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1 Don't Stop Believin' Don't Stop Believin' Cover Art

Yes, it's a good song. It's their equivalent to "Livin' On a Prayer", but I think both songs might be played just a little too much. Anyway, it's a classic, and hard to NOT like.

I love this song! I never get tired of listening to this because it's better than What Hurts The Most and My Wish because I still like My Wish and What Hurts The Most but they are overplayed songs! by the way, I LOVE this song A LOT! Better than What Hurts The Most and My Wish (in my opinion)

Absolutely! This is not only the best Journey song but one of the top 10 rock songs ever! Every time this song comes on people of all walks and music tastes stop and start blaring this song out! Any song that can do that has elevated itself to music supremacy.

One of the best songs ever written. Love rock ballads, such a great sound and although the guitar solo is short and has a simple sound, we still air guitar the hell out of it.

2 Faithfully Faithfully Cover Art

The most heartfelt song ever written. This is definitely my favorite song on earth. This song is one of those songs that starts out slow and then has that amazing climax at the end, which not many songs have. It literally tears my heart out and I want to cry every time I hear it, but in a good way. Perry is the best singer in the world and the way he holds a tune for as long as he does and hits the notes at the perfect pitch is definitely god given! I wish he was still singing. Nobody can match him ever!

Faithfully in my mind Journey's Best Song Ever made!
If I Could choose 1 Song by Journey to Go to War with I'd Choose Faithfully!

Don't Stop Believin' Is there most Popular Song I get that but Faithfully is their Best Song

I went to the Journey concert last week, this was the second, and by far the best song there. The new singer sounds a lot like Steve Perry, but nothing is beating Steve's voice.

This is mine and my boyfriend's song. It's such a beautiful song! The lyrics are simple and so much imagery is used. His voice is to-die-for!

3 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Cover Art

This is my most played song by Journey. (Probably followed by Don't Stop Believin') and it has a sense of uniqueness. It's not exactly hard rock, but it's not like faithfully, either.

Wow I love this song! This is one of those songs I love turning way up and rolling down my windows and I will have young and old singing with me. Seriously, it has happened so many times. Journey is my all time favorite band and I listen to their cd's ever single day and never get sick of any of their music. If steve didn't sing I don't think I would listen to it because his voice truly made that band! I miss you steve!

There are great songs out there, but this song makes you STOP and LISTEN. I can't but think of that special someone in my life when Separate Ways is played. This is a universal song which reaches the human spirit.

Take all of the Journey songs, this one stands out from the rest. For a Journey song, this one is radical. Don't Stop Believing is too overplayed to be, in my opinion, number one. This song should be number one.

4 Any Way You Want It Any Way You Want It Cover Art

"Hi officer. Is everything alright?"
Marty, Madagascar 3

That is what my mind automatically goes to when I hear this song. The car chase scene from Madagascar 3.

This was the first Journey song I listened to, I loved the kind of immediate start, the guitar riffs and solo, and Steve Perry is just great in this song.

Any way you want it is a classic bad ass rocker. Even people who aren't Journey fans will still rock out to it instead of changing the radio dial!

This is my favorite by Journey and the album its on Departure is my favorite album cover of the Winged Scarab Beetle flying in Space.

5 Wheel in the Sky Wheel in the Sky Cover Art

Holy crap! Steve's voice in this songs is crystal! This is right when he joined the band and when his voice was virgin perfect! Great lyrics too! I like his voice best when he sang faithfully when it was seasoned a bit more and more manly, but either way this guy truly has a voice that is a gift from god for all of us to hear. I think he is the best singer in the world, no kidding!

How is this not higher on the list? This is definitely one of Journey's most awesome songs. The intro to this song is amazing!

This is totally my favorite Journey song. I think it deserves to be far higher up on the list.

I think this should be #2. Absolute favorite song after don't stop believin'.

6 Open Arms Open Arms Cover Art

I absolutly love this song! It's most definitely in my top 3 favorite Journey songs! Open arms, Faithfully, and After All These Years are the top 3! Oh, and for all of you piano players out there, you should really go online and figure out how to play the intro. It's really pretty!

