Top Ten Greatest Kanye West Songs

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1 Stronger Stronger Cover Art

My favorite from the start-perhaps the best song ever. We're basically all in agreement, so I'll list a few reasons why I like this. For one, the beat is killer. KanYe picked the right music for his song. Another thing: his vocals. KanYe West really put forward his best voice in this. Amazing! Golddigger and Can't Tell Me Nothing are good, but this one hands down tops all his other work combined.

I really think this song is a masterpiece. It is really catchy and though it's autotuned it blends in really well unlike Trumpet Lights. This song is awesome and before I heard it I thought Kanye West was an arrogant douchebag because I first heard about him in 2013. Turns out he has some good talent in him.

Objectively his biggest scale production to date. He worked with producers across the globe and spent years perfecting everything from the lyrics to the vocals to the music video. And in my opinion nothing he's ever made could top it.

Very few Rap songs break the barrier and become mainstream "Stronger" not only did that but it became a #1 Hit. Goes to show how INCREDIBLE this song is. Also I could listen to this song on loop for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

2 Jesus Walks Jesus Walks Cover Art

I'm an atheist I'll tell all of you, but this song if so powerful, it's just plain flat out Amazing. And what Kanye said about grasping about God and not having a mentioned album, but this is THE BEST KANYE WEST SONG EVER! And it will always be.

This is kanyes most meaningful, exciting, and beautiful music. He uses perfect drums, perfect pace, and perfect melody. If you want to hear MUSIC and not graduation pop crap, buy college dropout and late registration...

Stronger- I'm happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Jesus Walks is one of the 500 greatest songs of ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME! Number 273 according to Rolling Stone. Stronger is a nice song, but its just not on the same level as this!

This is the best Kanye West song because he, as ever, is actually covering big topics and makes an amazing song out of it. This an awesome song and deserves to be number 1, however I love Gold digger

3 Runaway Runaway Cover Art

This song is my second favorite song from Kanye West, and is actually one of my top ten favorite songs ever up till now. The reason this is isn't until the first part of the song is over, and at 6:00 minutes when the heavy distortion (I'm not really sure of the official word, but it makes sense I believe) of the voice starts up. Lyrics have never been a big part of the music for me, it's always been the sound, really, how everything fits in with everything else, and Kanye is probably the best modern artist because of this. The emotion exhibited in this song is phenomenal, and probably one of the few songs I've listened to that actually made me tear up.
This song should definitely be up in the top five. I won't say it should be number one, because this is a list made from people's opinions, not a list of stated facts, but if it was my own personal list of these ten songs, this would be number one. Though, if Say You Will was in the list, it would most definitely gain number 1. That ...more

Kanye West in his most purest state. He is vulnerable and emotional in a way that he has never portrayed better. The simple yet exotic instrumental meshed with a chorus that echoes to this day. A mix between rap and R&B as Kanye talks about his mistakes with this girl, that may be in representation of the rap game that has disowned him due to his recent PR events. As the song progresses, Pusha T also spits a hot verse that opposes Kanye's and takes on a more braggadocious approach. The track finishes with a vocoded version of the previous lyrics, modified to the point of being completely innaudible, representing how Kanye feels - misunderstood and misheard. Such a unrecreatable and iconic piece in Kanye's discography.

This song is perfect. It should be at #1. Kanye put a lot of emotion in to this song. He owns up to the fact that he is terrible at romance and he's been treating his girl terribly and that she's been putting up with it for too long. He realizes that he blew his shot to be a good to her and that she should run away from him. Not only that but the instrumental is amazing. It has a mix of piano, violin, and drums. This is the best song Kanye has made and one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time

The second part is one of the most emotional pieces of music ever and that managed without (and if with, barely hearable) lyrics. Its just Kanye West transcribing his emotions into whatever sound he's able to get out of his mouth, heavily distorted to sound like a guitar. This might just be one of the best songs of all time, easily beats Jesus Walks and especially Stronger.

