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1 Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Classic lyrics first of his solo albums this is true rap

Death Certificate is awesome and a classic, but this is one of the best albums of all time. - EMBIGNASPAC

You can't fade me puts this above death certificate for me

I personally think this is better than Death Certificate. Always preferred the overall sound of this one.

Favourite song - You can't fade me

2 Death Certificate

So many good songs that keep you entertained for the length of the album. Even if no vase line was not on this album it would still be pretty damn good. Great songs like givin up the nappy dug out, steady mobbin, the wrong to mess with and true to the game. Shout out to the predator which is also a pretty great album, but to be honest aren't all his albums good listening value. I think so even the worst have good moments.

I think it's the best album of ice cube it was great that rockstar put ice cube death certhithicket in Grand Theft Auto sa I dining know how to spell that - Gtgghgghjhuhug

3 The Predator

Love this album! It's my favorite ice cube studio album. With singles like Today Was A Good Day and Check Yo Self (remix) How can this not be a hit!

4 Lethal Injection
5 Laugh Now Cry Later
6 Raw Footage
7 War & Peace, Vol.2

I love this album don't know why all the hate a lot better than most in my opinion, but I also love Ice cube

8 War & Peace Vol. 1

Extremely underrated album

I love the stories.

9 I Am the West
10 Kill at Will

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11 In the Movies
12 Bootlegs & B-Sides
13 Featuring... Ice Cube
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1. Death Certificate
2. Amerikkka's Most Wanted
3. The Predator
1. Amerikkka's Most Wanted
2. The Predator
3. Lethal Injection
1. Death Certificate
2. Lethal Injection
3. Amerikkka's Most Wanted

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