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1 Friday the 13th

Glad this is number one. Even the ones where it ISN'T Jason are enjoyable. my favorites are actually 3, 5, and 6. (yes I know 5 isn't jason, but still good in my opinion) Overall though much more solid than the Halloween series in which only 2 and 7 are good in my opinion

Should be #2 behind Halloween, but still a great franchise... Especially the original 3= Perfection

I'm proud to see this as the #1 franchise on the list. The movies vary in terms of production values and plot originality but they make up for it with playful tension, clever kills, and a barrel of fun (with 'Part VI' being the best of the bunch). - BKAllmighty

Own all the movies and games. It’s easily the definition of slasher horror!

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2 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th just got stupid, and Halloween 3 ruined the franchise. But, there is no non enjoyable Nightmare film. Also, there is no Horror character as iconic as Freddy Krueger.

I just wish we could see more 'New Nightmare'-inspired films these days. The fictional entering reality. What a terrific concept. - BKAllmighty

Parts 1, 3 and 7 are brilliant! Parts 2 and 4 are watchable and parts 5 and 6 are awful, especially part 5 which was so boring!

In my opinion the list should be

1 A Nightmare on Elm Street
2 Friday the 13th
3 Halloween
4 Saw
5 Child's Play
6 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7 George Romero's "dead" series
8 The Evil Dead
9 Scream
10 Hellraiser
11 Alien
12 Jeepers Creepers
13 Hatchet
14 Paranormal Activity
15 Final Destination

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3 Halloween

How this isn't #1 is beyond me! Sure they've had some crap movies, but what franchise hasn't? They're are the perfect horror movies, and only about 4 of them are bad. The other 6 are some of the greatest horror movies of all-time.

Outside of the first Helloween movie that is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, the series hasn't had any stand out movies - germshep24

This is the one that started it all there for it is the best

Halloween is awesome due to surprises, psychology, and the music. The drama isn't bad either, the way they show Michael Myer's relatives' trauma.

4 Saw

AN unbelievable, entertaining, violent, amazing and successful franchise which would be the best of all time. I liked all the saws and I was not disappointed one bit.

Twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat for 7 movies. Great acting, great plot, amazing movies. Saw will always be in my top 10 favorite movies - Jonerman

A wonderful premise that completely lost it after the first movie - germshep24

I've seen 'I' through 'IV' and only 'I' was watchable. The sequels all felt like cash grabs to me. I quit after the fourth one. - BKAllmighty

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5 Scream

The First Two were amazing, the third was awful and the fourth was watchable.
This is one of the few horror movies that has something for everyone. All the killing and suspense for the horror fans, not too much blood or gore for the squeamish, and a lot of humor for everyone! Not to mention a great cast.

I love all the screams. None were really a let down with me and that's why I'm voting for this franchise. CONSISTENCY

Nevertheless seen it, but it did better then the Friday the 13th franchise

All movies are great!

6 Alien

Alien franchise is true classic. I love all 4 parts and still hope they make another one - Alexandr

The first two were fantastic, the rest went down hill - germshep24

Very scary, especially for it's time

The original 'Alien' and 'Aliens' are classics. '3' and 'Resurrection' are crap while 'Prometheus' and 'Covenant' are under-appreciated. The series has had its ups and downs but I'll always be a fan. - BKAllmighty

7 The Evil Dead

Definitely the greatest horror franchise of all time. The original 3 movies are great, the remake is great and the T.V. show is great!

It's a shame that a fifth film was never produced. I heard it was meant to combine Ash's trilogy with the 2013 film. I'm sure it would have been great. At least we have the 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' to enjoy in its place. - BKAllmighty

A very well done trilogy - germshep24

8 Final Destination

I love the concept of how their is a psychic that can see when everyone will die although you will never know how they die until you see them get their head blown off or strangled to death.

The only series that has made successful series that is purely about killing people in creative ways - germshep24

Final destination 3 and 2 are the best - hamidabuat

Love these movies

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9 Child's Play

The only series that hasn't had an awful movie in the series, sure there was some asinine movies like pregnancy thing and Chucky's son, but they still kept it entertaining - germshep24

Best horror icon, best franchise :1,2,3, & 6

Awesome terrifying movie 10 out of 10!

The child's play franchise in my opinion is the best series of horror movies there is and I can't wait for the new chucky movie CHUCKY 7 the cult of chucky 🙂

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10 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The best Psychological horror movie and very underrated sequel - germshep24

This is the scariest movie ever!

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11 Hannibal Lecter Series
12 Jaws
13 Insidious

Should be top 8.

14 Paranormal Activity

Seriously, A demon ghost coming in and scaring your family and eventually killing you and/or your family.

Very boring series, that should get created for becoming a success - germshep24

15 Gremlins

It's just so creepy I hope there's a third one coming out.

16 Jurassic Park

Lol, this is not a horror movie. This should not be on this list.

17 Hellraiser

The first 3 parts were awesome, some others were lame, but overall it has more good movies than bad ones. It should be in the Top ten in my opinion, I'd even rate it Top 3 - NjakDjak

Hellraiser 1: Good, violent and creative
Hellraiser 2: Hellbound: Watchable, violent and creative
Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth: Fun to watch, very violent and some new ideas
Hellraiser 4: Bloodline: A bit boring, violent, but not much new to the table
Hellraiser 5: Inferno: A bit boring. Violent. Nothing really special
Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker: Boring. Violent. Nothing special.
Hellraiser 7: Deader: Nothing much entertaining about the film. Not much violence like predecessors. Nothing new.
Hellraiser 8: Hellworld: Very boring. Not much violence. Nonsense plot, only thing new was that Hell was in a video game (? )
Hellraiser 9: RevelationsTERRIBLE MOVIE! Nothing really violent, only new thing was being one of the worst horror movies of all time!

IMDb ratings:
Original: 7/10
Hellbound: 6.5/10
Hell on Earth: 5.4/10
Bloodline: 5.1/10
Inferno: 5.6/10
Hellseeker: 5.1/10
Deader: 4.6/10
Hellworld: 4.2/10
Revelations: 2.9/10

18 Scary Movie
19 Friday the 13th

Already on the list - germshep24

20 Omen
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