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61 Hold My Liquor Hold My Liquor

Great song, laid back but driving at the same time.

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62 I'm In It I'm In It

Pure amazing. Just listen to it!

63 Only One Only One

Proves Kanye is versatile. It also shows he not just the evil maniac the media makes him look like. Also Sir Paul killed it on the synthetic organ thing. I think this song will be higher on the list in a couple years.

Fantastic song. Full of emotion and from the perspective from his mother, people hate because auto tune but I think he uses it perfectly. This shows the loving side of Kanye. Beautiful.

Reminds me of "Mockingbird" by Eminem. The reason it's not so complicated and stuff is because it was meant for his mother.

This is a great song

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64 Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1

One of the best chorus lines I've heard. The piano mixed with Kid Cudi and Kanye's voices just hit hard. Although, we really could've done without that "bleach her ass hole" part. Lol I don't know what the heck Ye was thinking when he wrote that verse. - Mcgillacuddy

This song is amazing. One of my top favorites and easily best song of 2016.

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65 Drive Slow Drive Slow

With this beat and his style how the hell is this at 61?!

Are you kidding me...this is one of the best

A great song from a mediocre artist.

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66 Good Friday
67 Welcome to Heartbreak Welcome to Heartbreak

This one is probably so low on the list because it isn't one his more well-known songs. It's got excellent lyrics, a simple beat, and a great match with Kanye & Kid Cudi. You've gotta hear it to believe it. Two thumbs up. - muelr

This is the realest song I've ever heard from Kanye, and I respect him for doing this song, admitting he screwed up his life partially. This to me Is the greatest Hip-Hop song by him hands down.

My favorite song of Kanye. He has lots of amazing songs but this one I can listen to every day and never get tire of it. So simple but so perfect. Love.

This is an extremely overlooked song by kanye, it is literally one of his deepest, 2 thumbs up

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68 Bound 2 Bound 2

Great follow-up to his flawless performances in Watch the Throne, not so much the message as the musicality and use of sampling. Music video is questionable, but the song itself has some great humour and pure talent.

I know this a newer song, but it's a travesty it's so low. My personal favorite, the sampling is both hilarious and well-implemented, Charlie Wilson's vocals are superb, and the rapping is some of the best I've heard from Kanye.

One of his only bad songs...

So underrated

69 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

Lil Wayne killed this song. Killing is good.

70 We Major We Major

The beat. The flow. The hook. The theme. Everything about this song is beastly. With Nas dropping a nice verse and Really doe dropping a nice hook, this song should be among at least the top ten. You don't really know hip-hop if you haven't listened to this.

Nas with a great verse beautiful hook and kanye song his thing on a million dollar beat, this song is a top ten in the featured category but even if not still a top 20...

The beat, the verses from both of them, and the singing. Everything about it is superb

Great track

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71 The Glory The Glory

Worthy off the top ten. It is my favorite song of his. Listen to this when you workout and you will take it to the next level.

72 Late
73 New Day New Day
74 Christian Dior Denim Flow
75 To the World To the World

Best song of his, no doubt

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76 Highlights Highlights
77 Robocop Robocop

Easily Kanye's best song. Hands down. Should be #1 and no less.

This song should not be 88, I'd put it in the top 20.

Good song... People hate

RoboCop is a horrible song and its probably better than everything on Yeezus

78 Street Lights Street Lights

Street lights? 88? This can't be real. This song is a masterpiece, full of emotion

How is this so low this song brought me to tears

This is so underrated.
This song is purely a beautiful song, and it is cinematic.

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79 Saint Pablo V 3 Comments
80 Feedback Feedback
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