Tony Banks


Inspired by the likes of Rachmaninoff and hailed as the 'chord master' by fellow Genesis member Steve Hackett, he has a personal style and some of his traits are now quite popular, such as adding the 4th on a triad on the 3rd inversion. Has always done all the keyboard programming himself and has always had a distinctive sound as well as style which singles him out as an outstanding individual. Quite sensitive to the needs of each piece of music, the overall soundscape has been top priority and virtuosity has been just one of many devices as well as his unique method of using the cross-hand technique. Yes, other can play 'faster' but Tony's passion for his music supersedes technique for the sake of showing off technique. The music's all that matters for Tony so all in all he stands at number 1 in my chart, and always will.

Most excellently stated! As you said, he probably isn't the "fastest" keyboard player but far exceeds that in quality and composition.. Sometimes listening to older Genesis in the car and/or over headphones, his keyboard playing is almost mesmerizing and you totally "get into" the composition or story line of the song. I've seen him playing three keyboards at once along with the piano in some of their mid 70's music. I just stood there shaking my head in disbelief. Yes, one maybe two of the keyboards were in sequence while he was actually playing the other one or two along with the melody on the piano, but managing all this in his head as the song went along, is mind blowing! Although to him, probably just second nature from doing it so long. My vote will ALWAYS be for Sir Anthony as #1 in keyboards in the world! Would be nice to shake his hand someday.. !

Not One to simply 'Rock up' Classical composers with fake flash, Banks IS the composer, especially in a tight band structure. Better scope, taste & sound, with equal or better technique than the other 'usual suspects'. Banks does wonders with his keyboards without ever looking like a foolish show-off. Those who really know will always go with Tony Banks ; THE Best! Period.

I remember lending a high-school friend who knew nothing about Genesis my copy of "...And Then There Were Three..." He came up to me at school the next day and said how cool it was to hear a rock band where keyboards took over as lead guitarist (ala ELP). He loved it so much, I let him keep my original LP.

Tony Banks is a solid keyboard player and songwriter. He has an incredible sense of melody and harmony, which take you on incredible moody journeys. He is and will always be my favorite keyboard player.

Great Keyboardist. Tony Makes everything he plays look so easy. I have tried to play some of his music and by no means a easy thing to do. Tony has a way of spreading out the Chords he plays. Makes it sound like Banks is playing more notes than he actually is. Just listen to the Keyboard section of Firth of Fifth or Riding the Spree.

When I was 17 a friend brought a cassette with two Genesis songs on it from "Selling England by the pound". One of the songs was firth of fifth. I was hooked and started to follow this band. Tony Banks keyboard playing is very melodic yet complicated so you can't have enough of hearing it. I think he is the master behind Genesis's music.

Co-founder and primary songwriter for one of the most successful progressive rock bands in history, Genesis, Tony Banks is perhaps best known for his complex chord progressions and tempos in a diverse range of works, from "Firth of Fifth" in the early days to "Dividing Line" more recently... and there is oh so much in between. Easily deserving of the number one spot, but all these artists are so great, who can choose?!

Without doubt the inspiration behind one of the greatest prog rock bands ever. To see him live was just amazing. In Italy, he is worshipped and rightly so

Tony is the best keyboard player I've ever known. Not only is he an amazing master of his craft but his sense of melody and harmony is amazing. His song writing is genius. This guy deserves to be number 1

6? Listen to the Wind and Wuthering album by Genesis because Banks dominates on that album. Top 3 at least and Jon Lord deserves to be further up as well.

Introduction to "Lamb Lies Down" is all that needs saying. Not mindless virtuosity, but strong talent that supports the needs of a song. Unrated song-writer as well.

He is theee best there is! One of my favorite pieces of Tony's is on the Trick of the Tail album in the song Robbery, Assault & Battery.. In the middle of the song. Just spectacular! There is just way too much that is beyond excellent with this gent to pick just one favorite. It is all way good!

Not only good in playing piano and keyboard, but created the classic song of Genesis, such as Firth of Fifth, Supper's Ready, The Lamb

While some keyboardists are just fun to see with the eyes (maybe none moreso than. Keith Emerson, particularly on Karn Evil 9), it is a rare thing for someone with such manual prowess to also equally stimulate the ears and the mind - and there is none so perfectly balanced and gifted than Tony Banks.

The best keyboardist ever. He was the music mind in Genesis specially from 1970 to 1983. His ability in composition is a gift to all of us. I love him too much

Even Phil Collins has said that Genesis would not have had their success without Tony Banks inimitable sound.

Able to create incredible sound landscapes and astonishing solos. Master of harmonies, fantastic melodies.

A talented keyboardist he expanded and explored back in the stone age of synths. A talent writer, he is truly the art maker in Genesis.

He was the hidden brain and true Genesis inspirator. Without him no Genesis could never have been existed

He combines technic, simplicity, economic and melodie like no one. In the cage, Supper's ready, Cinema show and others is an experience of masterpieces of sound.

Quite simply the best, quiet unassuming, but with an awesome talent for melody, composition and technique.

Enchanting, Astounding, Outstanding, Brilliant... A keyboard genesis genius!

Best Keyboard player & always knows the most interesting chords to play!

No one puts chords like mister tony banks

Genesis mvp. His playing structured their songs.

He is not one of the bests, he is the best! He is a beast behind the keys!