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121 Last Rose of Summer Last Rose of Summer

One of the best ballads I've ever listened to.

122 Rock You All Around the World Rock You All Around the World
123 Cheater Cheater V 1 Comment
124 Feed On Me Feed On Me
125 Machine Man Machine Man
126 Eulogy Eulogy
127 All Fired Up All Fired Up

Nice little bonus track from turbo! One of the best songs on the album along with turbo lover and locked in!

128 Jugulator

One of the most underrated songs by Priest, it is pure epicness with that metallic sounds from the begining that warns us about the aproach of the Jugulator and Ripper's haunting vocals, it really gives you creeps. It should be much higher on this list.

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129 Night Comes Down
130 Turn on Your Light Turn on Your Light
131 Never Forget Never Forget
132 Crossfire Crossfire
133 Beginning of the End Beginning of the End
134 Down In Flames Down In Flames

This song currently sits in last place, but it is one of my faves from the new album.

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135 Heroes End Heroes End

How was this not on the list at all? What?!?!

136 Never Satisfied Never Satisfied

Come on, It's really good

137 Dying to Meet You Dying to Meet You

Seriously, you HAVE to listen the first album a little more

Absolutely! Rocka Rolla is where it all begins!

138 Killing Machine Killing Machine

Rob's voice is very confident in this one as he swaggers through his description of his occupation (contract Killer). Tipton is tight, producing a memorable riff.

139 You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise
140 Death Death
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