4 Gold Digger Gold Digger Cover Art

"Gold Digger" is easily my favorite Kanye West song. This song's clever, has great lyrics, and a very memorable hook. "Gold Digger" keeps listeners laughing and wanting to hear what Kanye has to say about getting a prenupt.

This song is so good. With awesome vocals by both Kanye and Jamie Foxx and a hitting beat it should be at least top 3. Not to mention it's probably one of his most well known songs

It always makes me laugh when I hear this song. It is just a song that everyone likes and can groove to. Kanye and Jamie Foxx is a recipe for diaster... In a good way

Amazing. That's all that needs to be said. Everything is perfect in this song. It was an amazing hit in 2007. I can listen to this all day.

5 Power Power Cover Art

King Crimson sampling, this song is progressive

'21st Century Schizoid Man' is so fitting too, knowing what his public persona is essentially to people

It is definitely better than Stronger Heartless, neither of which has any business being labeled his best song (and makes me suspect those who voted for them do not listen to any other songs of his). Additionally, it is catchier than Jesus Walks. 21st Century Schizoid Man is an awesome song, and Kanye making it his hook was a brilliant idea which worked superbly.

I still play this song at least once a week. This is the quitessential "super hero theme song". No matter what mood I'm in, this song always gets me going. From the first note with the chants in perfect harmony, you know your ears are about to hear a masterpiece. Not only one of the best Kanye West songs of all time, but perhaps one of the best mixed rap songs of all time.

People talking about only liking his old songs should go and by his new album and I promise you you will be amazed. 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is one of the best albums in all music to come out lately. His best album by far

6 Heartless Heartless Cover Art

There is no doubt that the college dropout is the best album with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at a close second but this list isn't focused on studio album. heartless is ridiculously better than stronger, and jesus walks. unfortunately 808's and heartbreaks isn't on the same level as college dropout and the greats are only as good as their b sides

I love this song so much. Its cool, the video is cool, and the use of auto tune actually impresses me because he makes it work so well. He doesn't sound like an auto tuned phony, but auto tune works well for this song. Power, gold digger, stronger, runaway are also good songs

One of the few rap songs I've ever heard that can use autotune so well. Very well done, great melody. I like the original "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" rather than Kanye's version. Also, "Jesus Walks" should be #1.

Awesome lyrics, just awesome can't describe it in an other way. Chorus has an awesome rhythm it just make me wanna sing man. You could hold onto this song if your girlfriend left you cause of another guy or smth.

7 All of the Lights All of the Lights Cover Art

Easily one of the greatest songs of all time, and my favorite rap song of all time. The background music, lyrics, video, and vocal performances are just amazing. Not only that, but it features vocals from not only Kanye, but also Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Elton John, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Elly Jackson, The-Dream, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams, and Drake. Just an overall beautiful song from one of my favorite rappers of all time.

This is the best song of kanye west though I hear Eminem songs the best rapper alive and I m the biggest fan of Eminem, I am also a big fan of kanye west. This song should be placed on number 1 and stronger should be on number 2 and so on.

My friend who despises anything rap/hip hop even loves this song. He listens to heavy metal and classic rock but adores the beat in this song. He just starts bumping to the music and goes with the flow. This is a masterpiece.

Everything about the song is perfect. The chorus, the verses, the bridge, everything. This is a masterpiece that deserves way way more traction and success. Easily the best song from the album, from Kanye and of all time.

8 Can't Tell Me Nothing Can't Tell Me Nothing Cover Art

This song, is so great! I listen to it all the time, it makes me think of a memory! I love it, my favorite Kanye WEst song! Graduation the album is one of the greatest albums ever made!

This song was in The Hangover. It is an amazing night album and the music video is unbelievable like all Kanye West music videos!

"So if the devil wear Prada,
Adam Eve wear Nada,
I'm in between, but way more fresher.
With way less effort, 'cause when you try hard,
That's when you die hard. "

This is my theme song right here! It puts me in my zone before I do anything. No matter how small the task I listen to this song first!

