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81 Prophecy

This song is pure greatness.

82 Bloodstone

Smooth beginning with a nice solo wich then goes to a melody wich is easily recognizable. Not to mention Halfords great singing

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83 Burnin' Up

One of the best on Hell Bent.

84 Blood Stained

Are you crazy? This song is pure metal! I Love it!

My favourite song with Tim Owens. - IronSabbathPriest

85 March of the Damned

How is in 61 this should be in 20

86 Exiled
87 Lightning Strike

From Firepower on yt - SoldierOfFortune

88 Heavy Duty / Defenders of the Faith

Badass closer, to a badass album.

This song should be un the TOP 10

Super underrated song should be in the top 10

89 The Rage

Epic song, slow intro, and it just builds up, like someone's rage escalating!

90 Grinder

My Favorite Judas Priest Song...Will Be seeing them Live in Wilkes Berra (Pa) On March 13, 2018.. Glad to see Priest chose Pa to Kick off their New Tour..

Why this ist 83? Riff is epic!

What? 83?

One of the most underrated overlooked metal songs ever,from,in my opinion the greatest metal album ever released,british steel.''I have my license/it came with birth/ for self reliance on this earth GRINDER! ' Soundtrack to my youth love this song.

91 Heroes End

How was this not on the list at all? What?!?!

92 Death
93 Revelations
94 Running Wild
95 Savage
96 Deceiver

Dreamer Deceiver has to be one of the greatest rock songs of all time, as it builds from it's trippy but nearly classical beginning to a climax featuring some of Rob Halford's greatest screams ever. I believe some heavy metal fans hear the soft beginning and discount the song because of that. A tragic mistake in my opinion!

In my opinion this song stands along with stairway to heaven and child in time

I had to put their best song on list

97 Lochness

This is one of the greatest metal ballads in the history of metal ballads. Downing's solo just owns in this. Deserves a much higher place in my opinion.

How the hell is this so down. Such a mesmerizing song!

Just magnificent


98 Burn In Hell
99 Epitaph

King Crimson's epitaph was obviously better.

100 Take on the World
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