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41 Ganner Rhysode

Not a Great Jedi, but he performed possibly the best feat in the Star Wars Mythos by defeating 10, 000 Vong at the World-Brain and a Vong Tank-Beast before dying.

42 Agen Kolar
43 Wolf Sazen
44 Kento Marek
45 Ima-Gun Di

An awesome jedi who sacrificed himself and his men to make sure the people of Ryloth got needed supplies and got away, sadly he and his men could not stand to an entire droid fleet, but he probably took out half of it on his own before epicly going down.

46 Coleman Trebor

Well, he did have huge courage when he attempted to defeat count dooku

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47 Kol Skywalker
48 Ben Skywalker
49 Palpatine

He had a red lightsaber before he turned into Darth Sidious.

And you smarty pants do you even knoe what Red Lightsaber means? It means you are part of the dark side.

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50 Cin Drallig
51 Echuu Shen-Jon V 1 Comment
52 Shon Kon Ray

She is a new character in Star Wars. Her force make her reflex and strength op

53 Rosh Penin

He is without a doubt the greatest jedi to ever live
"I'm a Great Jedi."
"You Wont Get Away."
Rosh is Love, Rosh is Life

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54 Quinlan Vos Quinlan Vos

Cool and kind of funny, he helped Obi-Wan track down Cad Bane! He was in the Clone Wars. He sadly is not very well known.

The greatest tracker ever he trained with Obi-wan and even survived the great jedi purge then before that trained aayla secura as his padawan need I say more

He dueled Mace Windu and drew him. After he revealed his skill in Vaapad.

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55 Luminara Unduli Luminara Unduli V 1 Comment
56 N'Kata Del Gormo

One of his apprentices were Yoda so if you think Yoda is so awesome he had to start somewhere!

N kata del gormo trained yoda he's #1 worthy

According to legend he was Yoda's Master - micahisthebest

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57 Saesee Tiin
58 Eeth Koth Eeth Koth
59 Pong Krell
60 Bob

He is probably not called Bob but his name is unknown as the only evidence we have of him is in some sort of Lego set which I have forgotten. He will be found in the Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary.

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