Top Ten Greatest Kanye West Songs

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101 Way Too Cold

"Tell PITA my mink is dragging on the floor"

GOAT Kanye song

Best he ever made

102 The Joy
103 Anyway

Man come on, how come this song isn't on the list..?
It is unbelievable... Besides being a Good song, it gives relaxation too. Amazing tune, fairly good...

104 Hurricane
105 That's My Bitch
106 Guilt Trip

Awesome song it should be on top 25

107 Say You Will

Why is this not higher? Beautiful song, off his best album. Completely overrated

108 Freestyle 4 - Kanye West
109 See You in My Nightmares

So underrated it's scary

110 We Major

The beat. The flow. The hook. The theme. Everything about this song is beastly. With Nas dropping a nice verse and Really doe dropping a nice hook, this song should be among at least the top ten. You don't really know hip-hop if you haven't listened to this.

Nas with a great verse beautiful hook and kanye song his thing on a million dollar beat, this song is a top ten in the featured category but even if not still a top 20...

The beat, the verses from both of them, and the singing. Everything about it is superb

Great track

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111 Good Night

This song is at least 12

112 Don't Look Down
113 Coldest Winter
114 On Sight

This song goes hard. The beat and the flow of this song is awesome and ventures into a new rap style unheard of before that mixes incredible rapping with a catchy daft punk beat.

I don't think this is a great song but it paved the way for techno and rap to be in the same song the whole album did

Kanye opened with this song at his concert I went to and it was phenomenal

115 Pinocchio Story

If it is freestyle, it may be one of the best of all time. If not, I don't give a crap, because as a standalone song, it is pure, unadulterated gold. This song summarizes all of his introspective work, and the audience screaming in the background just drives the point(s) home. This song made me tear up when I first heard it. I had already listened critically to around half of Kanye's work, but this hit me so hard it skyrocketed to my favorite song of his, and one of my all-time favorites. Criminally underrated.

I lost all hope with you people.This song is in my top 20 songs of all times & it performed life! Come! How can it not be on the list least to say top 10

This song is on my top 20 songs of all times! How the hell it not even on the list? Download it then vote for it! Because this is bull

116 Bound 2

Great follow-up to his flawless performances in Watch the Throne, not so much the message as the musicality and use of sampling. Music video is questionable, but the song itself has some great humour and pure talent.

I know this a newer song, but it's a travesty it's so low. My personal favorite, the sampling is both hilarious and well-implemented, Charlie Wilson's vocals are superb, and the rapping is some of the best I've heard from Kanye.

One of his only bad songs...

I know it's not everyone's favorite but it's mine. I first heard it in the best week of my life and even through all the this song fills me with good vibes. The song itself is lit though, one of my favorite hooks and samplings~

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117 Mama's Boyfriend
118 Skit #2 (Late Registration)
119 Line for Line
120 Never Lettin' Go (The Stalker Song)
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