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21 Platoon
22 Dark Shadows

He was wonderfully talented in this. He managed to be endearing and funny at the same time. He deserves a lot more credit for carrying the entire movie!

Mind blowing story with johnny depp's acting and ever green the beauty!

Thumbs up 4 him... No one can match him... He is perfect in dracula's role..

23 Chocolat

Chocolat is a great movie, sweet and beautiful, with perfect soundtrack and lots of chocolate. And Johnny is so cute

Beautiful soundtrack, fun story, and yummy food!

24 Benny and Joon

A very touching movie that makes you look at things differently. Great acting as always.

Endearing and adorable. He pulled out all the stops

I surprised myself not putting a Burton' s film, but ok Ill be honest, I watch this one minimum 2 times a year,

Dead man walking came after or before Edward scissorshands

25 Cry Baby

One of my favorite he is so good looking in this one and his acting is great

26 Tusk
27 Jack and Jill
28 Mortdecai
29 Secret Window

I've never read the book but the movie is great. You don't get what's going on until the very end and even then you won't be sure what to believe...

Intense role. He did an excellent job with this part/ movie

Very mysterious movie. I love the plot

30 Black Mass
31 Once Upon a Time in Mexico
32 Into the Woods

Johnny Depp played the wolf

Great musical

I'm an elephant

33 The Astronaut's Wife
34 Arizona Dream
35 Public Enemies

Totally underrated

This and Donnie brosco are no brainer top 5s. Shows how little people know Johnny depp.

Johnny displays his role perdectly.
Great acting, great movie, true story. It's a must-see!

36 The Brave
37 From Hell

I love this movie. story about a mysterious serial killer who wasn't caught. best movies ever. awesome acting by johnny depp and jack the ripper laugh out loud

How can this be number 38

38 The Ninth Gate

This movie is kinda boring little but most people like it because of johnny depp.

39 Transcendence

Johnny Depp in a different role...

40 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides V 1 Comment
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