Top Ten Greatest Kanye West Songs

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101 Way Too Cold

"Tell PITA my mink is dragging on the floor"

GOAT Kanye song

Best he ever made

102 The Joy
103 Anyway

Man come on, how come this song isn't on the list..?
It is unbelievable... Besides being a Good song, it gives relaxation too. Amazing tune, fairly good...

104 Hurricane
105 That's My Bitch
106 Guilt Trip

Awesome song it should be on top 25

107 Say You Will

Why is this not higher? Beautiful song, off his best album. Completely overrated

108 Bring Me Down
109 Freestyle 4 - Kanye West
110 Don't Look Down
111 Mama's Boyfriend
112 Skit #2 (Late Registration)
113 Line for Line
114 Never Lettin' Go (The Stalker Song)
115 Naughty Girl

Akon and kanye combo listen to this song everyone please.. Great song.. you r gonna love it

116 Go Hard
117 Bittersweet Poetry

This song deserves to be higher, the verses contain some of the deepest lyrics that Kanye has ever spit. - john-cenation

118 Fourfiveseconds

An awesome new song at no 101. Ok, I agree that many people haven't heard the song, so its this low. Come on people, listen to this song and then please vote.

Latest Yeezy song. It's seriously amazing. It also has Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney. One of the best Yeezy songs

119 Dont Like.1

Maan this track got me flippin out hella hard this should be number 2

120 Why I Love You
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