Top Ten Greatest Kanye West Songs

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81 Don't Like

This song made G.O.O.D. music my favorite label! Never got tired of listening to it!

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82 I Am a God

This one is probably his most arrogant

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83 American Boy

Ye actually kills it supporting estelle

84 See Me Now

Did yall even listen to this...come on

85 E.T.

The song is probably better without Kanye's verses in it, but it really gets addicted once you get used to his appearance in the song.

I don't really like Katy, but Ye has a nice verse in this song.

Kanyes flow rocks... Along with the breathtaking voice of katy pery... Definitely should be ranked more higher.

86 FML

Pretty good song, and the Weeknd kills that chorus line - Mcgillacuddy

Cleanest Kanye song in ages. Brings him closer to his old style

Not kanye's best but needs to be here

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87 White Dress

This is a hidden gem. Really hope it wasn't a part of this abomination of a film. - Mcgillacuddy

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88 30 Hours

Favorite track off Life of Pablo. Could listen to that chill ass beat all day

cool song

89 Famous

sick song

Should be #1 :/

90 Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
91 Addiction

Just a song you can listen while smoking weed

One of Kanye's hidden gems.

Top 20

92 Waves

One of the best kanye west songs...

Chance is so good in this!

Chris Brown killed the chorus and it’s very relatable

93 Fade

I can totally jam with this. It has a funky, 80's feel to it. I admit it, some of the lyrics may be cheesy, but the beat definitely makes up for the lack of lyricism. Hot production, I dig this track. My favorite part is when the "Deep Down Inside" sample comes in and mixes with the choir, kicks and the "I feel it" sample. - yaygiants16

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94 Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2
95 Silver Surfer Intermission V 4 Comments
96 Last Call

Smooth awesome chorus relaxing tells a story over a great beat, the best way to end a listening session or recording session

Very powerful song to end off a very powerful album

97 All Day

Great song. I know it came out recently, but it deserves to be a lot higher than it is.

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98 Murder to Excellence
99 Don't Stop!
100 Bring Me Down
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