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1 Stronger

Wow!... One of THE most amazing songs I've ever heard... Everythings nearly perfect... The vocals, the music...

Awesome song.. Makes you groove with the music. ;) It deserves to be in the number 1 position.. Rocks

George orwell envisioned a world without kanye when he wrote 1984

Without Kanye, this could've potentially been a very good remix of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". I only like the song because it samples Daft Punk. - thunderstar1124

Kanye produced the song, so that remixed instrumentation that you enjoy is his work... - KylePeake2

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2 Jesus Walks

Two words. Jesus Walks. Another two words. I'm Hungry. This is a great song, but at the end of the day, I'm hungry. Perfect song to eat salmon to.

Very deep, beautiful song.

This is kanyes most meaningful, exciting, and beautiful music. He uses perfect drums, perfect pace, and perfect melody. If you want to hear MUSIC and not graduation pop crap, buy college dropout and late registration...

This is a good song

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3 Runaway

This song is my second favorite song from Kanye West, and is actually one of my top ten favorite songs ever up till now. The reason this is isn't until the first part of the song is over, and at 6:00 minutes when the heavy distortion (I'm not really sure of the official word, but it makes sense I believe) of the voice starts up. Lyrics have never been a big part of the music for me, it's always been the sound, really, how everything fits in with everything else, and Kanye is probably the best modern artist because of this. The emotion exhibited in this song is phenomenal, and probably one of the few songs I've listened to that actually made me tear up.
This song should definitely be up in the top five. I won't say it should be number one, because this is a list made from people's opinions, not a list of stated facts, but if it was my own personal list of these ten songs, this would be number one. Though, if Say You Will was in the list, it would most definitely gain number 1. That ...more

The vocals, the lyrics, the iconic piano how can you not love this song legendary one my favorite song of all time it's so well produced that you can't even feel that it's nine minutes.

The second part is one of the most emotional pieces of music ever and that managed without (and if with, barely hearable) lyrics. Its just Kanye West transcribing his emotions into whatever sound he's able to get out of his mouth, heavily distorted to sound like a guitar. This might just be one of the best songs of all time, easily beats Jesus Walks and especially Stronger. - 4our2wen0ty

"Never was much of a romantic, I could never take the intimacy
And I know it did damage, cause the look in your eyes is killin' me" :'(

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4 Gold Digger

Deserves to be number one, this song taught me the importance of getting a prenuptial before my marriage laugh out loud

Definitely a great song

Such a classic and so good

A very memorable and great song deserves to be number 1

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5 Heartless

Super cool! Gives you a feeling as if are walking through a lonely street! You can picture the whole scene! Really good

Nothing could be better. Great use of everything he has. People just hate it because he uses his talents so effectively. Love the use of auto tune. Keep up man.

IF T-Pain uses autotune wisely than kanye's use is just perfect...
Heartless is one of the best song I've ever heard...
Keep rocking' kanye...

Best song ever

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6 Power

Up there with Stan, It Was a Good Day, and Straight Outta Compton. The rapping is stellar, the beat is excellent, and the chorus is outstanding. One feels unstoppable when listening to this masterpiece. Listen to it!

Very, Very good

I admit that songs above poer are great but it should be at no 3 below heartless and jesus walks, homecoming is also god overall it is a powerful song which boosts yo. Body

This is the jam! Damn it's a really underrated song... Kanye killed it... Kanye West will kill Lil Wayne any day so the next time you mention Nas, Big or Jay don't forget about Ye

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7 All of the Lights

Best Song From Kanye West!

Love This Album!

Everything about the song is perfect. The chorus, the verses, the bridge, everything. This is a masterpiece that deserves way way more traction and success. Easily the best song from the album, from Kanye and of all time.

