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21 Children of the Corn

Really underrated! I liked most of them!

22 The Three Mothers
23 Frankenstein

The fact that this series isn't even on this list while prom night is makes me lose all faith in humanity.

24 The Ring
25 Candyman
26 The Grudge

Ju-on is one of the best series out there, should be in the top 5, perhaps even top 3 - germshep24

27 Wrong Turn

This should be top 10.

28 The Exorcist

Every movie except the first were awful.

29 Psycho

This is probably the ONLY franchise whose every movie is more than good(except the remake and Bates Motel(1987) :))

30 Tremors
31 [REC]

One of the best zombie movies ever made. I liked all of the movies of the franchise.

32 Phantasm

A very underrated franchise - germshep24

33 George Romero's "Dead" series

This should be higher. I like most of the films especially when people kill zombies.

34 Prom Night
35 Leprechaun

Leprechaun you stink you barely kill all you do is talk talk talk blah blah blah so say I if you don't vote for leprechaun vote for chucky

36 Jeepers Creepers
37 Feast

It is crazy. The beast can eat someone in a matter of seconds.

38 Pumpkinhead
39 Hatchet

Victor Crowley is awesome

40 Boogeyman

Very creepy

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