Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story vs. Dream Team

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE the Mario games. The series is just pure quality all the way through, and it's just really entertaining. But man, OH man, do I love Mario RPGS. Most RPGS make you take damage, they take themselves too seriously-not Mario. His games are goofy, rely on skill, wacky attacks, and goofy storylines. Super Paper Mario is the best in my opinion, and it's my favorite game of all time, but the close runner-ups are Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team.
Both of these games are excellent in their own rights, but the question is: which is better? Well, that's why I've come up with 8 categories to judge these games by:Graphics, Soundtrack, Story, Characters, Creativity, Material(amount and quality of), Battles, and Overall Fun. This will NOT be easy, and it took me a while to decide. And keep in mind-BOTH these games are EXCELLENT in each of these categories. So what are we waiting for?

Ok, let me just start by saying that I'm judging graphics not by how overall good they look, but by how good they are for their system(3DS for Dream Team, DS for Bowser's Inside Story). I liked Dream Team's graphics, but at times they looked a tiny bit blocky. And while the Giant Luigi scenes look great, they don't fit the cartoony art style that makes these games so charming. Bowser's Inside Story, on the other hand, has excellent sprites, great character designs, and looks just like the cartoony design it's meant to be.
Winner: Bowser's Inside Story

Bowser's Inside Story had the final boss theme. Enough said for its great soundtrack. However, in terms of the soundtracks that "stood out" to me, Bowser's Inside Story had In the Final, the boss theme, and Fawful's theme. Dream Team had Adventure's End, Antasma Battle, Never Let Up, Neo Bowser Castle, Dream Battle*pant, pant* Need I go on? Bowser's Inside Story was good with music, but Dream Team was far, FAR better.
Winner: Dream Team

The story in both games shows a great amount of creativity, humor, and overall being enjoyable to see unfold(pun intended for Paper Jam). Really, both games are great in this category, being hilarious and even having some unexpected moments.
Winner: Tie

Tough decision. Both games have Bowser and the bros. in funny slapstick situations, and Dream Team has Dreambert and Antasma, but...FAWFUL!!!!!!! FURY FURY FURY! CHORTLE CHORTLE CHORTLE! FAWFUL IS AMAZING! FAWFUL IS MAJESTIC! FAWFUL IS LOVE, FAWFUL IS LIFE!
*ahem* anyway,
Winner: Fawful-I mean, Bowser's Inside Story.

Playing as Bowser is creative any day, and Fawful is a character like no other. But...Dream Team simply trumps the rest in this area. I mean, you are playing as Mario and 500 Luigis. I think it's hard to visualize that, much less have it be canon!
Winner: Dream Team

Well...I will say Dream Team is certainly longer, but....deciding the BETTER overall material is hard. I really can't decide which material is factually "better", but I'll say Dream Team is longer, so give it a credit.
Winner: Dream Team

An important part of any game in this series...Both of them have excellent Bros. Attacks and all, but....I can't decide! I love Dreamy Luigi and the Luiginary Attacks, but I love Bowser and the Minion attacks equally! I just can't choose favorites in this category.
Winner: Tie

Both of these games gave me tons of fun, with storyline, battles, puzzles, minigames, etc. The Dream World in Dream Team is exceptionally well designed and fun in battles, as well as the game having fun Luiginary attacks and works, and Bowser's Inside Story delivered with Bowser and his body. However, Dream Team is the one I had the most fun with overall.
Winner: Dream Team

Dream Team: 4 points
Bowser's Inside Story: 2 points
Ties: 2
Yes, for being the most fun overall, having an AMAZING soundtrack, etc. Dream Team wins for me!


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