Love the song should be on number 1 with stronger good song love it
Whenever I hear this song remind me of dark moon light

One of the greatest songs of all time with some of the greatest musicians to walk the earth - paulhuang

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8 Homecoming

Alright y'all, come on. How can you say this isn't the best song. I mean not on a how good it sounds do you, stand point, because after all that is just opinion, but more of on a lyrical content and deeper meaning perspective. Here is why, the song is an allegory its two stories in 1 rap song. On the surface level its a story about Kanye and a girl named Wendy falling in love and what they go through together. But Wendy is a symbol for chicago and how Chicago changes and shapes Kanye. I mean lines throughout the song like "My name is Wendy, and I like to blow trees", can be interpreted as either, Chicago the windy city, blowing on trees with its wind, or Wendy smoking weed (which I know sounds weird, but you got to understand that in this case blowin trees is less I smoke weed and more I have some swagger about me). I mean its lines like that show you how much of a lyrical genius he is. Not just some stuff that's appealing to the ear like Stronger, or Gold Digger, but ...more

The hardest choice to make among all of Kanye’s best, but the song is just great

My favorite kanye song. The chicago metaphor in the first verse wins it for me. I like stronger but number one is a little ridiculous and heartless should not really be considered top 10 in my opinion despite being popular. Heartless doesn't have much to offer. Decent lyrics, a simple beat, and its completely autotuned. I feel like someone with as many songs and talent as kanye should not include songs like heartless in their top 10

this song is so good! it has a great beat and Chris Martin is good as well!

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9 Can't Tell Me Nothing

This song was in The Hangover. It is an amazing night album and the music video is unbelievable like all Kanye West music videos!

The Hangover made this song memorable! I love it so much!

This song, is so great! I listen to it all the time, it makes me think of a memory! I love it, my favorite Kanye WEst song! Graduation the album is one of the greatest albums ever made!

This is my theme song right here! It puts me in my zone before I do anything. No matter how small the task I listen to this song first!

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10 N***** in Paris


Amazing song give it a listen, you wont regret Kanye really nails this song. Can listen to it over & over again.

This song is so ironic now because Kim got robbed by them in Paris - Mcgillacuddy

Amazing off Watch the Throne. Great beat and great lyrics. Classic Kanye.

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11 Flashing Lights

This song is underrated best Kanye song by far - venomouskillingmachine

As I recall, I know you love to show off
But I never thought that you would take it this far
What do I know? Flashing lights, lights
What do I know? Flashing lights, lights

The beat is so chill and laid back. The verses are great, the chorus sounds amazing. Just an overall great song

If the list is top ten GREATEST Kanye Songs, that means the tune should be recognizable. The production is near perfect, the hook, brings you back, and should be top ten in this list.

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12 All Falls Down

My favorite song ever. Handles a topic that no one seems to talk about but you always see. Insecurity. Also gives me the chills every time because how good it sounds

During last summer I went through a rough patch and to distract myself I tried to listen to every Kanye song. This song to me was the by far the best. The beat, piano, gospel and so much more make this song incredible.

This was an amazing mix of acoustic guitar, soul vocals and great hip hop beats. Blew me away when I first heard it, and still stands up well 16 years later.

NEVER SEEN ANY THING LIKE DAT VIDEO... d concept, d idea of it nd all dat stuff, really make him a legend

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13 Through the Wire

Whoever didn't vote for this clearly isn't a Kanye West fan.

Has to be higher

Voting for this just because it's at #13 lol

I like heartless and jesus walks and gold digger and literally every song on the list, but this song, is just sexy, this song is what I think of when I hear kanye (yeezys too but still) I love this song more than stronger, stronger is too over played and memed

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14 Black Skinhead

Kanye west killed this track. I love how he is standing up for his own skin colour and isn't just making a song about attraction girls or something like that.

I love this song, the lyrics give a meaning that no one might understand, and I love that. Standing up for your own skin colour is very courageous.

This is Kanye at his best transcending hip hop and pushing the envelope.

Mull song for days! I love this song always listen to it this song deserves to be in the top 10 no doubt Kanye nothing can get better than this it is a must have

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15 Touch the Sky

An ode to success that will leave anyone feeling great! The beat is on point, the lyrics are proper, then add a fire guest appearance from Lupe, I couldn't imagine anyone disliking this song.

Best song of him I think!

I'm more of a Lupe fan than a Kanye fan, so of course I think this song should be in the top ten!

Straight up dope along with the rest of this album. Phenomenal song that actually says something.

