Super Mario Galaxy


One can argue that this game is just the same old Mario on planets, but there's a lot more to it then just new gravity. All stereotypical level themes are there, but somehow, they seem different, like a huge amp up in atmosphere was edited into the game. But this game is so charming that it is the only game I've played to take level archetypes I HATE, and made them into some levels I really enjoyed playing through. The story was perfectly excavated too. While recommend taking a trip to the library to hear more about Rosalina, you by no means have to invest in the story, and can just play you some good old fashioned platforming. I would concede to the other entree's on this list, but I seriously can't think of any real mistakes this game made. I love the 2d Mario games to death, but, I think I'm just going to linger around on Rosalina's star ship for a while.

Super Mario Galaxy is probably one of my favorite games of all time. Not only is it unique from all the other Mario games, but the gameplay and music make it even better! Even once you complete the game, there is still so much more to do! Even just staying in the hub is fun, because of all the different things you can do there. The mission is a classic "save Princess Peach", but all of the bosses and levels before that change my whole opinion on the game. It has pretty good graphics, and to be honest, I love watching the cutscenes! Nintendo did an extremely great job on this, and even though SMG2 is already out, I have to say that I would much rather be playing this version. 5 stars and would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.

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4 Super Mario 3D land Nintendo 3DS

3 Super Mario galaxy 2 WII

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1 Super Mario galaxy WII

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BEST GAME EVER! It's so amazing. I was addicted to it and couldn't wait to finish it which I still haven't . I was blown away the first second I played it starting with the beginning. This was amazing. I was still blown away every time I played it. The story was amazing. A star festival celebrating a comet that orbits every century gets interrupted by Mario's arch enemy kidnapping his girlfriend and tries to take over the galaxy. Then Mario meets this beautiful floating lady named Rosalina who is a galactic princess and is the adoptive mother of star creatures named Lumas whose home, a Comet Observatory gets destroyed by Bowser and Mario has to help her and the galaxy along with Peach. Then you meet the toads and Luigi and find out later that Rosalina had red hair and lost her mother when she was young. I love every second. It shows how evil Bowser is. A lot of people including me at the time thought Bowser was misunderstood and just wanted love. Not after he tried to take over the ...more

It is certainly my favorite game of all time. The graphics are so good they look better than most Xbox 360 titles. Also the level design is amazing, Mario is just so much fun with gravity and the game keeps outdoing itself with new ideas that always click and never feel gimmicky. The soundtrack and atmosphere make for a grand adventure that I will never forget.

This is simply a MASTERPIECE. The gameplay is amazing, but we all know the main reason why this game is so legendary: Rosalina. I never thought that I would ever cry while playing a Mario game, but Galaxy managed to pull it off. That storybook is one of the greatest things that Nintendo has ever made, and there isn't any playing involved whatsoever! So much feels, man. - phillysports

Amazing game with great graphics and every thing. Some may argue this is a children-like game. They are just Call of Duty fans waiting for their series to be good, which it never will. Best game ever in the best franchise ever. Go Mario Galaxy!

Personally, my favorite Mario game. The new setting of taking place in space and tons of hours of gameplay. And not to mention that th is was the first Mario game to appear on the Wii. With 120 Stars to collect AND when you beat the game, you have the option to play as Mario's Underrated Brother Luigi with 1 additional star to collect.

An absolute beautiful, fun, and even revolutionary title. No other game except the sequel has EVER been so creative! We NEED more gravity defying gameplay in games! One of my favorites for a good reason. Certainly a true gaming masterpiece. It's not perfect, but it doesn't need to be. Truly the best Mario game of all time.

This is without question, the best Mario game ever. It actually has a DECENT plot, there are new game mechanics, a character who isn't weak like Princess Peach, there's more freedom, epic boss fights, lots of boss fights (some of which are meh), and most importantly, SPACE! Super Mario Galaxy 2 was good but there wasn't anything new, unlike the legendary Super Mario Galaxy. There were more new things added in SMG than in any other Mario game. If I gave it a rating, it would be 11/10.

