Greatest Madonna Tours


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1 Confessions Tour

This is my favorite by far! Remind me the old times. Madonna rocks with any tour

Amazing...truly disco fever

Brilliant tour - Brxtney

Best concert I had ever been! Italy ♥

2 Blond Ambition World Tour

The best tour of the '90s according to Rolling Stone, Billboard and everybody credible. - TheSudhanva

Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue, Blond Ambition Tour, In Bed With Madonna (aka Truth Or Dare)
This era made her forever the QUEEN!
Love this tour, the best of the 90s

3 Sticky & Sweet Tour
4 The Girlie Show World Tour

This tour is so, ham, Sexy, Artistic, Badass. I saw it in Argentina in a stadium with 100 thousand people!

Erotica... One of Madonna's most important eras. Spectacular show. - TheSudhanva

1993. First time in Brazil! Oh I am so old...

5 Who's That Girl World Tour

Singing live, no lip sync! With tons of energy and fab live band including the great Pat Leonard her main co-writer on Keys

6 Drowned World Tour
7 The MDNA Tour

I have been impressed with each Madonna tour I have seen. I do think that I'd have to name MDNA as the best. It is incredibly powerful with a very important meaning. This tour brings out many levels of emotion for many reasons, and watching this tour was such a powerful experience.

8 Re-Invention World Tour

They said after the release of American Life that Madonna was fading away... This tour proved them all wrong. - TheSudhanva

9 Rebel Heart Tour
10 The Virgin Tour

The Queen's first tour. What an experience. The old classics... Man, I miss the old Madonna. - TheSudhanva

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