Alfie Boe


A beautiful voice that touches your heart, and the fact that he sings all genres with the same warmth he just takes you with him on a journey whatever he sings. No other singer has been able to reduce me to tears time and time again when he sings Bring Him Home from Les Miserable.
His Album La Passione is glorious and shows off his tenor voice at it's best. You hear every word that he sings, which he does with so much feeling.
In La Boheme his voice soared with such ease at times making you feel that he must be super human.
He is one of a kind, an ordinary man with an extraordinary voice who shares his talent with ordinary people who, because of Alfie now identify with opera as well as all the other genres of music.

Best Tenor ever! Alfie not only sings Opera, but can, and does, sing lots of other genres too. Every note is perfect, he can hit the high notes with ease, he can hold a note for a very long time, he enunciates every word beautifully, he brings joy to every one who hears him, he never forgets his roots, he transports the listener to somewhere beautiful, oh, and he can sing too... Did I mention that :-)

Alfie Boe was blessed with a natural rich, warm tenor voice. To finely train his voice he studied classical music at Britain's best music schools. His range is unparalled, its quality equally fine in all ranges. Although Mr. Boe began in opera, he has recently broken into other, unexpected genres where his classical training is still evident in the proper technical and interpretive use of his voice. Beyond technique, he immerses himself in the emotion of the music. That was clear in his role as Valjean in the O2 Les Mis Anniversary Concert. No one will ever forget his rendition of Bring Him Home, now Alfie's signature song. Alfie is able to relate intimately with his audiences in both small venues and large arenas. His voice continues to mature, from today's "best tenor" to an amazing tenor for years to come. Hearing Alfie Boe is a joy to the ear and heart.

Alfie Boe's voice is the reason I listen to classical music. His tone, enunciation, high register makes every genre of music sound angelic. At the same time his lower register is full, warm and reaches into the depths of your soul. He was born to sing and born to entertain whether it's opera, musical theater, or concerts. Alfie Boe can perform in all these venues because he feels the lyrics he sings to the bottom of his soul and emotes that to his audience.

I am a man, and I fell in love... With his voice. I haven't heard a voice like that in a long time. His high registers are perfect, and he can sustain them, He enunciates the words very well; a very good thing that I rarely find in singers, like Lea Salonga who is very known for it. Oh, and he acts great!

Although no longer singing opera, Boe has a terrific tenor voice in all registers, especially the higher registers. He uses his voice to paint pictures, tell stories in his music, and is a riveting performer. Compared as a young singer to the greats of the past, Boe has developed his own unique style and voice. Google and listen for a real treat.

This mans glorious voice is rich and full throughout the tenor range. Listen to the clarity and purity of the high notes and the strength of his low notes, the sheer muscularity, masculinity, musicality and magnificence of it all. His versatility is peerless, as at home with a Mozart aria as with Led Zeppelin, his delivery informed by his classical training (Royal College of Music, National Opera Studios) but not overpowered by it. His foray into musical theatre to perform the role of Jean Valjean is the stuff of legend, bringing audiences to their feet and to tears with elation and emotion at the beauty of it. This humble man shares his wonderful gift and is worthy of accolade.

Alfie Boe combines elegant technique, an engaging presence, and a flexible, expressive tenor of impressive range, richness and depth. He is a versatile performer, at ease with every genre of music from opera to rock. His ability to connect with his audience, whether it's a roomful of people or hundreds of thousands on the Mall, is legendary. In the voice of this master, music becomes the universal language of the soul.

The upper register is just stunning, clear and bright. But what sets Alfie above any other tenor is how he makes you feel every note, every word and every emotion. Words and music. Not just the voice, but the story of the song too. No one does it better.

Alfie Boe has an absolutely marvellous voice. His musical range is incredible, the tone glorious, his interpretation masterful. He continues to get better and better. It is difficult to rank an artist now and in the past and possibly unfair - I'm sure some on this list will be Boe's own opera heroes. But I'm happy to put him up there with the very best and so for me Alfie Boe is the greatest male tenor.

