Piero Barone


His beautiful, powerful voice really awes me every time I listen to him. His passion, commitment and talent showed at a very aerly age, which surprises me still. Such a strong voice in such a young man... Simply gifted, in my opinion.

Piero's voice is unique, he sings with a great passion and love, and is more incredible because he's only 20! He is amazing and I can't wait to see in what he is going to become in the future.

I believe Piero has one of the most powerful and stunning tenor voices in the industry. There is nothing like hearing him sing in person. He has unlimited career choices ahead of him!

Piero Barone has a gift like no other. Even at 15 his voice was that of a seasoned veteran tenor of at least 40. His control and tone for one so young is incredible.

Powerful voice if ever there was one! And he is only 20 years old! So amazing when he starts singing! Great career since he started, and a still bigger one ahead!

His singing is effortless! His natural talent makes him the greatest. He s so young and sings with the mature, professional and experienced voice. He sings like he has the experience of a 50 year old professional tenor and his age is not even the half. And yet he has to gain more experience. His singing is effortless! He can reach high notes without any trouble. Aside from his high notes, his low singing, when he sings pop, it's just the most gorgeous sound in the world, and even singing that style of music (pop), he does it beautifully and professionally. Piero is the full-package: young, good looking, amazing tenor voice, amazing pop singing, charisma, etc. One of the most lovely things about him is his young age. When he works, he is serious. But aside from his work, he is a lovely, crazy teenager. I know he is twenty but, for me, he will a teenager, a gifted young singer with an amazing voice and a teen with a good-looking, happy life and amazing personality. Piero Barone Ognibene ...more

Piero Barone is very serious about music. He has a very powerful and beautiful voice.

First: His voice is powerful and at the same time tender, sweet and lovely, he has a great future as an Opera singer as well as any other type of music, he can hit high notes and makes it seem effortless. When he sings he transmits to his audience the love and passion of his craft, and all this at such a young age.
Second: His personality is so sweet and humble, that he will show you always, no matter what, how great of a human being he is!

I have been listening to all kinds of music for 50 years from the Beatles to Pavarotti. But when I heard Piero sing for the first time last year, I was in awe. I could not believe the sound that was coming from someone so young. His future is full of possibilities.

Piero has a rich powerful voice that goes right through you, it awakens every fiber of my being and makes me feel Piero's love. He is truly gifted and a pleasure to listen to

His voice is powerful yet he's young, amazing, talented and humble a full artist, there's passion when he sings, watch his solo performance in this tour "No puede ser" and you can realise how talented he is... Huge future for this handsome guy

He is a very very talented young man! And above everything is a great humble person!

A spinto tenor that knows how to steal girls hearts! His voice needs more then words to describe it.. Caution: not for the feint of heart ;D

His stunning powerful voice commands attention. Truly gifted and obviously born to sing, since he began to sing at age 3. One can only imagine how he will sound a few years out. A total joy to watch and hear.

Piero's voice is stunningly beautiful. I look forward to hearing more for many many years. His voice quality is fantastic. He sings with true passion.

He has a great talent and it will get better. Amazing singer sweet and humble I love Piero Barone.

I can't even explain what I feel listening to his voice. I just have goosebumps every time. And I'm sure it's just the beginning of improvement of his great talent!

Cannot believe he is only 20. Sings with such power and emotion

Piero's voice goes straight to the heart when you listen everything else goes into oblivion. So rich and powerful. I can't find the words to say what I mean but I hear his voice and nothing else comes into play until he stops. Love it.

His voice is old soul, but he is young. He is a part of a group called IL Volo. He is always wanting to learning.

I love Piero's voice, and it's so developed for one so young! In addition to the rich, deep, beauty of his voice, he has a quality in his voice that is his alone. I think I could pick his voice out of a crowd of tenors, because of his "Pieroness-" something he brings to the voice that is unique to him. And it is not just his amazing voice, but the way he uses his voice, making every line he sings, his alone! He has opened my mind and my heart to his kind of music and I could not now ever go back! ♥

He has devoted and continues to devote time to train his voice - he's a spinto tenor. In a couple of years more, we'll hear him sing with more vocal power. Placido Domingo told them - I refer to IL Volo of which Barone forms part - that he is their #1 fan.

He is simply the best I've heard in my many years and I trained as a lyric soprano. A few more years will show his true talent!

Piero Barone he is so young and he had an amazing voice. I think he would be the best tenor ever, but first he needs to acquire more experience. He have a brilliant future and an unique voice.

He is really really AWESOME! So young and so much talent! His ability is something that much don't hace until years after singing. Is increible todo hear and todo see live. And a gorgeous person!