9 Homecoming Homecoming Cover Art

Alright y'all, come on. How can you say this isn't the best song. I mean not on a how good it sounds do you, stand point, because after all that is just opinion, but more of on a lyrical content and deeper meaning perspective. Here is why, the song is an allegory its two stories in 1 rap song. On the surface level it's a story about Kanye and a girl named Wendy falling in love and what they go through together. But Wendy is a symbol for chicago and how Chicago changes and shapes Kanye. I mean lines throughout the song like "My name is Wendy, and I like to blow trees", can be interpreted as either, Chicago the windy city, blowing on trees with its wind, or Wendy smoking weed (which I know sounds weird, but you got to understand that in this case blowin trees is less I smoke weed and more I have some swagger about me). I mean its lines like that show you how much of a lyrical genius he is. Not just some stuff that's appealing to the ear like Stronger, or Gold Digger, but something ...more

My favorite kanye song. The chicago metaphor in the first verse wins it for me. I like stronger but number one is a little ridiculous and heartless should not really be considered top 10 in my opinion despite being popular. Heartless doesn't have much to offer. Decent lyrics, a simple beat, and its completely autotuned. I feel like someone with as many songs and talent as kanye should not include songs like heartless in their top 10

This whole album kills it. You got hype songs like "Stronger," beautiful songs like "Everything I am, and funnyish songs like "Barry Bonds," but they all lead up to this. Even though Big Brother was the last song on Graduation, this was the highest point.

The way that Kanye was able to tell the story of his childhood growing up in Chi and the relationship he feels to that city through a girl named "Windy" is something that stands out to me as one of his best moments as a songwriter.

10 Flashing Lights

I fantasize about hearing this song live with a string section like he did for songs off Late Registration and College Dropout

If the list is top ten GREATEST Kanye Songs, that means the tune should be recognizable. The production is near perfect, the hook, brings you back, and should be top ten in this list.

His best work, in my opinion. The beautiful, somewhat haunting instrumental, as well as Dwele's massive contribution puts it a notch higher than anything else he's done.

The beat is so chill and laid back. The verses are great, the chorus sounds amazing. Just an overall great song

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11 All Falls Down All Falls Down Cover Art

My favorite song ever. Handles a topic that no one seems to talk about but you always see. Insecurity. Also gives me the chills every time because how good it sounds

During last summer I went through a rough patch and to distract myself I tried to listen to every Kanye song. This song to me was the by far the best. The beat, piano, gospel and so much more make this song incredible.

I do prefer this song over all of kanye other songs. His flow was not yet up to the level of him on the dark fantasy but this song was raw and like jesus walks is something people were not doing at the time.

A great social commentary on the effects of materialism. It Does a great job at putting us in the shoes of the girl in the song. Although, Kanye does derail to talk about how great he is for awhile.

12 N***** in Paris

Amazing song give it a listen, you wont regret Kanye really nails this song. Can listen to it over & over again.

OH my god this is so low... Am I the only one who thinks this song should be in top ten?
In my hopinion is the best "Watch the throne" song. Too low

Upbeat, prime Kanye that focuses on lyrics and meaning rather than boasting about how amazing he is.

I'll admit this song isn't for everybody, but come on it should AT LEAST be in the top ten

13 Black Skinhead Black Skinhead Cover Art

Kanye west killed this track. I love how he is standing up for his own skin colour and isn't just making a song about attraction girls or something like that.

Mull song for days! I love this song always listen to it this song deserves to be in the top 10 no doubt Kanye nothing can get better than this it is a must have

I love this song, the lyrics give a meaning that no one might understand, and I love that. Standing up for your own skin colour is very courageous.

