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21 Dumb and Dumber To

Come on.. He has great/funny parts in this movie

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22 Kick-Ass 2

A badass character performed brilliantly by Carrey. Awesome movie.

23 A Christmas Carol
24 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Face it. With Meryl Streep, he was the only worthy actor of that movie. Who could have been so much better. - ohright

I love this movie! Jim did very amazing at Count Olaf! In my opinion, no other actor could be better!

He played a really sinister pedophile villain. A really interesting take-on on a villain. Gotta admit, if a movie has Jim in it, you gotta love it! - Daviddv0601

I hate this movie

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25 Once Bitten

This is the funniest stuff, even for his early days. This movie is a classic. This one of his perfect roles. - westofohio

26 Pecan Pie
27 Copper Mountain: A Club Med Experience
28 Earth Girls Are Easy
29 The Itsy Bitsy Spider
30 Finders Keepers

Its an awsime movie.. No words to describe how awesome Jim Carry is

31 Pink Cadillac
32 Simon Birch
33 Rubberface
34 All in Good Taste
35 The Dead Pool
36 High Strung
37 Peggy Sue Got Married
38 Over the Hedge

Why's this on here? Jim Carrey wasn't in this at all.

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39 Fun with Dick and Jane

Carrey carried this movie and just gets better - also carries a message if we ever feel less than positive

I'm not even a fan of Carrey, and I found this move hilarious!

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40 Under the Sea 3D V 1 Comment
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