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16 Diamonds from Sierra Leone (remix)

This song is epic, probably my favorite Kanye West song of all time. It still gives me chills when I listen to it, especially the bonus track version, and I love how it sheds light on the inhumanity of the blood-diamond trade and how materialistic consumers are culprits in their desire for diamonds. I personally like the bonus track version better than the remix with Jay Z as the remix cuts some of Kanye's verses to add a Jay Z verse where he mostly brags about how great he is and how much money he has rather than adding to the meaning of the song.

Kanye's verse in this version is one of the realest out there. It's because of tracks like this that people respect him. Angry and driven but compelling, drawing us onto his side. Forget any of his 2010s arrogant up-himself auto-tune ego-crap.

Such a beautiful song by Jay and Ye

Jay and kanye litrally Cracked it - Tobzz7

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17 Good Life

I completed agree with the guy before me, "Power" is a piece. I don't think anything from 808's deserves to be in this list, but that's just my opinion. I think "All Falls Down" is definitely in the top 5, probably top 3. Good life should be higher too. I love Kanye, he's my favorite rapper. I just don't agree with a lot of this list. Also, this list is REALLY mainstream. Stuff like "All of the Lights" is a horrible song, but it's also really mainstream.

Looking back on how negative this comment is, I feel like I should say that I love Kanye, again. I think I'd probably put "Good Life" or "Can't tell me Nothing" at number one.

The comments on this song is a perfect example of the retards who joined kanye on his later pieces. His old work was the absolute best. "retarded list" don't hate on the songs that started his legacy, there's a reason why he's on your ipod.

It's the best hands Down the title speak for itself.

Download this. You will not regret.

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18 Devil In a New Dress

Just listen...

Best kanye west song

How can you listen to this song and tell me it is an 18? Ridiculous. Godly.

Easily one of the best songs ever

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19 Love Lockdown

Lol at this song's position. Really a pity for those ehk voted for some crappie songs above and not this. Weirdos

Awesome song

This is outrageous. Love Lockdown may not be top 10. But to say it’s not at least top 15 is dumb. Second best song on this album behind Heartless.

IS IT SOME KIND OF JOKE..? Love lockdown at 17 below songs like through the wire, can't tell me nothing, all falls down man it should be in top 5 right away that what it deserves knye west didn't decide to put it as lead single for his album without thinking he put it because he thought it was one of his best songs SO PLEASE FANS OF HIS SHOW SOME JUST VOTE FOR THIS SONG!

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20 Amazing

This song hooked me when I heard it for the first time. The next one week was followed by repeat of this song.

The title of the song fits its description perfectly. A very nice song excellent lyrics.. It should be definitely in the top ten

THIS IS AMAZING! Literally. Very surprised that it is not in top ten. Kanye demonstrates his wide range and that he is not just one- demensional

It's amazing how a lot of people know this song but don't know it's by Kanye

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21 Otis

What this should be so much higher, this song deserves to be at least top 15. It's one of the best tracks in watch the throne. The smooth transitions between jay and Ye makes it easy to listen to. Not only that but the lyrics are ingenious, "sophisticated ignorance write my curses in cursive" oh my god. Not only that but the smooth integration of Otis Redding in the track is what I think makes the song deserve a higher rating

Otis at #27? What is wrong with you people? This song should easily be a lot higher. Ye and Jay switched flows so well, leading into their epic verses, both murdered this song! "Got 5 passports, I'm never going to jail" "I made Jesus Walks, I'm never going to hell" Plus Kanye flipped the sample so perfectly.

I don't know why does it have few votes, its one of my favorite songs. Jay and Kanye killed that and the video was cool.

Great song, placed 31. ? Way too low.

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22 No Church in the Wild

This song is so amazing! The tune is wicked and the rapping is awesome! It should be in the top ten at least. Love this song!

Tears on the mausoleum floor
Blood stains the Colosseum doors

It really motivated me to start a riot or somthing after I watched the music video

I love this song! It's amazing! Should be in the top 10 definitely

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23 Monster

Nicki slayed - Luckys

Amazing beat by Kanye and amazing collaboration with Nicki.

