Super Mario Bros. 3


This is the best Mario game of all time. I'm o lying sad I can't choose second and third because that would probably be Super Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy. In many respects those games are much better than Mario 3. But this is due to the limitations that were present in the hardware at the time. Mario 3 was revolutionary for it's time. It took the best of the already groundbreaking first Super Mario game and the 2nd one and created something absolutely incredible.

I spent months on this game. Back in those days of the NES, in the late 80s and early 90s you couldn't save games. So I left it on constantly. It was always hot because of this. But 9 year old was determined and with much struggle and grit I finally completed it.

A few years ago I started playing it again on an emulator and realised I had missed so much. The alternate world endings if competed with the special suits. That the statue Tanooki can kill almost anything if it lands on it, including fireballs, dry ...more

Okay, let me get this straight. Super Mario Bros. 3 is under Super Mario Galaxy, (no offense that is a amazing game worthy of 4th place, but it pails in comparison to Mario 3) Super Mario world, (which should be number 2) Mario Kart Double Dash, (How the heck did this get in 2nd place? ) and finally Super Mario 64(which should be 3rd place). Now did I prove my point? NOW GET OUT THERE AND VOTE FOR SUPER Mario BROTHERS 3!

This game is the definition of creativity and is paralleled only by super Mario world. It changed the way Mario games were developed, and one can't help but feel at home while playing this game.

Best game of all time. Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario 64 are kinda OVERRATED. They're in my top 5 favorite games of all time but still. Super Mario bros 3, World, and Sunshine are the best. Also sunshine is VERY VERY VERY UNDERRATED

Don't hate me!
You're all probably thinking, "Oh, this dummy hates Mario 3! "
That is NOT TRUE.
Don't get me wrong, I really like this game. But my #1 entry will enhance this game in every way.

Very iconic in the sense that it really sets the standards for all the other Mario games. After this all the games had the similar pattern that brought the franchise fame With a wide variety of changes. But all follow the basic structure of Mario 3.

One of the Best Games On The NES. Year Release 1990 In North
America. Even Got Preview Of It In The Wizard the 1989 film about Nintendo Games. & there's awesome Suits Worlds & Levels. Even Fight the Koopa Kids & Final Boss Is Bowser & Keep Saving Princess Peach.

I love this game. My only complaint is the ending. Why did it have to be like that? (Not gonna spoil it if you wanna play it yourself) But great graphics, great gameplay, and interesting power ups.

If you play it on a classic NES it's pretty difficult as there's no save feature. But playing it on a Wii or Emulator makes it much more simple, and makes it one of the greatest games ever made.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is great and is fun. There are all new power ups like the frog suit and new enemies like the angry sun. I just think it is awesome!

Only gets better and better. It expands on the original and more

And my cousin's favorite although villager was better and Animal Crossing.

Yes, just yes.

Quite frankly this game blows all of the other Mario games of its kind out of the water. I like the power ups, I LOVE the music, and I get a kick out of the monsters, and it is overall an good amusing game. - jessleonhart

I love this game it was the first video game I ever played and it was a great introduction to video games I wonder how it is not number 1 but super Mario galaxy beat it by a tad - jamesrules

This game is god compared to all NES games! I have this game, and it will always be my favorite game ever. The power-ups are at a maximum number, making it a masterpiece. I have nothing against this lovable game.

Best Game Ever! This game added so much to the overall Mario Series that it has to be considered one of the best. This game created a legacy to be used in so much other Mario games such as the world map, tanooki suit, toad houses and so much new and creative enemies. A complete classic to all fans of the Mario series. Long Live SMB3!

I started playing this game on the Wii Virtual console about 2 years ago, and I got up to about World 7 and just got bored with it. - cabennett18

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the game that made Mario Games the way they are today. It introduced classic staples such as the Koopalings, an overview map, and power ups outside of just the fire flower. You cannot praise Super Mario Time Limit Power Ups Galaxy without praising this brilliant title.

There is nothing better than SMB3. It's really original and has pretty long gameplay. Cool abilitys like flying give the game "the last touch". - nitendo9

In the SNES/GBA/Wii versions, Princess Daisy was supposed to replace Princess Peach.

Almost all the other ones on this list suck. This one was truly the best. Super Mario galaxy? Don't get me wrong, that's a great game, but above this? Get outta here.

The first Mario game I ever played. I remember it, too! I was two years old, my mom handed me the controller and I enjoyed making him fly and stomp on turtles! - Lizardbitch

This was the first Mario game to start the kind of Mario games we know now. I pay great respect to this game, as it started the revolution in the Mario saga. I consider this #1 always.

I prefer classic Mario games like Super Mario Bros. 3 over modern Mario games.

It was so legendary, it got its own cartoon series. I mean, not a good cartoon series, but worth noting... - SuperLonk

This refined the platform series greatly by adding the little bonuses and mini maps that made it fun. Thank you Nintendo for being influential!