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21 New Super Mario Bros. U

I find it a little bit to hard for beginners

Good music, funny storyline, and great characters, especially mr l

Are you sure you're talking about New Super Mario Bros U? Because that sounds like Super Paper Mario

One of the best games I've ever played. If you don't have a wii u than you don't know what your missing out on. Nintendo, a big hats off to you for making this game. It is my favorite game of all time and we finally get to see Mario in high definition!

This game is pretty much the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Heyo_Simba

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22 Luigi's Mansion

For all of those who say this game sucks, I'll say this as family friendly as I can. You are the most idiotic morons on the face of the Earth. This was the kick of game for the GameCube, and it was amazing. Favorite game of all time. - ckets4769

I still play it and my favorite mission was that little baby - fuekongyang

I really like this game, as there is a protagonist besides Mario this time. I always liked Luigi's facial feature's (moustache for example), the only problem is that he's more easily startled, but that's okay.

If anyone hates this game they suck

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23 Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Amazing game that shows what we love about mario and you can even play as bowser! This game is a MUST for all DS owners even though I wish it was longer. Also uses the DS feature very well using the DS mic and holding the system sideways.

Bowser's Inside Story was truly an epic for the ages. An amazing, layered story topped with hilarious, over the top characters that have solid backstories, and come on... PLAYABLE BOWSER for the win! Bowser plays much differently than the bros, and it gives a nice shift in gameplay whenever you change sides to start a new chapter! The boss battles in this game are insanely well designed, with good progression of difficulty (Except their kind of easy when you've played the game as many times as me). Also, the music is truly something to behold! All Mario RPGs have amazing soundtracks, so its no surprise that this awesome adventure is backed with sweet sweet tunes! All of this... IS ON A HANDHELD! AlphaDream outdid themselves, and it's the best Mario game, in my opinion.

Really? Number 24? I HAVE FURY! Great soundtrack, wonderful characters, high replay value, fawful, the enemies! How is this 24? Hands down the best Mario game.

I love this game but hate the Bowser bossfight (you know, the one with the doctor and when Mario and Luigi are actually out of Bowser's body). I died so many times I quit it and haven't played ever since. But I'm probably just a noob

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24 Super Mario Maker

If u don't have Mario maker it means u don't have a Wii u because this is best game ever

This is one of the greatest video games ever, but there is something I should warn you about: in this game, there is a mode called 100 Mario challenge where you play other peoples' levels and beat them. but whatever you do, DO NOT PLAY EXPERT MODE IN 100 Mario CHALLENGE. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL RAGE! BECAUSE ALL OF THE LEVELS ARE UNFAIR AND WILL TROLL YOU! Don't say I didn't warn you! Please take my advice.

Lets say something clear. In my opinion, super mario galaxy 1 and 2 are great and super mario odyssey will be even better, but they can't stand the fact that being able to create our own levels is the best thing ever. So why super mario maker is only number 25. I mean, even my sister play that game and she almost never play video games! I'm would be so excited if they announce super mario 3d maker

There is no end!

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25 Mario Kart DS

It's the best game I ever played! I still have the game and I'm still playing the game from the beginning. Fun missions and fantastic races! I love rainbow road and think of it as one of the best tracks on the game. If you buy the game, you would enjoy the whole thing!

The most wonderful game ever. A fun game that can be played anytime. Fun missions that you can play and fantastic races that you will LOVE!

Amazing, one of the best!

My favorite Ds game of all time! - Heyo_Simba

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26 Mario Kart 64

A pretty fun game, especialy with two players. The emulator version is like playing on a console! - LDes

Now AVGN Talked about Putting 64 At the End Of Everysingle Title That
A Game Has a Prequel On the Nintendo 64. But Who Cares Same & Fun as the One On
Super Nintendo.

This is the best because its not garenteed you'll win!