I like how everyone squeezed their verses in this song very good concept nicki and ross killed it

This is by far Kanye's best song. Honestly, I think this is the best rap song ever.

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24 Heard 'em Say

Beautiful piano, beautiful message, I would say its at least the best song on LR next to Hey Mama. The backup vocals on the chorus are great, and you can tell he's really genuine when he talks. basically every bar in the first verse rhymes and flows perfectly...

This is a such a good piece. The piano is heartfelt!

If you're a human being, you gotta listen to this song. This song is about as real as music gets. - javananthonydavis

My favorite. The most beautiful song that shows we people loved Kanye in the first place. Also I would like to point out the top 5 voted songs are all from different albums and I think that's pretty cool.

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25 Mercy.1

I don't know why this is 28!?! This should at least be fifth. I can't believe the people who voted. They're defiantly bad voters acctually they're terrible voters. People these days don't know a thing about music. Seriously! What are people thinking?

Ya it's the best rap song I heard in my life, really it sound better than any other

That "weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth" part always gets me. - Mcgillacuddy

Definitely one of the best beats and flows I have heard in my life.

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26 Good Morning

How is this not higher on this list? Kanye has a lot of great songs but this *deep breath*... this is KANYE!

easily kanyes best song, this really was the pinacle of his career. The video is great the song has meaning. Anything Kanye does from releasing this single will be an attempt to improve on perfection

The Message In The Video For This Song Is The Whole Reason Why The Graduation Album Was Made - xXLennyKingXx

One of his best and the perfect opener to Graduation

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27 I Wonder

Criminally underrated track, just so good

This is a great song. I don't know who the chorus is but it's really good. This songs simple yet FANTASTIC. And I wonder...

I Wonder is an amazing sample of who he is and what he believes. It speaks of how his dreams have come true, while addressing aspects of himself and concepts we can relate to it as well, while having an amazing beat with a sick chorus and epic bass.
Really, this is a masterpiece of music

Pathetic how this song is ranked 33rd. One of the best songs in graduation. Did any real kanye vans vote for this?

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28 Lost in the World

1. Lost in the World
2. Good Life
3. All Falls Down
4. New Slaves
5. We Don't Care
6. Heartless
7. Touch the Sky
8. Drive Slow
9. Through the Wire
10. Celebration

His most underrated song

Even woods performed by bon iver was incredible but kanye improves the autotune effect to an unknown atmosphere

I was blown away when I first heard this song. Never has autotune and sampling been used so brilliantly. - InsertNameHere

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29 Slow Jamz

The song to good to be true put it at one

Classic song you play it anywhere and everybody will start singing

This is a classic.. The sample is beautiful

This is twista's song

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30 Ultralight Beam

Sounds like an answered prayer

A song that brings light into dark places and times. BRINGS HOPE

Gets me in my feels

Absolutely beautiful, his best song in my opinion.

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31 Hell of a Life

That BLACK SABBATH sample, damn!

Wicked bass line. Lyrics are on point!

Guitar was dope after the hook

What a great song and its not even in the top 10?!?!

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32 The New Workout Plan

This song is absolutely awful, should be in the top ten, worst part of an otherwise amazing album

This song slaps just accept it

This is one of Yeezys most fun songs. And the way it breaks down at the end with the guitar bass and drums is incredible, it's perfect to jam to.


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33 Hey Mama

I'm so proud of you

Best Kanye song

How the hell is this not number 1? Overall this is easily the best song he's ever made. The heart he puts into this song is amazing. Just go listen to this song and compare it with heartless? Are you joking 808s was easily his worst album. How this song is not number one amazes me. Obviously people haven't even listened to his album and have just heard him through the radio. What a joke of a list this is.

It's not often you will hear an artist today talk about their connection with their mother. Kanye is the only artist today that has true passion for what he does with his music and they fact that he poorer his feelings into a song that clearly has deep meaning for him makes this song deserving of a higher spot!

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34 Gorgeous

Gotta show this song some love. No other way around it - Iam_rsdxii

Way too low! The best song on the years best album, all I need is the American Apparel girl in tights to.