#7? Why is this so low? I am having this as my wedding song and definitely my favorite Journey song with phenomenal piano entrance! Drums and guitars every so often in the song sound great and not to mention Steve Perry's lyrics are great!

Open Arms captures Journey at it's best. Cain stays just enough in the background, Perry shows his power without pushing and if you saw it live, it shows why Perry and Schon were so good together. Beautiful!

Steve Perry can hit the impossible high notes, and this song goes to prove what range he has.

7 Lights Lights Cover Art

This is by far their best song, no question about it. It is way better than Don't Stop Believing and honestly just a perfect song overall. The part at 1:07 is just amazing.

I want this to be my wife and my song

This is my obsession every now and then!

Great song bout San Francisco

8 Send Her My Love Send Her My Love Cover Art

Truthfully, I haven't heard this song in a long time (if at all), but the title is conveying "this is a song like Faithfully". I'm making a mental note to pull these up on YouTube.

Makes you think about the girl you love and miss amazing vocals and guitar thanks Steve and Neil

Most underrated Journey song ever...far superior to the overrated (and overplayed) Faithfully.

Great song love it takes you feel in lobe while you think about the girl you love

9 Only the Young Only the Young Cover Art

I'm not sure if I'm mistaking this for Just Ask the Lonely, Just Ask the Lonely for Only the Young, or neither, but (assuming it's "neither") it's a pretty good song. Kind of subtle.

There are many songs from journey that don't get the recognition they should, not just the music, but the lyrics
The group stand alone in expertise in their field. How I wish I could play half as well as any of them, especially Neil schon,

This song takes be back. It makes me feel young again. So many memories...

Should be ranked much higher - amazing voice lifts you up

10 Who's Crying Now Who's Crying Now Cover Art

Not the best, but not the worst, by a long shot. (I don't know what WOULD be the worst, but either way, it's a good song and my muscle memory is trying to recall what it sounds like, but is just saying "You like this one")

Just listen to it. Easily in the top 5. Great lyrics, melody, and flow. The ending may be the best part. Forget the POP aspect. Blows away Separate Ways. This list is garbage (or rather, the voters are clueless).

I'm a true music conoseur and a metal listener but this song has got to be one of, or if not the greatest song of all time, right up there with my most beloved metal songs.

I am a huge Journey fan, but I have to say that this is my absolute favorite song by them. Great lyrics, great vocals, great song!

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? All That Really Matters All That Really Matters Cover Art
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11 Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Cover Art

Powerful drum/bass to begin, major lead guitar/vocals in the middle, and pure awesome taunting at the the end. The na-nas in this song actually aren't just there for fun.

This song rocks, has a great story/theme, and ends will a wonderful rolling chant that will always have me singing along to the end.

Who hasn't been in this situation and this song got them through?

Not their best work, but I know it exists, so that's a start.

12 Be Good to Yourself Be Good to Yourself Cover Art

Totally 80s rock journey has changed throughout the years (the style) I love it all. Why make a list of top journey songs when people might as well love every journey song like I do?

Excellent intro, amazing guitar solo, awesome lyrics, gets you hyper. Great song to listen to on a sunny day

This song was Journey's comeback in the 80's. Definitely a kick ass song.

Great song, great guitar work by neal schon

13 Stone in Love Stone in Love Cover Art

This comment below was attached to "Girl Can't Help It," but was meant for "Stone in Love." Must have clicked the wrong comment button. Sorry! (Wish we could edit our goof ups... Could this comment be deleted from "Girl Can't Help It"? It doesn't fit that song, is misleading and doesn't make much sense.)

Yes, currently at 12, the song is underrated. I think it's one of the highlight songs of their career, the guitar incredibly good, I think Neal Schon's best guitar break solo. The vocal harmonies are also great, not only Steve Perry doing a memorable job with the vocals.

Awesome lead vocals by Perry, backed up by wonderful harmonies. But this song is all Neal Schon. Classic throaty guitar riff throughout with a soaring guitar solo outro. This song is very nearly the hallmark of Journey.

I agree this is a very underappreciated song. Escape is just an amazing record. Nice guitar solo by Neal. This song is often covered by others artists, if that's not an accomplishment, I don't know what is.