I'm sorry but for the person that said the thing about Yoshi being in the game... he is not in that game. He is in the second galaxy game. And also, I don't like some of you cussing. There can be little children on this website. Just saying. Oh and this is my favorite game as well.

This game was flat out amazing. Not only did it evolutionise the classic Mario game play, but it did it perfectly. Tons of replay value, fun level designs, and perfect game play make this the best Mario game of all time.

! Guess what today is? November 1 2015! It's the 8th anniversary of this game! I live for that game! So, I just played it. I even have it as my wallpaper. It is just amazing. The best game board/ video game. Just so original and creative. Can't wait for next year to do this again!

This game was really enjoyable. The music was excellent combined with the sound effects. Most of the galaxies were original. Extremely fun to play too. The camera view was well designed so you can really experience all the galaxies. One of my all-time favorite video games!

Why do people keep coming on saying "wah, this game is not good because of peach! WAH! " Ok, so WHO CARES. This game is still awesome no matter what, it is still my favorite game, and many would agree. Go back to that boring as crap super Mario land haters.

Super Mario Galaxy, ahh what a good game, this is the first game what I played on the wii, stunning music, simple gameplay and fun at the same time, you will love this game.

This game was and always will be groundbreaking. It didn't just mixed up platforming, it changed it.

This game is just an absolute masterpiece. Never a dull moment, massive adventure, collectibles, secrets, two characters, new power-ups, great story, space theme, innovative gravity mechanics, fantastic soundtrack, great bosses: I could go on forever.

Why does this game make us rescue Princess Peach if she's still a Wendy Whiner?

You can't praise the game because you get to rescue Princess Peach. She let herself have a very bad near-death experience at the beginning of the ending cutscenes of the game.

So 1875 stars out of 10000 (3/16 stars) for Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina has a much nicer attitude that the bossy, supremely annoying, idiotic, cowardly, overrated, prissy, bossy & nowadays aggressive Princess Peach, please.

Princess Peach gets 1600 stars out of 10000 (when in a dress & her usual hairstyles).

Rosalina gets 9216 out of 10000 stars no matter what.

A few days ago on this same website, I voted for Super Mario 3D World and said it was my favorite Mario Game. Today though, I played Super Mario Galaxy again and realized that it's a lot funner to play. For one, it's a very challenging game when you're required to walk upside down on a planet! And for two, I just love space in general I'm a big, big Star Wars fan, so to me, Galaxy is the Star Wars of Mario Games! I still think that Super Mario Odyssey may become my new favorite Mario game when it comes out but it really depends on how good Odyssey really is. Another thing I really love about both SM3D World and SM Galaxy is the music. I think that both games have wonderful soundtracks and I don't own a soundtrack to either one yet, but I hope to buy them eventually, that way I don't have to play the games themselves every time I want to hear the music from one!

How come this isn't number 1?
I know, there could be better plots to the game and peach was mostly whiny and bossy, but the way it was set up, the characters, bosses makes up more for it. Plus it had the highest aggregate score on game rankings and the sixth highest score on meta critic.
Plus, it was the first game to pass a 10/10 form me!

Absolutely a gorgeous game. This is a masterpiece. The levels are great and the music is lovely. I don't know why people prefer the 2nd one. I believe that the original Mario galaxy is way better (i am not saying that super Mario galaxy 2 isn't good).

I miss coming home from school when I was 7 years old to play this fantastic Mario game. The game was perfect in all ways, and was really enjoyable for all ages. As a matter of fact, I still have the game. What am I doing? I think I will go play right no-

Of course, I had to pick this one! Nintendo spent over 5 years to bring this game to life, and the wait was worth it! From the beautiful orchestral music to the stunning galaxies with proper exploration, this has to be the best game of all time!

As much great as World, 64, and Smb3 are, I do agree that this is just a MASTERPIECE. Galaxy 2 was pretty good as well but I think this one is better cause it felt so different at the time. I mean yeah every popular Mario game that ever came out before this was unique and AMAZING but we've never really seen Mario in space before. There's just something about this game that makes it so different.