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1 Escape

This masterpiece deserves the first place. I love many Journey albums but Escape is unbeatable classic - Alexandr

The Album mostly written by Cain, Why didn't they keep him as the lead writer after this amazing album? Nothing in there library tops it!

This album might be called somebody's guilty pleasure, but I don't think pleasure should ever be guilty.

Awesome album

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2 Frontiers

all of their great power ballads are on this. - schwanie

Powerful music-- emotional-- full of feeling. The public bought this album and drove the songs to high on the charts.

Men the song "The Edge Of The Blade" ITS INSANE! I fully recommend this album!

Put this at #1, you won't be sorry.

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3 Infinity

This was when Perry first joined Journey; the lineup was fresh and eager to go new places musically. The results are indeed magical, and overall they exceed everything more pop/synth oriented they came out with afterwards. Infinity doesn't get the credit it deserves as their best album simply because they weren't quite as well known when it came out. This one, ladies and gents, is a classic! - bender_of_fenders

Steve Perry never sang better than he did in this album, making it a clear winner, escape is close though

Every song on here is amazing

It feels magic

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4 Evolution

Really disagree with Escape being the greatest Journey album. It's number one because of the top ten hits it produced without a doubt. But song for song Evolution is arguably one of the most brilliantly written rock albums regardless of any other definitions. This should be a clear number one.

It's better than trial by fire, raised on radio and frontiers.

Every song on here is very good at least, most are great. To me easily the best album they made.

5 Raised on Radio

Absolutely their best work. Every song on this album is an unquestionable testimony to the talent of Steve Perry. His long absence from music and performing has been a great loss to the music world and all his devoted fans around the world. I constantly play this particular album, because I miss "The Voice" so much.

This album is definitely my favorite. The songs are wonderful, and Steve Perry's performance has an emotional depth that is memorable and soulful.

Great album the best

Definitely the most unified Journey album

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6 Departure

Departure has the best album cover of any band ever! Mouse & Kelley outdone themselves on the art! Also best song with "Any way you want it"

Escape loses because open arms is on it. Departure doesn't have a bad adding on it.

Solid throughout. "I'm Cryin" demonstrates the peak of Schon/Perry interplay.

My favorite journey lp. I had the 8 track and cacett and cd. Love it... Really miss Steve Perry. Not bought a cd since he left.

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7 Captured

Best live CD ever recorded, in my opinion. Perry hits every single note clearly and precisely, Schon's playing is great, and the interaction between the band and the crowd is amazing. Overall, my favorite Journey album!

One of the best live albums ever recorded!

8 Trial By Fire

This is one of Journey's best works in my opinion. With love ballads such as "When You Love A Woman", "When I Think of You", "Easy to Fall" or "Don't be Down on Me Baby" or faster-paced rock songs like "Castles Burning", this album is classic Journey. And Steve Perry's magnificent voice truly soars in this album. This should be in the top 5.

I loved this album, because Steve Perry's voice seemed richer, more mature like a fine wine. His performance on "When you love a woman" and "It's the rain" was so emotional.

This is easily the best Journey album. Every song is a winner, the musicianship is first-class, Steve Perry's vocals are on fire and the mix is the best I've ever heard on any album

I loved the musical direction the band took on this album. Shame this was the last time this legendary line-up existed.

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9 Journey

Escape is clearly the best ever but this one comes next. As far as progressive rock goes this one holds up well. Rolie is underrated seeing as how he was an integral member of Santana as well. Topaz is a fantastic track and so is Of a Lifetime.

First two albums are best. Rollie vocals are best. So there.

10 Dream After Dream

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11 Look Into the Future

I really like and I watch it all the time - sunny123

12 Greatest Hits

I can't decide, I have to vote for their greatest hits album because I love EVERY SONG FROM JOURNEY, I wish they made an album with every song they made on it so I could vote for that! "PEOPLE AND PLACES" IS ONE OF THEIR BEST SONGS BUT IT'S UNDERRATED!

I love Journey as much as anybody but greatest hits albums don’t count. The magic of any individual album is how the songs mesh together into a nice blend, whether there all hits or not. I have listened to all sorts of albums from other bands that lots of people loved, that I only recognized one or two songs but the formula worked.

13 Greatest Hits Volume 2
14 Revelation
15 Arrival

Some good tunes on this - should be higher!

16 Eclipse
17 Next
18 Time
19 Generations
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