I didn't expect this to be #1, but I did expect lt to be on the first page & above the inferior sequels. This game took Super Mario Kart & improved lt tenfold. The other games just removed cool traps, added useless characters & gave us cutesy graphics. I could NEVER tire of this game. First 64 game I ever played. The graphics are awesome. Some of the 64s best. The music, sound effects & voices are unforgettable. Yyyyiipee. I'm-a Luigi, number-a one. AAA. The gameplay is beyond addicting, with the addition of new traps. Sadly, Double Dash removed the boo trap & one other I believe. Battle mode is something else. Remember that the 64 is the first 4-player console. This is the first game where you could do something like this without any add-ons. The character setup is good. Each set of two has their own pros & cons. I'm not a fan of Toad, but he is hilarious in this. I also don't like Yoshi, but man is he fast. The blue spiked super shell, with the purple smoke streak, is irreplaceable. ...more

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27 Mario Party 9

Why was Princess Peach in Mario Party 9 instead of Rosalina. Rosalina's intelligence is sexier!

I hope the car explodes and I hope the traditional way of getting stars come back, I know I had to run across the game board but it was FUN

Is this supposed to be the best or the worst Mario Party game? - Idontneedausername

Mario Party 9 is NOT the best Mario Party Game! - Heyo_Simba

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28 Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga

This isn't a traditional Mario by most people idea of a Mario game, this is the the perfect blend of comedy, RPG elements, and Mario AND Luigi. The first title to give the real meaning of Mario Bros. The only reason this is lower on the list is because it wasn't as renown as its fellow mario games. I assure that you'll that it would be one of your favorites if you got this game.

Love it, but since I didn't play it first, I don't have the appreciation for what it brought to the series and innovated for future Mario and Luigi games. Still love it, but I don't have that level of nostalgia or anything. Also, the story wasn't as thought out as future Mario RPG's, but the humor was great and the gameplay was fantastic, especially considering how many crazy things Mario and Luigi could do that got scrapped in later games!

This is actually one of my first Mario games. I thought it was really fun. All of the cool levels and story. The funnest parts were the mini games!

My favorite Mario RPG, and arguably my favorite game in the franchise. The characters and humor are constantly memorable, the music is catchy, and all the aspects of the gameplay-the battles, the exploration, the minigames-are a ton of fun. - Garythesnail

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29 Mario Kart 7

I love it I'm the grand supreme master at rainbow road :) but WHERE is waluigi? I know its weird but he's my favorite character :(

It's so awesome even though there aren't as many characters in the Wii Mario kart and the tracks are pretty cool

Great game, great challenging courses. Only flaw is lack of characters. - matty925

Why the flipping hell is this game #31. I mean seriously!

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30 Super Smash Bros.

Good thinking. But I don't think its just a mario game. Its got other neintendo characters

Why is this game still below Melee.

Although Melee is stronger than the original, this is the BEST Mario game ever. But why was Princess Daisy not in this game?!

This is not really a Mario game its more of a crossover game but its still awesome

Not that much Mario

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31 Super Mario All-Stars

It is so fun I like it so much

The wii version is terribly hard and worthless to buy

It Just Features Previous Mario Games On the Oringinal
Nintendo. Mario 1,2,3. & a Bonus Game Called super Mario bros the lost levels
Which was the japan verison of Mario 2. Which will Come On The List Soon..

If they where making a game like this on the wii, they should of added MARIO 64 as well in my opinion

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32 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

This game is EPIC! The only thing bad is the fact that Fawful don't appears!

Mario and luigi dream team is awesome and its a rpg game.

Do you like this game because of the obligation to rescue Princess Peach?!

This game just makes me wish Zackscottgames finishes the game! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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33 Mario Party 8

I can not believe the hate towards this game.

When I was 5, I had no idea who Mario was. Then I saw my parents play this game and I thought, "hey, this looks fun"
Maybe I should play this game. So I played it, and my gosh. I have never been so addictive to a game before. I spent months playing this game. Then on Christmas I got my own DS and I got Mario party DS. It was fun, but not as good as Mario party 8.

Next year I got a GameCube for my 8th birthday. I got Mario party 5, 7 and 6.

