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21 Transgressor Transgressor
22 Onmyo-Za
23 Crossfaith

One of the best innovative thing out there, the screaming make them the Japanese The Devils Wears Prada and the electric part just throw mainstream crap like Bring Me The Horizon out of the stage.

The best band I have ever seen live.

Dubstep and metal... they managed to merge them into perfection :D

Freackin' monolith!

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24 Desecravity Desecravity
25 Deadly Spawn Deadly Spawn
26 Serenity in Murder Serenity in Murder Serenity in Murder is a Japanese symphonic melodic death metal band with black metal influences, formed 2009 in Tokyo. more.
27 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Electronica metalcore. Insane drum parts, and ridiculous guitar parts that aren't even noticed in the first few listens because the focus is on the vocals. And damn, those vocals. Sure the cleans are autotuned but it's part of the sound. Nothing to stress over. But those black metal screams (that rip and are clean to the core) from the keyboardist (who is classically trained on piano and can play a beautiful melody in the midst of a hardcore song). Damn. This band doesn't leave any part alone, not even the bass. Beautifully put together if you take the time to sort out the chaos into individual parts. Even if you don't, the songs can be catchy, brutal, straight up weird. But this band has it all.

28 Blood Stain Child
29 Yousei Teikoku

Nice atmosphere, the band's been evolving a lot through time.

Yui's got a very great voice. Nice instrumental.

Great band.

I simply fell in love with this band since I first heard them. Their music is something else with fantasy feeling!
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Spectacual band. Hard driving guitars and Yui's amazing vocals. One of the best bands I've heard.

30 Nocturnal Bloodlust
31 Dead End

Best Band Period, Many styles and beastly Guitar Solo's

32 Sex Machineguns
33 Lightning

If you don't belive me, listen yourself.

34 MUCC V 1 Comment
35 Thousand Leaves Thousand Leaves A Thousand Leaves is the 10th studio album by the American experimental rock band Sonic Youth, released on May 12, 1998, by DGC Records.
36 Detroit Metal City Detroit Metal City
37 Versailles

Perfect combination of power metal sounds and symphonic framework.

38 Anthem

Easily the best band to come out of Japan. For those unfamiliar with them, check out Domestic Booty or Bound to Break - dubsinthetubs

39 Abigail
40 Abingdon Boys' School

Not metal but very good rock band.

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