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21 Pierre De Fermat

Remember how he made other mathematicians suffer after he died.

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22 Joshep Louis Lagrange
23 Sridhar Acharya
24 Bertrand Russell
25 Alexandre Grothendieck

Greatest genius in math history. Nobody was better in a single area of math than Geothendieck was at algebraic geometry.

His unique approach to mathematics was unbelieveable. Greatest power of abstraction and generalization ever seen in a mathematician. All coming from a country in war and a very poor education (Montpellier). He is considered as the natural successor of Evariste Galois. He was brilliant and had a great capacity of work (with a vast amount of sheets after his death). Thanks to his work, Algebraic Geometry is nowadays one of the most importants topics of research with a lot of applications (both in mathematics and other disciplines (physics, statistics...). He was a master in building new mansions while other mathematicians were still building some furniture.

26 Niles Abel
27 Evariste Galois

He was only 17 when he developed one of the greatest mathematical achievement ever

Hands down one of the greatest!

Most definitely the greatest of all. We will never know the extent of the work he could've acomplished.

28 Kurt Godel

Godel Theorem Incompleteness, more than enough to put him in top 10 list as best mathematicians ever.

Oh yes!

29 Maryam Mirzakhani
30 Brahmagupta

Very great mathematician and also a legend

31 David Hilbert
32 Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal
33 Panini

Great mathematician! Delicious sandwich!

34 Sir Andrew Wiles

Can't argue that this guy deserves to be somewhere near the top.

Why isn't he on the list? He proved Fermat's Last Theorem, which is essentially the most difficult mathematics theorem to ever show up. 3 centuries it went unsolved. And this man solved it by himself. That right, Gauss, Euler, NOBODY was able to solve it but this man did it in 7 years.

One of the best for proving Fermat's Last Theorem.

Objectively the best mathematician ever. If you ressurect Newton, Euler and every one on this list until 39, all them combined would not have been able to prove Fermath's last theorem.

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35 Liu Hui
36 Nicolai Lobachevsky
37 Richard Dedekind
38 Felix Christian Klein
39 Paul Erdős

Second most publications ever, and BY FAR the most co-authors! He was a machine who turned coffee into theorems haha

40 Madhava of Sangamagrama

The first man on this earth who invented Calculus not Newton.. The Britishers who were ruling at that time stole his concepts and spread it in the Europe. Newton worked on his principals and become famous.. In the same way he did not discover gravity... Gravity was discovered by Bhaskaracharya An Indian scholars... Many European scientists stole Indian concepts

The real inventer of calculus... But the many westerners learned our language and stole many concepts especially Europeans

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