And of course years past and I got so many other Mario games like super Mario bros 3, the Mario kart games, Mario galaxy, and others, but no matter how fun those games were. They will never top the first Mario game I ever played. Mario party 8.

I have this one is fun!

Mario Party 8 is The Best Mario Party Game Up to Date Just Because its Just a Fun Game to Pick Up and Play and Screw Up Your Opponents

Best Mario Party game. I don't understand why everbody hates it. I love the plot, characters, and boards. - Heyo_Simba

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34 Mario Super Sluggers

This game is really fun. I was a little doubtful at first, after the disaster that was Sports Mix, but once I played it, I was amazed at how fun this was. The character selection was huge, the gameplay was very entertaining, and it all around improved on the gamecube version. This game instantly became tied for my favorite game, with galaxy and Pokemon Gold. I can say, with confidence, that this is the best Mario sports games and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different or just looking for a fun game. I still play it to this day. Thanks for reading all of my rant, and have a great day. - NorthernEel

This game is amazing! It have every single good character except Dry Bowser and Rosalina. The stadiums are nice, the challenge mode is great, and even though baseball is not even my favorite sport (go basketball! ), I still really enjoy the game.

I like this game because it introduces a lot of new characters. I didn't even know who Dixie kong, tiny kong, knitter, and a lot more before I got this game.

It has 104 completey different characters with different traits and abilities the good charachtcers not in it are the koopalings

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35 Super Mario Kart

I think Peach plays a main role in the franchise so yeah.

This game is so awesome that it should be above all the other terrible Mario Kart games that came after Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

Why is this game so low on the list?!

Princess Daisy should have the main role, not the pathetic Princess Peach.

Also, this game is too low on this list!

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36 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Incredibly awesome experience, a sequel the original deserved.

Epic I love horror and ghost games

This game is truly Canadian other than truly Japanese due to the fact that both the Japanese Nintendo & the company from Downtown Vancouver called Next Level Games made this game.

In the UK, they just called it Luigi's mansion 2 - Hater

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37 Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo 3DS

Why would all 7 gaming companies agree to cut Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land from this version of Super Smash Bros. 4?! She didn't even appear as a trophy! It's not fair! Daisy has been around for 25 years, & it's not even the Year of Daisy despite 25 whole years passing! Daisy isn't even in Mario Party 10 yet! Nobody can praise that! Daisy & Rosalina both deserve to be the top 2 most major female gaming characters. But Princess Peach in this game?! Give Princess Peach a giant hiatus & let Daisy & Rosalina take the spotlight, please!

At least they're better than a anorexic purple nothing. What's his purpose? Oh being with Wario - ParkerFang

Gee, why did they cut Princess Daisy in the Japanese version?

I like this game, too much dlc

I'm so sick of the Daisy fans getting all pissy, pull up your big boy pants and grow up. It's just a skinswap of peach for crying out loud, and you can still RESKIN PEACH TO LOOK LIKE DAISY IN THE GAME. Chill out you Daisy Fans! Sheesh! - mattstat716

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38 New Super Mario Bros DS

Hey man, it's so good it's on here twice.

Why not? Let's bring another one onto the list. - BicBoi

Its already on the list!


39 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

One of the first video game I ever played and one of the best one the original game boy. Memoriable music and levels and cool bosses

I never expected Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins to be at 39. This game deserves to be in the top 5s. I love everything about it! This game marks the debut of Wario, my favorite character and its graphics and bosses are just perfect. And the levels? COME ON! THEY'RE ALL AWESOME!

We know this isn't the oldest on the list, but Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins deserves to be at least top 3 on the list.

This game is great but it for 5.00 on the 3DS it's the best that's definitely worth the price

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40 Mario Party 7

Best Mario part in my opinion

I loved the minigames because they were unique and fun

I had no choice t get that game & play it.

I was even forced by my mom to play as Princess Peach.

Yoshi & Princess Daisy sucked too.

Best Mario game. Compare this to a new one such as Mario Power Tennis. See the difference? I love Mario PARTY 7 THIS MUCH!

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