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61 United

My favorite song of Judas Priest! From my favorite album! (british steel). Also this song needs in the top 10 in my opinion.

what a chorus and so corny - wolphert

It's my my favourite Judas Preist song, and one of my favourite all time songs.

62 Rocka Rolla

One of first Judas Priest's song. Good rock playing.

63 Steeler
64 Delivering the Goods

Easily one of their 10 best songs. This song always makes me want to jump up and rock!

Song with great punch and cool lyrics. I always get in very good mood listening to theis one. Unfortunatly I think it's underrated..

65 Rock Forever
66 Devil's Child

Good Lord, but this song is severely underrated to be this low.

67 Better by You, Better Than Me
68 Pestilence and Plague
69 Visions
70 Jugulator

One of the most underrated songs by Priest, it is pure epicness with that metallic sounds from the begining that warns us about the aproach of the Jugulator and Ripper's haunting vocals, it really gives you creeps. It should be much higher on this list.

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71 Fire Burns Below

This is Judas Priest's most UNDERRATED SONG EVER! Words can't describe how awesome this track is, but I'm going to try and explain anyways! The guitar work is absolutely top notch, with beautiful acoustic guitar intro, amazing guitar solos, and even Spanish classical guitar work in the middle of the song... The song features some great lyrics and singing from Halford, and a beastly drum track that sounds like it is from Terminator. The song is epic and it needs to be listened to by WAY more people and Judas Priest fans, this song was recorded during the Ram It Down sessions, and it's a damn crime that they didn't include it on that album, it would have made the album WAY better... This song in my opinion is better than Blood Red Skies, if your a real true and die-hard Judas Priest fan, please take another listen to this track as it was included as a bonus track on their remaster of "Stained Class! "

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72 Before the Dawn

Are you nuts and this song is on the last place? Really, you must hate music. At least, there are two nice people who love this and commented about it. The rest of you, well, what more can I say? Shame on you!

Awesome song! Its my alarm for morning I can't get enough of it, I just need more of that every time, the music is so scintillating

What a beautiful song. I think it would be higher Beyond the Realms of Death hadn't been written, but it sounds so similar I think people just write it off. This song is just so good though. Top 20 by far

This is the soft one of this band.Should be at least in top 30.

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73 In Between

I remeber when this song was in N°9 in the list

74 Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
75 Invader
76 Redeemer of Souls

The best song of the new album, should be much higher on the list

This song is just ok. Hell Patrol is much better.

77 Rapid Fire

Great, underrated Priest song. I've never been moved to tears until I heard this song. Just a masterpiece. Especially 1:53 - 2:50. Hearing this song lets me know that there is a god. Actually three: Rob Halford, KK Downing, and Glenn Tipton.

The most underrated Priest song. Way to low

THE heavy metal anthem. Awesome track.

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78 Wheels of Fire

I like this song very much! - Legogolas

79 Living Bad Dreams

The fact that this is down to 55th position is disturbing to say the least.

I personally LOVE this song.. It's just perfect, come on guys

Oh My God!
Why So Underrated?!
In My Opinion This Song Is The Best Song By JP
Come On...Rob's Voice In This Song Is Mindblowing
I Can't Stop Listening To This

80 Prophecy V 1 Comment
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