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21 Metal Gods Metal Gods

What Judas Priest was named for. Just awesome.

Underrated. Second best Judas Priest song, only behind Freewheel Burning.

I'm shocked! This Masterpiece at #34!?! Easily top 10, if not top 5!

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22 Judas Rising Judas Rising

What's wrong with this list, putting Judas Rising here?! This song is the epitome of heavy metal. Brash, insanely fast, divine riffs... Everything about this song is pure genius. This is by far one of their best songs. It's just so damn heavy! Please, allow your ears the privilege of listening to this, and THEN vote. Cause this is DEFINITELY better than almost the entire top 10.

Oh my, Judas Rising rotting here?! The ultimate Judas Priest song with the most epic riffs, heaviest beats, most energetic vocals and the BEST chorus of all time is placed 16th?! This is the biggest insult to Judas Priest and their insane album 'Angel Of Retribution' that's one of the most legendary metal albums ever.
And Angel is 13th?! Another shocker! The Metal Gods are not pleased, enough said.

Come on, listen to this masterpiece of music. Just Epic! Only Painkiller is maybe better.

It's a pity this song is 15th. It is easily one of Priest's most anthemic songs, with an iconic intro, relentless verses, and a perfect build-up to what is by far, Priest's most definitive chorus. The greatness of Judas Priest's sonic abilities culminated into one out-of-this-world track. Easily my favourite. Give it a listen. It will be yours too.

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23 Tyrant Tyrant

The fact that this isn't in the top 10 is beyond me. The fact it wasn't on this list at all is just plain ridiculous. Easily one of their best songs and ahead of their time.

This song is awesome! Should be top ten. Esp the live version

24 The Green Manalishi The Green Manalishi

Very underrated, all Judas Priest fans recognize this one!

Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! Love the live version on UITE.

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25 Saints In Hell Saints In Hell

Should be top ten! Love everything Judas, but this list has me baffled. If your knowledge of J.P. is strictly radio play (and I believe that's most of the people voting here) you are ruining this top ten for us true PRIEST fans!

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26 Angel Angel

Just awesome... I agree whit the other comments, it should definitely be on the top 10 of the list.. You actually can feel the song inside you..

Awesome song! It draws you in and makes you believe there is your own angel saviour up there in the heavens!
One of my all time favourite son

Why isn't this on top of the list! This is JP's best ever! You get a shiver down your spine when you hear this!

Super Album

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27 Stained Class Stained Class V 1 Comment
28 Metal Meltdown Metal Meltdown

this song is so brutal, especially when Rob sings'Here comes the MEtal Meltdown" awesommeuh

believe, you gonna like the intro; any great metaller would like it!
this song was the first I heard from them, and all the song is great! - rock2metal

This song annihilates! Totally badass, gets me pumped up every time I hear it!

That guitar trade-off between Tipton & Downing has to be one of the best moments I've ever heard on a metal song.

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29 Riding On the Wind Riding On the Wind

Definitely underrated it should be top 40 on the list I like the intro

Absolutely top ten. No need to argue

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30 Death Row
31 Dissident Aggressor Dissident Aggressor

Such an underrated song. Halford's amazing performance, never more playful, such great contrasting. And KK's and Tipton's riffs are again simple yet incredibly catchy. Just give it a listen, people. Won't regret it

The origin of true heavy metal. Priest at its finest.

Heavier than anything to come for years. Truly awesome, especially with the impact of 17-year-old session drummer Simon Phillips.

This song should be in the top 5. Just awesome

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32 Hell Patrol Hell Patrol

Deserves to be in the top 5. It gives you the feeling of power, real true song, purest form of art.

This song is kind of short, so I can see it being lower, but no worse than 15 or 16. It's one of my favorites, talk about head-banging, and the solo matching Halford's voice makes the guitar cry

Place 31, what?

This is one is amongst my top 5 along with Beyond the Realms, Painkiller, and Nightcrawler

This epic song belongs in top 10

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33 Prisoner of Your Eyes Prisoner of Your Eyes

So underrated but so beautiful and with an amazing solo!

One of the absolute best 80's ballads ever!

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34 The Ripper The Ripper

This needs to be higher. People need to start actually listening to JP songs and not just recycling "Breaking the Law" and "You've Got Another Thing Coming"... Songs that get so much air-time because of how poppy they are. This song makes you uncomfortable, and it's fantastic

Dude you have to be kidding. This song is amazing and it's no even on the list?

Whats better than jack the ripper

It's way better then "Breaking the Law" and "Painkiller" - hype

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35 Leather Rebel Leather Rebel

Damn, why so far down? This is one of my favorite songs by them! It breaks my heart to see if so far down! This and Hellrider are two of my favorites because they are so fast paced!

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36 Desert Plains Desert Plains

Pure Priest, at close to the top of their game. Worth a re-listen if you haven't heard in awhile.

37 Nostradamus Nostradamus

This should at least be in the top 15.

The operatic vocals and the great instrumental parts make this song one of the best from Judas Priest.

An extremely underrated song from an extremely underrated album

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38 Run of the Mill Run of the Mill

Most underrated song of all time. Period.

One of the greatest songs of the Priest

Amen to all previous posts on this song! A Top 3!

The song that I keep going back to.

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39 Some Heads are Gonna Roll Some Heads are Gonna Roll

Oh come on, this song should be up there! Not one of the most popular ones, but really, its one of the best in my opinion.

40 Cathedral Spires

Absolute epic masterpiece. With this song, Tim Owens has made his contribution to the band worthwhile.

It's a masterpiece! It should be at least in the top 30.

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