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61 Midnight
62 The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice

This is probably the most underrated/rarest song Hendrix ever personally released, also one of the heaviest. Hendrix narrates a trip through the Milky Way galaxy while his guitar is running wild. Just add in the chaotic bassline and drumming to form this Hendrix masterpiece.

63 Power of Soul

It is a damn shame that this song isn't in the top ten. This is one of the most dynamic Hendrix songs and an artifact in musical culture.

64 Who Knows
65 Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Instrumental but the guitar is godlike -

66 Lover Man
67 Wait Until Tomorrow
68 Stepping Stone
69 Peace In Mississippi

Best instrumental ever made. Ever

70 Room Full of Mirrors
71 Straight Ahead
72 Suddenly November Morning
73 Inside Out

Very underrated piece. The guitar playing in this one is absolutely outstanding.

74 Jam 292
75 Born Under a Bad Sign
76 Exp
77 Cocaine
78 Little Miss Lover
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