Mikey's Game Reviews #11: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Mario platformers have kept consistently good quality over the years. The friendly Italian plumber has been around since 1985, and has been stomping the faces of turtles ever since. It's undoubtedly one of the best game franchises of all time, and in my opinion it is truly a great series. This 3DS title is enjoyable fun, but like other games in the series, there are some things holding it back.
What do you expect? Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario and Luigi to the rescue.
Like any Mario game, you run around hitting bricks with your head to get coins, stomp on enemies, and use power-ups. NSMB 2, however, does have one problem with me: it's not really original. Granted, many Mario games in general could be blamed for that, but with this one there's not much new content. It's an enjoyable game, but it feels more like an expansion on the DS and Wii titles than a game of its own. The flying Tanooki suit is back for the first time in a while, but other than that there isn't much. One unique trait the game has is the coin-collecting gimmick. You'll often find that this game is known for having TONS of coins. So many that a new power-up and even another game mode, Coin Rush(which is somewhat addictive), was made. This is a fun little gimmick, but you'll have so many lives that there really won't be much(if any) danger in failing anymore. This is made up for by the precise level design, however. Co-op is what you'd expect-someone else with a DS joins in as Luigi. The problem is, it's a handheld, so it won't handle co-op as well as other consoles.
The sound is good and charming, but it doesn't really offer much that fits into that "wow" category. Same goes for the graphics, though the abundant gold looks cool. Most of it is recycled from the Wii NSMB game, but it's not like I expected much else.
The game was really enjoyable, and Coin Rush was a lot of fun. Completionists like myself will be glad to see the classic 3 Star Coins per level.
It could've added a lot more new content to make things seem original. And the reward for getting a million coins is just insulting and underwhelming.
The game didn't add a lot of new content, but it remained an enjoyable Mario experience through and through. Goomba-stomping mechanics and power-ups are still just as fun as usual, even if there are a few low points.
Not sure what to do for the next review, but it'll be something.


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