Russell Watson


Very glad Russell's fans have been alerted to this poll and have got him on the list and hopefully more will follow - insulting he wasn't on it to start with! I've been a fan right from the beginning and seen him live countless times. His voice is just sublime, there's no-one to match him in my opinion and no-one else could touch my heart & soul like he does. Every concert is a special experience. Russell's an amazing person as well as an amazing tenor and is at last being referred to as a "national treasure"!

Russell has such a versatile voice, he can sing anything beautifully, from the sweetest ballad to a full-blown operatic aria. His rendition of "Va Pensiero" demonstrates both 'voices' in one song, and definitely has the "Wow" factor. Despite his enormous success Russell has never "lost his loveliness" as someone once said, and appreciates his loyal fans, making time to chat and pose for photos whenever possible. He is rightly known as "The Voice" and "The People's Tenor", and deserves the number 1 spot. If you are a fan, vote here for him and help him to get there.

Russell first found fame around 13 years ago, and since then, despite major health problems, his voice is still improving. He is already referred to in the press as a "National Treasure" and as he matures his voice continues to improve even more. To hear him 'live' in concert is an amazing experience! Russell recently performed in three consecutive gala concerts in the gardens of Buckingham Palace to celebrate Her Majesty's Coronation anniversary.

Perhaps THE greatest living tenor... Really ought to be on this list. Many people deride him for not having 'operatic experience' but if you want to listen to a song sung most beautifully and be moved by the experience, Russell's the man to listen to.

Russell's music helped me through a very tough time when I was in hospital and when I saw him in concert he was AMAZING - he has had to work so hard to make his mark in the music industry and after his own terrible health problems he has come back better than ever, Russell deserves to be so much higher!

Russel Watson has the most wonderful and unique Voice: powerful, deep, tender, smoothy according to the theme. Russell works the words in his mouth, turning them more meaningful... Better, his whole being works to express the most deepest emotions springing from his soul... On stage, RUSSELL WATSON IS A BOMB OF PASSION AND BEAUTY!

Russell is not called "The Voice" or the "People's Tenor" for nothing. The versatility and power in his voice, from subtle tones to full throttle all in one package will amaze you. One concert and you will mesmerised. Once heard, never forgotten. He's a very down to earth, humble person too, with a passion for what he does and the joy it brings to his fans worldwide.

I heard Russell on the radio many years ago, he was singing Nella Fantasia and WOW I was hooked. Have seen him many times in concert and has never been disappointed. Such a wonderful voice and puts every emotion in every song he sings

Russell is simply The Best. Having come from such humble beginnings, working his way up from the pubs and clubs of north west England, with very little classical coaching, he's been on an incredible journey, and after some terrible setbacks to his career, is finally getting the full recognition he deserves. He is in a league of his own.

Russell truly is an inspiration to us all, his voice is as smooth as silk with warm and rich tones. When he sings the long high notes it sends shivers up the spine. The voice is extremely versatile, he has pure natural talent, not to be missed.
Deserves to be at the top of any list!

Totally amazed that Russell Watson is not higher up in this list. He should be at number 1 in my opinion - his voice is awesome with charisma and personality to match.

The first time I heard Russell sing was on Classic FM in October 2000 And I was speechless all I could say was "WOW"
Russell sings not just with his voice but with his soul.For me he will always be my favorite tenor.

Beautiful voice! The greatest English tenor ever. And a lovely man, genuine & so appreciative of his fans. You have to hear Russell in live concert to fully appreciate his voice, which is lyrical in upper range & powerful overall... What an entertainer!

No other singer touches my soul the way Russell Watson does. The man with the golden voice. Worth travelling from Australia annually to attend some of his concerts in the UK.

I've been listening to Russell, and going to his concerts for around 12yrs now and nobody, but NOBODY, moves me the way he does with his unique voice. He 'lives' every song he performs, with such emotion you are carried away on a wonderful journey. Most aptly named 'THE VOICE'.

Awesome British Tenor that should definitely be on the list. The original crossover artist who can sign classical, pop and ballads.

Once I heard Russell I knew that he had one of the most tremendous voices I had ever heard! A great performer and a wonderful person.

Russell Watson. Is a fantastic Tenor listening to his voice is magical especialy live in concert in my opinion He should be number 1 I Have been a fan for 13years my hubby and sons enjoy his music too and have seen him in concert too love. All his Albums and A. Lovely bloke too very friendly when I met him

I am huge fan sinc I've listened to his first CD 'The Voice'. His voice inspires me in every way. Now I'm looking forward to his new album 'Only One Man' which will be released in Nov. I enjoy travelling around the world for his concerts wherever it takes place. Once you heard, you will be addicted to his voice!

Best Tenor in the world. He has a voice like an angel.

Russell has a magnificent voice both on his recordings and in live concerts. He so deserves to win!

Incredible voice and a lovely personality too.

Russell Watson is the peoples Tenor. His voice has matured over time, and travels the world.

The man is just brilliant. If you have voted for someone else it's doubtful you've listened to Russell. Do take the opportunity if you can. There are tracks of his music on his website at, on Soundcloud or you could listen to the short samples on offer through the major online retailers like Amazon.

Russell sings with such emotion, seeing him perform live reduces me to tears every time.