Super Mario Galaxy 2


The way Nintendo made the Galaxy games is exactly how 3D platformers should be made forever. The first Galaxy was almost perfect, but it did have a few flaws. Almost every, if not every single problem from the first game is fixed when it comes around to Super Mario Galaxy 2. While the levels may not be as grand in scale as those from the firs game, they are so perfectly made, and there are so many of them, that you hardily even notice. The first Super Mario Galaxy made each galaxy its own wonderful experience, but it seems that the second has every level working together to make the entire game one huge experience. Quality is usually better than quantity, but in the case of Super Mario Galaxy 1 vs Super Mario Galaxy 2, quantity wins. The reason is that it's the quality that you have so much of.

Although The first one is better, SMG2 still has that nice relaxing feel when you play it. It has a cool storyline, and although the hub (the faceship no typo) is nothing compared to SMG, the gameplay and Yoshi make up for it a ton! Adding difficult levels and quicker access to Yoshi and Luigi, makes it even better in my opinion! But although this is an extremely great game, it will be even better if you play the first one before this. 4 1/2 stars and I recommend this to everyone.

Galaxy 2 is so much more than just 'another Galaxy'. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an homage to the entire series, with a compilation of the best ideas from the long running franchise thrown into a stemless package. Galaxy 2 is essentially perfect, and you won't find a better Mario game.

I loved this one more than the first galaxy because the galaxies are more fresh. It's easy to say that I am overjoyed by this game in first position. The appearance of yoshi, the playable Luigi and the tons of trials and challenges make this game the best mario game for me of all times

Words cannot describe the experience I had with this game. Beautiful, epic, creative, astonishing... the list goes on. Brilliant level design supported by one of best soundtracks in gaming history creates what can only be summed up as a masterpiece of modern gaming. 10/10

I remember playing as Luma with my dad, to me THAT was fun. Then I play by myself as Mario, it is just amazing. It takes what galaxy had fixed things and made it better and put in Yoshi. It is tied or maybe even better then super Mario world which is my second favorite

The only game that might be able to top this one is super Mario bros 3. Which is a complete mystery as to why this isn't number one, but I would have to say I was most impressed with this game, and yes it is miles better than the first galaxy.

I'm a big fan of this game and I don't think the original is as good. I loved the beautiful environments and the Galaxy aspect of the Mario franchise and I hope they make a super Mario Galaxy 3!

Princess Peach was so rude in this game. She gives me a tough time. She is very impatient & bossy.

Princess Daisy & Wario could've aided Mario & Luigi in this game. Princess Daisy could've worked with Tails & Luigi could work with Sonic.

The first game is better in my opinion however this game is still polished to perfection in keeping it like the original graphics wise and gameplay wise while adding new satires that really add to the experience

It has great music and the hardest Mario level ever. I find the bosses so fun and easy. It is so underrated. I love starship Mario. The levels are so fun! I'm on world three and the 1st 2 major bosses were the easiest.

This one should totally be at the top, it won a game of the year award! Ign gave it a 10/10 score which is what I give it too. The graphics rule, the power ups are amazing (my personal favorite is the spring), the bosses couldn't of been made better and the game level designs are the best you will ever see! Get this game because it is legendary!

Whys is this under super Mario galaxy 1, this is better. Best Mario game for me. Brilliant game, all the levels and the different themes are so different and amazing in its own way.

Most beautiful graphics witnessed in my entire life, not only is this game is the best it has one of the hardest levels in the whole Mario series the PERFECT RUN!

Exactly as good as the first and so much more added! Love how they added yoshi and more power ups too!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best Mario has ever been.
-Rich, creative gameplay
-Some of the best graphics on the Wii
-Movie-quality soundtrack
-Plenty of content
-Cool new power-ups
-Fun mini-games
-Controls are a bit floaty and depth perception feels a little off
-Lame multiplayer
-Stale plot
Overall Grade: A-

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best. the graphics and storyline are amazing, and the power ups are super original.

Although I liked the original better, Galaxy 2 is still a stellar game, and one of my favorite games ever programmed. The haters of this game need to get a life.

I was tied between this one and the first one, but eventually chose this one because it had more galaxies and Yoshi. I love both of these games! - SenpaiNoticeMe

Upgraded version of SMG. Why would I bother playing SMG when I can play SMG2, and they're practically the same mechanics? SMG2 > SMG

Very challenging and 2 player worked great never played original but if it's better I'll eat my DS

This game had everything that made twe first SMG awesome, but even better, and awesome new things added. Everything is so creatively designed and fun nu look at. And to play of course. Even the water levels were fun!

It barely beats the original in my opinion. Both are amazing but this one fixes the first ones minor mistakes - Randomator

There's never been a greater Mario experience! Simply making this one of the best games of all time period!

I played this game when I was younger and it was sick! But I don't remember anything about it though!