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141 Rajinder Singh

President of world spiritual organization

142 Beant Singh

No body could fight against terrorism in Punjab other than the strong will of the peace loving people of Punjab

He was a brilliant leader of Punjab. He fought against the terrorism. He saved Hindus and other minorities in the Punjab. His ruling skills were best

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143 Shah Satnam

Shah Satnam Singh ji was a great leader to give us right direction by the way of karamyogi and gyanyogi. Now it is time to salute Saint Shah Satnam Singh ji Maharaj

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144 Moses Moses
145 Umar

The person who established the kingdom in Arabia with justice. He had great vision for progress and prosperity for mankind.

146 Amarinder Singh

Has been Chief Minister of Punjab In India. Maharaja of Patiala, King Of Kings who not only ruled the Land but also ruled the hearts. Always does the Best for his fellowbeings. His Undaunted Courage to lead from the front makes him Ruler of the Century. He defeated the Finance and defense Minister Arun Jaitley in the Present 2014 Elections by a good lead. At present he Holds the reins of Punjab In India and the Deputy Leader of Opposition in Indian Parliament. A LIVING LEGEND MAHARAJA. Regards Jayender Singh Chandail Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Chamber No 36, New Delhi. Tel 09417072753

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147 Parkash Singh Badal

Great politician in Indian history. Hi is land related person

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148 Rajnath Singh
149 Pramukh Swami Maharaj
150 Chandra Mohan Jain
151 Bobby Sands
152 Sunil Kumar
153 Manjeet Singh V 1 Comment
154 Guru Ghasidas Baba
155 Maharshi Dayananda
156 Dayananda Saraswati
157 Rajneesh

Only eligible person for this contest.

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158 Najib Razak V 2 Comments
159 Baba Ramdev
160 Sukhdev Thapar
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