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Jonathan Antoine is a classically trained English tenor. He rose to fame after appearing on the sixth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2012 as one half of the classical duo Jonathan and Charlotte.


Jonathan is THE GREATEST opera voice ever - the only one that has ever had such a velvet voice with such a richness of overtones! This is the richest of overtones voice ever! The high tones are as "broad" as the low ones, which is the dream of every opera singer!
He will gain more confidence with the practice and his singing will become "polished" and "professional", but this is something that is possible, while he has already got the impossible! It is funny to be compared with Pavarotti, because they are extremely different voices, the closest is Mario Lanza, but Jonathan is 30 times better! It is ridiculous to be compared with anyone indeed! There is no comparison at all! My respect to the greatest opera voices in the past and at the present, but they sound like little girls in front of Jonathan!
More than 30 years ago Riccardo Muti was asked about which were the First Class opera voices in the world. He replied that there were no First Class ...more

From his first appearance on Britain's Got Talent Jonathan Antoine has captured the hearts of not only the nation but the world. His rich and powerful tones filled with emotion and love of the music cannot fail to lift your very soul. I was enchanted by his voice the first time I heard it and have practically worn out my CD of his debut album Together with Charlotte Jaconelli, but even so I was totally unprepared for the experience when I was fortunate enough to hear him live on the opening night of their Together Tour. You don't only hear his voice you feel it. Not only because of the power of his delivery but because his voice seems to hold you suspended in time, lifts you up and fills you with pure awe. He has been compared to his hero Luciano Pavarotti but he will not be the next Pavarotti, the next anyone, he will be The Antoine. Pavarotti was 26 when he made his debut drawing gasps of awe and standing ovations from his audience, Jonathan has done the same at only 18. How can ...more

Jonathan has such a beautiful voice. He is an inspiration to me in so many ways. He is so humble in that he is such a star yet he is still so down to earth. He inspired and motivated me to lose weight that I have never been able to before. This young man will one day be bigger than Pavarotti.

Although only 18 years of age his amazing talent will inspire many who follow. Not only is his singing sensational but he has a rare heart and has the ability to touch people in more ways than he could ever know. He does this while remaining totally humble. His singing is so heartfelt it can bring tears to your eyes and send shivers through your body. His care for others and the love he shows to all of his supporters, fans and family is gold. He has been given a gift and now shares it with the world and will for many years to come. His name will certainly go down in history along with a man I know truly inspired him Luciano Pavarotti.

Jonathan Antoine is truly a Gift. He sings like an Angel. He has power, authority, compassion, stability, emotional support, and everything a singer can provide to his listener, he provides. Because he is so humble and unassuming in his demeanor, we just relish his presence! He is very sweet. Yet he has a vibrant spark of passion, presence, and play to go with his humility and gentle nature. He is an awesome tenor. His presence is very moving because of his courage and Light. He is superior and is unabashed simply because he has no ego. I believe he will go down in history as THE BEST we have ever known on this Planet. The color and joy he emanates in his voice is unmatched in the world of singing. Once you've heard him you are hooked on him. He is THAT GOOD. Also he exudes a mastery of what the voice can do that no one before him has provided. He is almost perfect in his ability to make one feel ALIVE again by listening to him. No one does this, not even his hero, Pavarotti, can ...more

Jonathan Antoine is only 18 years old, but sings like a much older & talented Tenor! His voice is awesome! He hits all those hard notes perfectly every time! He has been called a "young Pavorotti" already! He has many great years ahead of him, & his voice improves all the time! He sings from his heart & soul, & puts so much emotion into every song! He is a great person too who loves his fans & thanks them constantly for their support! He brings "happy tears" to you when listening to his unique/very special voice! There are no adequate words to describe his God-given talent! Bless him!

Jonathan Antoine... Not only does he have an awesome voice... He also has the ability to touch the heart and soul of the people listening to him... You can feel the emotion... The passion when he sings and it comes pouring out of you... Usually in increadibly joyous tears! Being only 18 I can not wait to see... And hear... What the future holds for him! Jonathan sings for the pure joy of singing... And he conveys that to his audience.. It is an amazing gift! I truly believe that he will go down in history as one of the greatest Tenors ever... Add to this the fact that Jonathan is one of the nicest kindest most humble honest soul I've ever seen and this total package is beyond compare!

Jonathan has an amazing talent that not many people have! Every time I play their CD "Together" I literally get chills from the emotion he puts into his singing. He has a good and strong natural voice that only comes around a few times. He's is unique in EVERY way. I have introduced MANY people to your CD and they absolutely love you! They even bought CD's for themselves and other people! Jonathan, please don't ever give up singing. Millions of people would be heartbroken. P.S. I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! GO J!

Jonathan has something so special about him that the will be included with the Greats! When he sings you feel it in your heart and soul. He goes beyond that a step further because he is an incredible human being. So full of love and compassion for everyone. Every note he sings feels like he is singing just to you. Every word, every note... Precise. A true genius in his field. A sound you shouldn't miss and when you hear it... You never want to let go.

Jonathan Antoine has a superb tenor singing voice but is also very versatile. When he sings the whole audience is captured instantly and carried along with the sheer presence of his voice and his demeanour. To watch him makes you feel you are there in the story of the song, his movements from his legs to his head are just magnificent. When his chest dwells you know you are in for a sound breaking note which he never fails to deliver. The quality of his performance just wants you to beg for more and for him to continue singing as you the audience get taken to another dimension. At such a young age he is already a world class performer. This young man is a true to his fans and goes out of his way to bring happiness and joy to all. He is a true artist in every sense of word if you get the chance to see him go that's why others have come from around the globe to be in the presence of one of the finest tenors of our time.