This is my all time favorite journey song. It brings back memories about the first beautiful girl I was with when I was in my youth. Few songs convey such vivid imagery and feeling as this song.

14 Girl Can't Help It Girl Can't Help It Cover Art

This song is underrated! The music, lyrics, and vocals are all so perfect. Steve Perry truly has a "golden voice" and this song showcases his immense talent. And, as an interesting sidebar, Randy Jackson (from American Idol fame) played bass and sang back-up vocals for this song - laugh out loud.

Yes, currently at 12, the song is underrated. I think it's one of the highlight songs of their career, the guitar incredibly good, I think Neal Schon's best guitar break solo. The vocal harmonies are also great, not only Steve Perry doing a memorable job with the vocals.

This is one best songs they came out with ever since Steve Perry came back to fold from doing his solo album.

The bridge is probably the best bridge in a song I've heard in my life.

15 I'll Be Alright Without You I'll Be Alright Without You Cover Art

The bass line in this song is so classy and orgasmic. Props to Ross on this one, the bass really sets the mood

60! This is unbelievable, it's in my top 3, why the hell it's ranked this low

Amazing song.. One of my favorites.. If not the best journey song ever

This song is amazing it shouldn't be this low

16 Ask the Lonely Ask the Lonely Cover Art

Okay, I'm positive that I've heard Ask the Lonely. (Not because I hit the sample, but I remember the basic chorus, which alone was impressive enough.)

This is very sad seeing this at number 27. In my opinion it should be in the top 5. Unfortunately its not as well know as the others such as don't stop believing. But I think this has one of the best messages.

This should be way higher. Totally underrated, better than even Separate Ways if you ask me!

Are you joking? How is this not in the top 5, top 10? This song is fantastic and has great lyrics.

17 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Cover Art

Really like Chain Reaction, also, and think it's too far down on the list. It's hard driving and unusual, in the "love gone south" vein of songs, that lyric, "Love's a viper, steals your soul" a deep expression of negative aspects of what a relationship not going right can do to a person, which the emptiness of the "What now? " sort of theme expresses. It's a sophisticated view, for a thinking, adult person, and the music a perfect match. Whatever people say, complaining of Journey being, as if, a corporate rock band, you can argue against their musical sophistication and tight quality of presentation, polish lacking in many, many other bands. Whatever Journey did, they did it well, like the song or not.

Correction, please, to a comment just a made, "you CAN'T argue with their..." The next song on the list at 25, Too Late, expresses what it is to be typing at this hour! Nice website, by the way.

Another monumental Journey song too far down in the list.

Love this song it gets you pumped up!

18 Suzanne Suzanne Cover Art

A big hit that sadly fell through the cracks.

Great build up to the chorus!

19 When I Think of You When I Think of You Cover Art

I believe Steve wrote this beautiful song for his Mother Mary.

The guitar solo is pretty awesome in this one!

Amazing Song Beautiful as well!

20 The Eyes of a Woman The Eyes of a Woman Cover Art

Beautiful piano. Steve is excellent as usual!

21 Escape Escape Cover Art

Escape not even in the top 20? That's criminal! It's one of the more creative and powerful, musically complex in a great way, rock songs ever, filled with a youthful, optimistic energy and joy at taking on life, head-on. The song has everything, and it's not another stupid rock song about sex.

Journey is probably the most loved band of all time. They are so professional. Love the pounding of the keyboards on this song. It takes me higher. Should be in the top ten.

This song is absolutely amazing and epic. This is top ten worthy.

This song gets you pumped. Once you hear the first 2 seconds

22 Keep On Runnin' Keep On Runnin' Cover Art
23 Still They Ride Still They Ride Cover Art

Outstanding song. It just always puts me in a good mood. I don't know what it is about it, but it should be much much higher on the list. Top 10, or hell, even Top 5 for me!

Best Journey song by far.

31? This song should be in the top five.

This song is much better than #31.

24 Look Into the Future Look Into the Future Cover Art
25 After All These Years After All These Years Cover Art

A song of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Amazing new song that touch everyone's heart and soul.

Love This New Song And Amazing Solo And Singing

I love this song, Its very inspiring song I ever heard

What a beautiful song with passion on long lasting love.

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