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61 Tantra
62 Lay It Down

I don't understand why this kicker of a song doesn't appeal to people more than it does. I love this song. I am a huge Steve Perry era Journey fan and it's just about my favorite. It has a great melody, great guitar, drums, and those high notes! Oh my gosh! It also has a great rock and roll feel to the lyrics, although I am still trying to figure out what "a little vertical persuasion" is.

63 Kiss Me Softly

Amazing song...should be way higher

64 Line of Fire
65 It's Just the Rain

Slow, soft, romantic. NO ONE can sing this like my sweetheart, Steve Perry!

66 Someday Soon
67 With a Tear
68 Message of Love V 1 Comment
69 Back Talk
70 Positive Touch

Really 89? This is one of my favorite songs. Such a classic.

71 The Rape
72 Raised On Radio
73 Departure
74 Snow Theme
75 Sandcastles
76 When the Love Has Gone
77 To Play Some Music
78 Nothin' Comes Close

Amazing song, should be top 5, absolute gem and amazing guitar work!

79 Just the Same Way

This should be much higher. One of the best Journey songs.

80 Turn Down the World Tonight

In my opinion, this is the best song by far. I never like journey before Mr. Pineda but after hearing their new album from relatives, I was blown away on their new songs. This song "Turn Down the World Tonight" is the best song ever. It should be #1.

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