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101 Amy Lee Amy Lee Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.
102 Liam Howlett

The Prodigy! The brain of The Prodigy deserves to be Number 1. He has made some of the best electronic songs of all time. The heritage The Prodigy have left is enormous. So listen to some real songs first and then you could vote for the real man - Liam Howlett

103 Tomita
104 Oliver Palotai
105 Prince Rogers Nelson

This is a man who would spend HOURS listening to the same 3 notes played over and over on a loop to become one with the music of the original artist. THEN he wrote his own original works given to him by God. This is an artist who died during his tour of "Piano and a Microphone". Who ELSE can do a solo tour with just a piano & a mic?

Astonishingly good keyboard player. And song writer. And guitarist. And singer. And drummer. And bass player. And dancer. And composer. I could do this all day.

Genius at everything he touched.

106 Johann Sabastian Bach

Are you kidding me? Bach shouldn't be in this list. Geniuses should be in a list apart

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107 Tim Rice-Oxley V 1 Comment
108 Seth Justman

Absolutely, one of the most accomplished players. He should be in the top ten.

Can't put a number on him or anyone for that matter but Seth justman was author of some pretty tasteful b3 solos and some funk blues infused piano.

109 Richard Tee
110 Joe Sample

People if there's anyone that has featured with the world's best Guitar player, George Benson is it this man, very experienced from classical to JAZZ, which is his favourite actually.

111 Kevin Moore

Dream Theater, Chromakey, OSI

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112 Mike Pinder

Defined the unique sound of a band (Moody Blues) through arrangement, performance, and technical know-how to an extent no one has with any other band.

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113 Glen Gould

He should be number 1 beside chopin

114 Don Airey Don Airey

95? Come on. Don has played with some of the best bands in the world!

This guy also should be top 15 at least!

115 Jimmy Smith

Anyone who ever played the B3 learned at the feet of the Smiths, Jimmy and Ethel (no relation). She should be on this list, too, and both of them much higher.

Probably the most influential Hammond organist ever. his nickname wasn't "The Incredible" for nothing.

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116 Thomas Anders
117 Tomo Milicevic Tomo Milicevic
118 Yuhki Kuramoto
119 Mark Stein
120 Jason Freese
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