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101 Jan Peerce

One of the best tenors of all time! No wonder he was, in his time, the leading tenor at the Metropolitan Opera. He sang with great feeling and his voice had a wonderful warmth.

Loved his singing, and he so reminded me od my grandfather, my grandfather sang that way and I very much miss him, but when I listen to Jan Peerce I can see him and my grandfather. I think he should definitely be in the top ten

102 Vincenzo La Scola

Great italian Tenor died 2011.

103 Fraser Walters

What an amazing young man. Has a beautiful voice that speaks to the heart.

Formerly a tenor in the Grammy winning a cappella ensemble, Chanticleer, Fraser is now with the Juno award winning group, The Tenors. His solo, Bring Him Home, earns him a standing ovation every time. His passionate version is the Best Ever!

This man has a voice that will melt anyones heart! It's as natural as it comes. This guy has the raw talent!

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104 Ronan Tynan

His beautiful voice is so comforting and brings an inner peace whenever I listen to him. I have met him on several occasions and he is so kind and genuine.

Absolutely amazing voice. I am moved to tears nearly every time I hear him.

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105 Sabino Gaita
106 Glenn Yarbrough
107 Jess Thomas
108 Emilio S. Belaval

The best Puertorrican Tenor of the 20th century. A delight to hear. With a beautiful flexible and agile voice of innate musicality and excellent technique. Performed in concert, opera, zarzuela and popular music with emotion and tenderness not found often. His velvety voice and exceptional diction made his performance delightful. His music fills once heart.
A musician and composer.

109 Nathan Pacheco

If you have not listened to Nathan Pacheco, you are missing a great voice.

An amazing voice to be sure.

110 Paul Byrom
111 Virgilijus Noreika
112 Vernon Midgley

Vernon Midgley followed his father, Walter Midgley into the ranks of great British Tenors. He famously dubbed for actor Ned Beatty in the charming but fictional biopic Movie of Joseph Locke, "Hear My Song". Very convincingly, too!
Shortly before his retirement, he, along with his equally talented soprano sister Marietta, came to perform at Darlington (England). It was, for me, a privilege to be present to at last hear his fine, distinctive tenor that I'd only heard previously on the radio or, as stated, as "the voice of" on film.
I hope this prompts others to add some other great British (actual) tenors from a past era. David Hughes, anybody? Or what about David Whitfield? If Boe and Watson are in, then Hughes and Whitfield should be, as should John Hanson!

Vernon Midgley is wonderful in the collection of Albert Ketelby's work released many years ago on Angel EMI. - tonytenor

113 Hercules Smith

This spinto tenor from South Africa has a voice that shakes the soul. His notes soar. Yet it is the color and warmth in his voice, that want you to keep on listening. It is like a sweet double espresso. - sonambula9

I can feel all the emotion when he sings! Such a beautiful tone.

Great Voice, Moving Passionate

Number 1 in my book! Incredible Voice!

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114 Alex Woodrow
115 Andrew Taggart Andrew Taggart
116 Miguel
117 Gregori Chad Petree
118 Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi had one of the most romantic, expressive tenor voices of all time. He is another tenor that Rudolf Bing let slip away. Originally from Cremona, Italy Sergio grew up in both Italy and South Africa. He was successful in opera in both countries but really fine tuned his operatic artistry in South Africa. After producer Sol Hurok heard him there was no looking back. Sergio debuted in this country with a Carnegie Hall concert and made frequent appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. RCA signed Franchi to its classical Red Seal label but the decided to market him as a true crossover artist. Perhaps the two greatest recording Sergio Franchi made are his "Live at the Cocoanut Grove" and "The Dream Duet" which he recorded with the magnificent Anna Moffo. Sadly, Sergio died at a relatively young age from a brain tumor. His wife ever continues to host a fund raising concert each year in his honor and his home in Stonington, CT. The Sergio Franchi Foundation awards scholarships to ...more - tonytenor

119 José Diego Floréz

He is the best right now, He can sing any song, a lot better than any other

Juan is the best currently around no doubt about it.

Simple the best as stated by Pavarotti. Please get his name correct "Juan".

The best in the world!

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120 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 300,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under more.

When Pavarotti first heard is version of Billy Jean, he burst into tears

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