Greatest Megadeth Solos

The very best guitar solos by any guitarist from Megadeth.

The Top Ten

1 Tornado of Souls Tornado of Souls

I'm trying it. So difficult!

Epic solo, Friedman at it's best, the speed, the coordination, those neoclassical touches during the solo. Best solo on metal history. Once you've heard it you simply can't have enough of it.

No word can describe it, listen to it yourself

! This solo could be the best solo of the thrash metal ever! Amazing sound, Mustaine should be proud of this masterpiece

2 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

This kicks ass down the road and back

This solo is a masterpiece. A huge piece of art. From the sweeping build up to Mustaine's shredding part it is a flawless guitar solo and definitely their best.

what shredding by mustaine... he's the God of thrash metal.. megadeth rocks. all thanks to dave mustaine. HOLY WARS... THE PUNISHMENT DUE.

Oh come on, how is this not no. 1? It makes the other solos look rather lame. The build-up is so epic. Not to mention the vocals and riffs are give class to other songs!

3 Hangar 18 Hangar 18

it is my favorite song and it is the only solo I can't play on guitar

The second part is just jaw dropping, no one can understand it the first time, but once you understand it you'll really admire Mustaine's work.

as I'm hearing the song right now, I can say the solos are the bomb!
from the first emotional solo to the ending shredding solo, you can't hate this tune - rock2metal


4 Symphony of Destruction

Great solo! Marty as usual combining exotic scales, bends, major-7 chords and arpeggios in a fast, but very melodic way.

A thing of beauty, as all of these top voted ones are. But this one always got me over and over.

This solo might be a bit under the one from Tornado but the song on the shole is so much better, I'd put it in number one!

I Like This! - Aita45

5 Lucretia

How is it not top 3?

So crazy awesome

Fits the rhythm perfectly, 1st solo by Marty just sets perfectly in your head, 2nd solo by Dave is one of the fastest he has written I found it hard to play.

It's hard to pick between Lucretia and tornado of souls, but this solo wins the battle. I don't understand why it's so low on the list!

6 A Tout Le Monde


Oh god, I played this song like 100 times the first day I downloaded it! Lyrics makes you think a lotta things..

This song is the bomb

7 Ashes in Your Mouth

This is better than tornadoes of souls in my opinion.

8 Good Mourning / Black Friday

Best solo in my opinion

Polands and daves solos are so good

In the beginning, their is only subtle bends (done by Chris) which create a beautiful melody, behind it is a clean rhythm, then, Dave lets loose. Listen and be amazed.

Chris Poland's solo's are so underrated. Needs to be more of them on this list

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9 Sudden Death

Intro solo is just amazing.
This and Tornado Of Souls are they're best.

All of this song is A KILLER GUITAR SOLO!

Energizing, earbleeding, and kickass solo!

10 My Last Words

How come that one wasn't even listed? An absolute masterpiece by Dave Mustaine himself, and one of the earliest thrash shredding classics.

Great solo! That tapping at the start of the solo is genius. Definitely deserves to be in the top 10

This one struck my nerve. It's my all time favorite...

There's no tapping in the solo...

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The Contenders

11 Skin o' My Teeth

This solo is really funky and fun to listen to. He goes all over the place, but somehow keeps it all flowing together, as well. The technicality of it is great, too. Marty Friedman shredding at it's finest.

12 Poison Was the Cure

This is my second favorite Megadeth solo (behind Tornado of Souls). In my opinion this should be at least top 5. I think the reason it's so low is because it's not one of Megadeths most popular songs and is kind of underrated. But amazing solo.

30 seconds of eargasm...

13 In My Darkest Hour

Come on. This solo is amazing, like Tornado of Souls

14 Wake Up Dead - Chris Poland

This one immediately follows Dave's second solo. It's only a couple seconds long, but Poland plays the absolute best notes anyone could have played at that time! It starts off with an awesome fast run and then some godlike bends. It's easy to miss but if you listen for it it's genius.

15 Kick the Chair

How can this not be no. 1/2? I think everyone would agree that this is one of megadeth's best solos which certainly comes next to tornado of souls.