I have always loved Pavarotti and still do! But Jonathan Antoine's voice and the way the songs become a living thing as it issues forth from his soul, leaves me in awe in a way I can only describe as an epiphany that transcends the senses! Knowing he just turned 18 and can have me spellbound as no others have done, and I have been fortunate to see many and say this without hesitation that he is already one of the "Greats" tenors age not withstanding!

Although I have never been a fan of opera, this changed after I saw Jonathan and Charlotte on BGT. Jonathan has not only inspired me, but his voice is amazing. I listen to their music every day, and it gives me goosebumps and makes me cry every time. Their friendship is amazing and beautiful, they are wonderful young people. I am sure Jonathan is an angel, send to us to bring us joy! At the tender age of 18, he is already a superstar. I wish him all the best for the future and hope that we will enjoy his talent for many years to come.

What can I say about this extraordinary young 18 year old? His voice is so exceptional it's difficult to find adjectives to describe how he touchs the emotions of the very young to the very old. The quality of sound he produces is second to none and I've heard quite a few good tenors in my life. To accompany his superb voice he has a modest and caring nature. As he matures he'll become known worldwide - and rightly so.

Though Jonathan is just starting on his journey, his magical voice moves people to tears every time they hear him sing. This Amazing young man is destined for a very long career and in my humble opinion will be long remembered as the greatest tenor to grace the stage, Even Rolando Villazon was amazed by his range and ability. He is a wonderful young man as well, loving and kind beyond measure.

This young man is so talented. He brings so much emotion and heart to what he sings, even when he is singing in languages he doesn't usually speak in. People like Jonathan are gifts to the world and we are so lucky to be the receivers of his performances. Although I am still waiting for his upcoming North American Tour, I enjoy watching videos of him and keeping up with his life via Facebook. He is extremely caring and loyal to his fans (Fantoines) and hasn't changed in that way, despite his world-wide success and increasingly busier schedule. Even if he were not as great a guy as he is, I would still choose him as the top tenor. He has the pipes but also the ability to evoke strong emotions in his audience, not just sing and hit the notes. That is a true entertainer!

Amazing voice for one so young. I have never been a fan of this type of music, but I find myself listening to Jonathan and Charlotte every day, following them on Face Book, watching videos on You Tube and praying that one day they will come to the USA and I could see them live. There is just something about Jonathan that touches the heart. I cry when I hear him. Watching him perform, you see someone who loves what he is doing and though sometimes he might falter momentarily, he recovers quickly and gives that smile that tells you that he is aware. All of this from an 18 year old. I'm 55, not some teen fan. I've noticed that a lot of his "Fantoines" are women who want to mother him! I cannot wait to hear the new CD and to see just how far Jonathan is going to go.

An amazing young man who already is in a class of his own. As he matures he will, in my humble opinion, become the Pavarotti of the 21st century. He sings for the pure love of singing and what results comes from a place beyond our understanding and moves the listener to tears.

Jonathan has an amazing voice! At just 18 he is already commanding the stage, you can't take your eyes off him during his performance. He sings beautifully and acts out the songs emotionally. He sings with incredible passion for one so young.. No singer has moved me to tears like he has. Although he has this incredible talent he is humble and makes so much time for his fans.

He is an amazing singer, I liked opera a little but when I first heard Jonathan singing opera I loved it instantly. Jonathan is going to have a great career he is fantastic. If you don't believe me please take a few minutes and listen to him. Jonathan loves to sing, and he's great at it.

Jonathan's voice has touched me like no other- even MORE than Pavarotti. There is a wondrous, pure, innocent but astoundingly strong and beautiful quality to his voice that gives me chills/makes me cry every time. He will go down in History as one to the greatest greats! I can't wait for him to mature enough to sing Nessun Dorma- the King needs an heir and I have NO DOUBT it will be Jonathan Antoine!

I saw Jonathan last night at the Symphony Hall Birmingham I have never been to a show like this before and I have t say my music tastes have now changed because of Jonathan. He brought tears to my eyes and I have never felt such emotion from a song before well and truly out of this world and I wish him every success in the future he is going to be a big star and he well and truly deserves it.

Jonathan gets my vote not only for his abilities as a tenor but also for his extreme vocal range and voice control. I've heard him perform many different genres of music and each performance was absolutely incredible and moving. Only a rare few vocalists have such range and can cross over so easily and successfully. Jonathan's other undeniable trait that will ensure his longevity as a performer is his true, heartfelt presentation of each and every song. He opens his mouth and both his and the audiences' hearts open simultaneously. This unbelievably modest, humble young man will have a huge impact on society and will forever be one of the greatest voices of all time!

I have followed Jonathan and Charlotte since their first appearance on BGT. I am astonished how good they are and even more so as I had the good fortune to see them live this week in Nottingham. I cannot express how it felt to have my ears filled with that amount of sound and its effects on my emotions were incredible. I don't know of any other tenor that can produce such a range of sound as Jonathan can and I believe he will soon be regarded as the best ever in his profession. I think the Italians will try to take him and promote him in higher places very soon. The rest of the field must be shaking in their boots by now,... WORLD GET READY!

The most amazing voice to have emerged in decades -this young man will rise to the top of his art and will remain there for some time. He is amazing beyond words and his years

A deeply gifted young man destined for greatness. Everything about him is wonderful! That smile while he is singing, that sweetness about him, his hair, his size, his story, his dear friendship with Charlotte, a Cinder-fella story! The depth and power of his voice reflects every listener's yearning to be something special and to be recognized. If I want to feel better about life, all I need to do is listen to him sing.

He is simply awesome! He has the magic way to touch the heart with his voice... Never in my life I've tears in my eyes each time I listen a singer... I'm from Mèxico and now my greatest wish is meet him!