Alfie's voice is a voice that stirs the soul. When he sang Bring Him
Home at the O2 arena for the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert, the audience
Of 16000 was moved to give him an ovation that lasted for 4 minutes.
He is a performer that gives his all to his audience.

The best and only classically trained singer I can listen to along with Andrea. Alfie's high register tone is second to none. The emotion and heart he imparts in every piece he sings is breath taking, to say nothing of the stamina he has built. Utterly amazing

Alfie is amazing. I fell in love with him on his performance of Les Miserables at the O2. He captured not only me, viewing on DVD but at the time, the whole auditorium.
His voice is sweet and powerful, his diction clear and precise. Each song he sings comes from his heart and soul whether it be opera, show tunes or his more recent popular songs. He is a performer through and through as proved at his recent concerts. I attended two and he was amazing in both.
Alfie has to be number one!

Alfie Boe is one of the best tenor voices of this time. His vocal range is incredible and he becomes one with whatever song he is performing, especially songs like Bring Him Home. His Nessun Dorma is of the highest quality, on par with that of Italian opera stars; who, by the way, have much difficulty doing crossover singing. Mr Boe can perform any gendre, making him ther PERFECT all around performer; especially opera. - Beagle48

Alfie Boe is one the greatest tenors to come out of the UK. He can sing an aria and ballad with the same amazing voice and reach your soul! He brings his audience with him and takes your breath away. He is also a very skilled performer and he is adored.

Through listening to Alfie's wonderful tenor voice I have started listening to more classical and operatic singing. After hearing lots of singers I don't think anyone can compare with Alfie. He really does touch your soul.
I hope he continues to sing opera.

How can Alfie rate below Josh Groban, his voice is far superior when singing opera!

Superb Tenor who believes everyone should have access to all of gods good music. Music is a gift to be shared by all not just those that can afford expensive seats in posh places. Alfie Be is a true Ambassador for Classical music. He has made me enjoy Neapolital and classical music that I would have dismissed before.

Alfie makes it sound so deceptively easy, but no one attains this level of vocal performance without years of disciplined work. His recordings are great, but no recording captures the energy, the passion, the magnetism of seeing and hearing Alfie perform live. Whether he is singing with a full orchestra or a capella, his glorious voice will live in your dreams.

I voted for Alfie because he has an amazing voice, powerful when needed but beautifully soft and tender at other times. He has a God given talent which he uses to great effect. I love to listen to the many different genres of music he has managed to capture on his CD recordings and to see him in person is a fantastic experience.

Alfie Boe's voice is superior. He is a much better singer that Andrea Bocelli

Alfie Boe has a unique clarity, warmth and range to his voice. Every word and note he sings is crystal clear and yet warm and rich in emotion and tone. His range carries him from his first love of opera into musical theater, blues, rock and roll and Pop. When Alfie sings in his upper register, the hairs on the back of my neck shiver... It's just beautiful, and when he sings "In My Daughter's Eyes" I have tears in mine. His classical albums are stunning... From his Classical FM days through Onward, La Passione and Franz Lehar. Then, after the Les Miz 25th Anniversary Concert he began a shift to a more contemporary! Ound with Bring Him Home, Alfie and his current album Storyteller. There is nothing he can't sing beautifully.

Wow, Alfie has such a lovely voice that I think he can sing various kinds of music. Whatever songs he sings, I have been moved by his warm voice. He does tell us that he loves the songs very much and he wants to touch our heart directly through his voice. That's why I love his ways of singing.
He must be one of the best tenors I have known ever.

Truly the greatest lyric tenor ever. No one can cover the range of music Alfie Boe does. Which other tenor can so beautifully and effortlessly go from "O Sole Mio" to "It's Now Or Never" as he did at The Diamond Jubilee concert? The man can do it all. Alfie Boe IS the greatest male tenor!

Wonderful tenor voice. He touches your heart and soul when he sings. He is an amazing performer.