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61 Enter Tragedy

This song is really amazing. Its place would have to be at least top 15.

62 Liberation

Rather calm and awesome song.

Best song SoaPF

63 Condemned
64 The End
65 Coerced Coexistence

Unbelievable low ranking for this song. My favourite overall from In Flames

66 Superhero of the Computer Rage
67 Vacuum
68 Metaphor

This song is beautiful! It shows how good In Flames are, where they can go from where most of their songs are heavy metal to this beautiful poetic piece!

Sweet instrumentals, a little variety to their usual sound.

This song actually kinda sounds like a country song.

69 Black & White
70 Egonomic
71 March to the Shore

This was the first song of theirs that I had listened to, and it's what got me started liking In Flames!

72 Evil in a Closet

Best ballad I've ever heard. I think I cried when heard the solo for the first time

Love this song, great fry n screaming, melodic riffs, nice level of beats, awesome track...

My favorite song of all time...this is beautiful in every way.

73 The Jesters Dance

Nice Song... one of the better instrumentals that I have Heard, it is not the typical hard death metal song.. this is pure art

Beautiful song. Creates a real reflective vibe.

74 Morphing Into Primal

This song is pure melodic death - fast-paced, full of melody, brutal and a great solo. It has it all in 3 minutes. Should be in the top ten right away.

75 Dead God In Me
76 Sleepless Again

Honestly this song in my opinion is a fantastic to doesn't deserve it's place any where about the number 10. For it to be number 62 is crazy. The song has a truly unique sound to it.

Great song! - The8Bit

77 Disconnected

The most underrated in flames song there is. Esp the drumming. Top 10 no doubt

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78 Behind Space '99

Both the '99 version and the original are definite masterpieces. I like the non-traditional song structure, which is somewhat atypical of IF. Lots of good riffs here.

This song just starts off so intensely. Definitely deserves to be higher.

79 Sober and Irrelevant

Why is this not even on the list? This is my favorite song by In Flames.

This song is amazing so underrated so is delight and angers

80 Through Oblivion

Great song, one of those ones where you have to give it a bit of time with multiple plays, but in the end is truly rewarding. Anders sings beautifully!

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