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Jordan Rudess is an American keyboardist and composer best known as a member of the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater and the progressive rock supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment.


In my opinion, Jordan Rudess is as good as it gets. Jordan is a superhuman musician with unparalleled technique and independence. But all the chops in the world don't mean squat if you don't have anything to say, and Jordan has shown time and time again that he has a deep and sensitive musicality (just listen to any of his solo piano records). Jordan improvises material that a lesser musician would slave over for hours to write, let alone learn to play. Jordan's attention to detail, chops, and musical maturity and spark are pretty much second to none in the world of rock.

I understand that this website is based on opinions, however, I personally feel that Jordan Rudess should at least be in the top two; this is coming from someone who almost never makes comments on lists! Not only is he so technically brilliant, but he's a teacher, he demonstrates his keyboard equipment via YouTube/DVDs and explains them significantly, he created his own 13/8 challenge, etc. His style of playing is, in essence, unrivaled as it covers complex time signatures, multiple of sounds (and often two of which are combined), rapid hand movement, marvelous collaboration between both hands, and numerous musical genres together!

My favorite band; Dream Theater wouldn't be the same without Rudess. That guy is my god and I plan on taking up Keyboards one day soon because of him.

I'm happy to see the top 10 filled with so much progressive rock and metal. Especially Jordan Rudess. His solos on songs like Constant Motion and the Dance of Eternity are amazing, and I absolutely loved the Middle Eastern vibe that he brought to Home. His skill is virtuosic and it is a pleasure to listen to his work with Dream Theater.

I'm a keyboardist myself and there could be a good case for nominating all of the guys in this list, but Jordan has it all and has mastered many of the synth techniques pioneered by all those good keyboardists before him. He's stood on the shoulders of these giants and then gone on some. A great talent, don't ever stop learning dude. Mark UK

Jordan Rudess Definitely is the best. He LITERALLY knows every genre of music, he knows Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Metal, Prog Rock, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Classical, and millions more. He's an absolute genius on the Keyboard.

Very good in all genres, he crating an atmosphere in the concert with only a keyboard... He complete Dream Theater because Mike Portnoy had win 23 prix, John Petrucci was the third component of G3 with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and he is one of the best guitar players of all time!

He is one of the best keyboard players of all time no doubt. He is much better than those mainstream keyboard players, he could get many awards if he wanted to by joining mainstream, but the fact that he doesn't makes him that much cooler.

No way should the guy in journey be higher than Jordan Rudess. Jordan is the wizard. He's a mastermind of progressive rock, classical (Explorations, anyone? ), prog metal, and even on the electronics/synthesis side of things, he's a badass.

Jordan is definitely, in my opinion, the god of all things keyboard. That includes the piano. The guy has the fingers the speed of lightning, the soul of a true god, and the technical inspiration of a miracle!

Jordan have agility when he play all songs, not only in the keyboard, but in continuum too. He make the most beautiful melodies in the Dream Theater or on the solo songs, he is very technical and fast. He is a keyboardist, really.

Best at all around keyboard, weather its piano, synth, orchestral, or effects, he is the master at the keys... Most other guys on this list are only good at one of those things...

Jordan has magic fingers. Dream theater could not be the what it is without him..! He surely rules the chart. Keep magnetizing fans with your brilliant style.! Respect.!

Incredibly talented, can only be faulted for being overly technical at times. But still..

What? He's the only keyboard player I know. How is he not first? I don't even like keyboard but he enhances Dream Theaters music so much. Now only if Dream Theater would get a new singer...

Best keyboard player all times. No other keyboard player knows how to choose the right sound every time. Technically almost perfect player. Keep the work up with Dream Theater.

Just the Best keyboarder ever! Dream Theater would be nothing without him... well, it would be good, but it's much better with him...

Jordan Rudess at #4? Is number 4 the new number 1? Without question and a lot of the other keys players listed here, Jordan should be #1 unless God himself is playing keys.

Very innovative in music, a lot of new ideas in his music conception. With his talent, Dream Theater has achieved new highs in music.

Jordan rules! Haven't heard about the top three guys.

Jordan's improvisational pieces are exquisitely emotional and daring. Just knocks my socks off!

Jordan is simply the best! His technically great, but he's also creative as none other!... He's got style... And he's in the best band of the world haha...

NUMBER 6!? Come on guys! Just listen to the album Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, then tell me that he isn't the best... You can't, it was a trap.

Keep calm and always progressive, indonesian people always support you you're the best progressive keyboardist in the world

No doubt... He is the best... The is a God of creativity and technical playing... There is no one exists in the world to compare with him