Yezzy is lyrically incredible on the track. Greatest Alive He should be racking up tons of awards for this album
- jamalmartin

The amazing sample coupled with Cudi's hauntingly beautiful hook as well as the deep lyrics cement this in my mind as one of the greatest

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35 H.A.M.

This song goes ham

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36 Blood On the Leaves

Gives me shivers every time

That beat drop :rejoice:

This song is so underrated in my opinion


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37 Clique

Features Jay Z, Big Sean, it's THE BEST!

Main reasons this song goes in: the beat is incredibly unique and addicting and Kanye destroys his verse. - Mcgillacuddy

How isn't this #1? It's a great song because it features Jay Z and Big Sean.

This should be in the top ten so should mercy

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38 New Slaves

This song just goes to say there's nothing stopping the power of kanye west! Yeezus! Check this song out

Probably the most profound track thematically and lyrically Kanye has ever created - Rockas

Not his best track but has the most ferocious flow

My god that outro

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39 Real Friends


I love this song, especially that chorus line and Dolla $ign's quick verse. I gotta say that, next to Ultralight Beam, this is one of Kanye's greatest new era tracks. - Mcgillacuddy

One of Kanye's most underrated songs. Definitely one of the greatest tracks of the past decade in hip hop.

Beat is so amazing, Kanye truly did a wonderful job on this song

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40 Breathe in Breathe Out

Why is this not on the list? Ludacris doesn't really rap but he's a great addition. The music in the background is sick and kanye ROCKS this

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41 Dark Fantasy

The best opener track to an album ever

The music in background at the start is so good

The intro is amazing, but not nicki Minaj, well she is great, but the music in the background is what gets me haha

Why is this #31, this song is super catchy and has good vocals

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42 Champion


I can't be bothered to explain it all again, so just read Mushroom99s top ten list of kanye west, because that IS ME! - Mushroom99

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43 Paranoid

This song is one of Kanye's best. Doesn't get enough love at all. This album shows a different side of Kanye but received poor reviews from some but I think that the diversity he shows is great. Big fan of 808s & Heartbreaks.

I don't know how this song wasnt a hit, its one of kanyes best - joezz01

Paranoid is a very extraordinary song. Way better than his other songs. I loved it!

It just shows how many great songs haven't gotten enough recognition

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44 School Spirit

One of his best songs. I don't know how it got 48. can someone explain ho?

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45 Spaceship

This song needs to buy a spaceship to fly to the top tens

Holy guacamole. we gotta bring this up, this track was a finalist in my kanye madness bracket

This song is dope. It also has a damn good beat and meaning.

Now you asking why songs like through the Wire are before Love Lockdown which is one of his more mediocre songs in my opinion

How the hell is this 44. Kanye West goes hard in verse 1 and the beat is just golden.

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47 Run This Town

Jay-Z and Kanye West just make a legendary duo. They work so well together, and Rihanna's hook on this is also great. It's the kind of song that gets you pumped up but still has a lot of emotion in it.

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48 Family Business

One of the most soulful tracks from Kanye - his old style will never be beat

This is simply kanye at his realest its not your typical bob your head song but this is real music touches your soul can make you connect with kanye on a level, ths is music how it should be emotional and truth with great production simply beautiful music and MR WEST at his best they don't make it like this anymore real HIP HOP.

This song is the most touching song ever produced by Kanye. Honestly there was the dramatic rises and different soul techniques to incorperate the emotions with the beauty side of it. I can honestly say, I related the most to this song than ANY other hip hop song.

He has so many good songs but I'd say that this one is his best. The beat, the samples, the lyrics, everything is perfect.

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49 So Appalled

Damn near perfect. I kinda wish RZA had a full verse though lol

One of the most underrated songs that Kanye has made. Surprised to see it at 52 though?

This is the top 5 material. Lyricism is just mental! Kanye west's best to date.

This song's orchestra is beautiful and every verse is FIRE

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50 Get Em High

I can't believe this song wasn't even on the list? Ye goes in raw not to mention Talib Kweli does his thing and Common just seals the track. "If your losing your high then smoke again. Get em high. "

This is so gay this isn't top 5 at least the beat is crazy the flow is the best of any Kanye song this is so stupid listen to the song and you'll see

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