If you need cheering up or want to listen to a great song this is the best, my favourite kanye song

14 Through the Wire Through the Wire Cover Art

I personally think this should be at least number 5 on the top ten list. I don't understand how Stronger and Heartless are ahead of Through the Wire. This is one of his most meaningful songs if not the most because it was recorded only a few days after almost being killed in a car crash. This is one of Kanye's best songs and it's on my personal top ten. Kanye is one of the most underrated rappers ever for people just judging him on his 3 latest albums and not on his first three. I highly recommend the College Dropout and Late Registration.

Honestly, I'm frequently annoyed at comments saying that a certain song shouldn't ever be covered - but I do think if there was a song that shouldn't be covered, this is the one. Seriously, the fact that he rapped (well) with a wire through his jaw certainly makes 'Through The Wire' very compelling.

Most of the top ten aren't very good. This is definitely a top 5 song at least. Like the other guy said, just days after a serious car crash that almost took his life he made this song. Very heroic and inspiring.

The only reason this song is so far down and all songs like 'heartless', 'stronger', 'all of the lights' and 'homecoming' are in the top ten are because all these people voting have not listened to anything old of Kanyes. I personally reakon this should be number one but if not at least in the top 5. I'm sure any real Kanye fan would say so!

15 Touch the Sky Touch the Sky Cover Art

An ode to success that will leave anyone feeling great! The beat is on point, the lyrics are proper, then add a fire guest appearance from Lupe, I couldn't imagine anyone disliking this song.

Straight up dope along with the rest of this album. Phenomenal song that actually says something.

I'm more of a Lupe fan than a Kanye fan, so of course I think this song should be in the top ten!

Great song, lyrics are amazing, lupe completly smashes it, best beat I've ever heard

16 Devil In a New Dress Devil In a New Dress Cover Art

A damn guitar solo in a hip hop song.

The whole album was very progressive rock oriented with its samples and soundscapes, the guitar solo in this song is the pinnacle of that.

Unquestionably his best song. From the beautiful sample to Rick Ross's stellar feature, this song is unchallenged by any other in his incredible discography.

This is without a doubt his best song. Blasting this song is a vibe, the beat slaps, and the lyrics are genius. Can't tell me otherwise.

How can you listen to this song and tell me it is an 18? Ridiculous. Godly.

17 Diamonds from Sierra Leone (remix)

This song is epic, probably my favorite Kanye West song of all time. It still gives me chills when I listen to it, especially the bonus track version, and I love how it sheds light on the inhumanity of the blood-diamond trade and how materialistic consumers are culprits in their desire for diamonds. I personally like the bonus track version better than the remix with Jay Z as the remix cuts some of Kanye's verses to add a Jay Z verse where he mostly brags about how great he is and how much money he has rather than adding to the meaning of the song.

Kanye's verse in this version is one of the realest out there. It's because of tracks like this that people respect him. Angry and driven but compelling, drawing us onto his side. Forget any of his 2010s arrogant up-himself auto-tune ego-crap.

I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man! - best line in any song with kanye in it but jay z owns this song.

Such a beautiful song by Jay and Ye

18 Lost in the World Lost in the World Cover Art

INCREDIBLE autotune. Kanyes bit is great too and I can't help but nod my head to this. I haven't listened to a lot of My Twisted Dark Fantasy but this is by FAR the best tune on it. Blame Game is good too, but this ROCKS.

I was blown away when I first heard this song. Never has autotune and sampling been used so brilliantly.

Haven't heard something this beautiful in some time... One of the greatest songs ever created.

Hard to choose one song because almost every song is amazing but this has to be my choice.

19 Good Life Good Life Cover Art

I completed agree with the guy before me, "Power" is a piece. I don't think anything from 808's deserves to be in this list, but that's just my opinion. I think "All Falls Down" is definitely in the top 5, probably top 3. Good life should be higher too. I love Kanye, he's my favorite rapper. I just don't agree with a lot of this list. Also, this list is REALLY mainstream. Stuff like "All of the Lights" is a horrible song, but it's also really mainstream.

Looking back on how negative this comment is, I feel like I should say that I love Kanye, again. I think I'd probably put "Good Life" or "Can't tell me Nothing" at number one.

