. The cutest thing about him is his sweater though. I love Kankri Vantas.

I thought I was the only one who thought Kankri was just a cinnamon roll! I love him so much!

I can't believe he's here. no, don't think the negative way. Kankri's also my favorite character but I thought a lot of people hated him. I mean, A LOT. I'm just...GLAD

22 Bec Noir

Need I say anything. A first guardian, DOG!

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23 Feferi Peixes

She was wasted. Please give justice to her. I feel sad for Feferi, a powerful troll thrown away like that. Why?! I am not going to rant a lot, since I ranted on most underrated character. But, her character was the most wasted. Yet, the most enjoyable, and gave hope for a world that was falling down.

Feferi has so much depth that was never explored, and everyone hates her for absolutely idiotic reasons. If you take a minute to stop and look at her personality and past, you can't see why ANYONE would hate her at all.

Feferi is an amazingly loving character with the will to fight for her friends. I admire her personality and strength, and so should you.

I believe Feferi has been one of the most underrated characters by the fandom, if people actually took their time to stop looking at the surface, she could possibly be in the top 15 characters. But no, most of the fandom just skips over her. Look at Eridan, he is a emotionally unstable troll yet people forgive him for the actions he has done. Even though Feferi was one of the first characters to die, doesn't mean the has to be forgetten by most of the fandom.

24 Davepetasprite



yes. - WolfiNight

Undertale refrence, cut, adouble, and most importantly ses her worning.

25 Bro

He's just so cool. You wish that someday you could be as chill as your bro

26 Davesprite

If you care about Davesprite, you should care about Davepeta. Vote Davepeta. - Acamaeda

So kawaii

27 The Sufferer


He's done so much to stop the blood spilling of other trolls and even died doing so. He had a very admirable and depressing story. R.I.P Signless

Troll jegus

28 Andrew Hussie

Andrew Hussie created Homestuck, and we all love Homestuck! Without Hussie we wouldn't have this unless someone else was smart & crazy enough to think of this. This is someone who should be higher on the list.

He's the creator of the indescribably complex and beautiful world of Homestuck, so hell yeah.

Other then him stepping on a Lego brick causing him to kill everyone, this man is awesome!

Everyone secretly worships Hussie, we all know it's true.

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29 Cronus Ampora

Honestly, I guessed he would be this low, but he still deserves SOME love. A troll having the guts to be a humankin is pretty cool. His character design is one of my favorites, it's easy on the eyes, and his backstory is pretty much a spinoff of Harry Potter. He's also relatable, at least to me.

I love this guy and honestly he's pretty popular when you rp as him

Cronus is a greaser! So hot. Swooon!

He's trash. like me

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30 Mituna Captor

I'm pretty confused why Mituna is so under rates on these charts. I mean like, what's not to love about him?! He is a super adorable character that deserves a lot more love then he currently has.

Mituna is a great character I don't know why he's the 27 favorite even know there so much left of this comic I think he's a amasing character

31 Calliope

She's awesome and she should be higher on the list.

She deserves to be higher than that. She's so cute!



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32 Caliborn

Responsible for some of the funniest dialogues in the comic. He's rude, immature, "perverted", stubborn, conniving, violent, impatient, and I love him for it. Also the most badass- chewing his own leg off, facing the most deadly denizan, and beating a single player dead session against all odds. I don't care if a character is evil, stupid, or wimpy, as long as they're interesting and entertaining. Just because you wouldn't want to meet them in real life doesn't mean you can't enjoy them as exactly that- a fictional character. Caliborn is a wretched, insufferable brat, and it is not in spite of this but BECAUSE of this that he deserves more love from fans.


Because he's awesome, go LE!

Most badass. most weird. most best.

33 Spades Slick

(Spoiler alert for the whole comic! )
In spite of losing all his friends (Midnight Crew), his city (Midnight City), and the fact that most of his body had to be replaced with cybernetic parts, he kept fighting to avenge that casino. He (presumably) DIED before he gave up on it. If this isn't determination, I don't know what is.
Spades is the perfect balance of badass and silly. If you've read the Intermission, you'd know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, go read it, you silly! - Feltri

(Spoiler alert for the entire comic! You have been warned.)

Spades Slick is the best character in the whole comic. Although he seems like an a-hole at first glance, he actually cares about people. For example, he comforts Karkat when he's crying about the death of Sollux ( s=6&p=004372 ; this is as sincere as he gets when he's not interacting with Ms. Paint, just trust me on that one). In addition, when discovering Lord English hit Ms. Paint, he says this: "You say he did WHAT, why I oughta! ". This makes it obvious that Slick cares about her, especially when you consider that Hussie wrote this on the same page: "You obviously make an adorable couple... That's it, I'm calling it. I'm declaring your ship to be officially canon."
Not to mention his funny attempts at quips, one of which is this gem:
"Hate to chop all of your heads off with this sword. Real sorry about that. My bad."

Now to carefully ...more - Feltri

34 Crowbar

Just one more rank until he's 77, please, for ironies sake people! - wowthisisstupid

35 Post-scratch Dave

This is the best Dave, he looks awesome

36 Damara Megido
37 Jake English

Jake is probably someone who a lot of us can relate to. Over the internet, he is excited about meeting actual people, and can communicate easily, but when he actually meets his friends, we find out that he's not really good with human interaction, like most of us. Also, he has a charming personality, and he isn't rude to others. I think people should appreciate him more.

Love him! Especially when he kissed Lil Hal's head on the volcano (at least, I think it was Lil Hal.)

38 The PM

37th place? How could this happen! Mail is justice!

Why is she so far on the list? She's so awesome!

39 Doc Scratch
40 Latula Pyrope

She is the most radical troll to ever be created life wouldn't be the same with out her. why is she down here they probably made a mistake, I mean seriously she is amazing and I think she should be the first one not that stupid ass karkat

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