The comments on this song is a perfect example of the retards who joined kanye on his later pieces. His old work was the absolute best. "retarded list" don't hate on the songs that started his legacy, there's a reason why he's on your ipod.

It's the best hands Down the title speak for itself.

Download this. You will not regret.

20 Monster Monster Cover Art

I like how everyone squeezed their verses in this song very good concept nicki and ross killed it

This is by far Kanye's best song. Honestly, I think this is the best rap song ever.

Of course his most sonically interesting and minimal epic is this low... Ugh

Amazing beat by Kanye and amazing collaboration with Nicki.

21 Heard 'em Say Heard 'em Say Cover Art

Beautiful piano, beautiful message, I would say its at least the best song on LR next to Hey Mama. The backup vocals on the chorus are great, and you can tell he's really genuine when he talks. basically every bar in the first verse rhymes and flows perfectly...

What in the world is wrong with this list? His top five should be more along this line.

1) Heard 'Em Say
2) Devil In A New Dress
3) Diamonds from Sierra Leone Remix
4) All Falls Down
5) Crack Music
6) Champion
7) Stronger
8) Good Life
9) Late
10) Drive Slow

My favorite. The most beautiful song that shows we people loved Kanye in the first place. Also I would like to point out the top 5 voted songs are all from different albums and I think that's pretty cool.

If you're a human being, you gotta listen to this song. This song is about as real as music gets.

22 Mercy.1 Mercy.1 Cover Art

I don't know why this is 28!?! This should at least be fifth. I can't believe the people who voted. They're defiantly bad voters acctually they're terrible voters. People these days don't know a thing about music. Seriously! What are people thinking?

How the heck is this down in the 30s? This should be in top 5 along with Stronger Gold Digger and Heartless... it has a nice, easy to memorize hook and has an overall cool beat. 2Chainz and Pusha T and Big Sean dominate this song!

Everybody performs in this song and somehow 2 chainz got the best verse... Insane song and definitely one of the best on cruel summer besides new god flow

Ya it's the best rap song I heard in my life, really it sound better than any other

23 I Wonder I Wonder Cover Art

I Wonder is an amazing sample of who he is and what he believes. It speaks of how his dreams have come true, while addressing aspects of himself and concepts we can relate to it as well, while having an amazing beat with a sick chorus and epic bass.
Really, this is a masterpiece of music

One big reason why Graduation has always been my favorite Kanye album. His sample usage for the beats was just excellent.

This is a great song. I don't know who the chorus is but it's really good. This songs simple yet FANTASTIC. And I wonder...

Pathetic how this song is ranked 33rd. One of the best songs in graduation. Did any real kanye vans vote for this?

24 Love Lockdown Love Lockdown Cover Art

! Are you serious, Love Lockdown is one of his best songs, the piano, the African drum beat, and that screaming animal sound or whistle I don't know, is just making of an amazing song, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008 Remix Is even a little better than the original

I cn't believe this song is at 16..? Its has sold 400,000 opies worldwide are you all insane sitting this is such a clever song I just like the person who has directed this song very impressive tune!

One of the best songs. Kanye West can sing and rap at the same time in one song. It is amazing the style of West

IS IT SOME KIND OF JOKE..? Love lockdown at 17 below songs like through the wire, can't tell me nothing, all falls down man it should be in top 5 right away that what it deserves knye west didn't decide to put it as lead single for his album without thinking he put it because he thought it was one of his best songs SO PLEASE FANS OF HIS SHOW SOME JUST VOTE FOR THIS SONG!

25 Amazing Amazing Cover Art

The title of the song fits its description perfectly. A very nice song excellent lyrics.. It should be definitely in the top ten

THIS IS AMAZING! Literally. Very surprised that it is not in top ten. Kanye demonstrates his wide range and that he is not just one- demensional

This song hooked me when I heard it for the first time. The next one week was followed by repeat of this song.

It's amazing how a lot of people know this song but don't know it's by Kanye

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