Not their very best but this ones getting my vote as it is so awesome! Also I like pretty much any of solos off rip that was marty at his finest!

It's really something that you can't explain. Its a solo that you feel it deserves great things

The solo is utterly amazing... the rest of the song, probably not, but the solo is insanity

16 Mechanix

Final solo is better than The Four Horsemen's

megadeths version of the four horsemen by metallica.

No, even though the Four Horsemen was released first the Four Horsemen was Metallica's version of Mechanix. - Songsta41

Music is made by Mustain when he was in Metallica that's why two bands play it with different lyrics. By the way awesome riffs and solos.

17 Dread and the Fugitive Mind


I very good and according solo! It's simply perfect to the song, I could hear it 1011312312 times and I would never get tired of it!

Absolutely legendary! Deserves to be in the top 15 at least. This is a hidden gem that fans conveniently forget.

Unbelievable classic metal sound one of the best solos ever

18 Trust

UNBELIEVABLE! The solo in Trust is the only one that can compete with Tornado of Souls.

Trust has a great solo!

Very nice. Tornado of Souls then Trust. Thts my top 2 I mean for real

19 Five Magics

Wow, had no idea this song was under-rated! Looks like this masterpiece is our little secret guys

That lick in the final solo that he keeps coming back to (and eventually ends it with) is so addictive. Great shreds and unique to fit that part in seemlessly to the rest of the solo

The little shreds that Marty does is just amazing and really melodic. I'm really surprised that this solo was not on the list

Mustaine's solo at the end, it gives me goosebumps, this is the best track from Rust in Peace, for sure.

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20 Train of Consequences

Awesome solo!

Phew! If I hadn't seen this anywhere on the list, I would not have visited this website ever again. My favourite megadeth song. Shows how Marty Friedman is absolutely unique.

21 The Killing Road

Are you kidding me? # 19? This solo is absolute classic Friedman. It is pretty much impossible to listen to this and not feel amazed or like a badass. This is my most favourite Marty solo from his whole carrer with Megadeth. Better than Tornado in my opinion.

Listen to this solo before you vote for anything else. trust me

This is one of the greatest guitar solos ever, let alone among Megadeth's.

The solo that made me fall in love with Marty Friedman.

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22 Blood of Heroes
23 Conquer... or Die!

From the beautiful acoustic intro to the electric guitar is just magical

Kiko is perfect

24 Devil's Island
25 Sweating Bullets
26 Peace Sells
27 Burnt Ice

The second part is madness! These solos are wonderful!

28 Blackmail the Universe


Something about the last part of the solo, the tapping part, just makes the song feel so intense and awesome. Underrated solo in my opinion

So agressive and sad... it's a masterpiece

29 Washington Is Next

Come on guys, have we forgotten about that start of the solo that Mustaine does?! That damn harmony solo?! PROOF OF WHY HE IS THE NUMBER ONE BEST IN HISTORY!

Come on guys, one of the BEST solos of all time, and the best song MegadetH wrote by far!

30 Post-American World

Unbelievable Energy. Rhythm section adds an extra layer of pure awesome. The actual solo is so blistering and genius. No. 1 solo in my book.

31 Youthanasia

Marty's solo its just awesome! truly epic solo - Wahmmett

32 Return to Hangar
33 Good Mourning / Black Friday - Chris Poland

It's a no brainier Polands solos cannot be duplicated even Marty has trouble with them live go watch yourself

34 Go to Hell

Highly underrated guitar solo. - Gofannon

Best mustaine solo

35 Dialectic Chaos

Chris Broderick is the stand out star on this song - Sabbath

36 Set The World Afire
37 44 Minutes

Underrated. definitely underrated.

38 Into the Lungs of Hell
39 High Speed Dirt

Awesome friedman solo... super smooth sounding.

40 Shadow of Deth
41 Angry Again

I'm absolutely in love with this solo. Many of this solos are great but you can tell they are too "random" or improvised. The feel you get from this solo, however, is unique.

42 Head Crusher
43 Hook In Mouth

I can't believe this wasn't on here. It starts with Chris doing this crazy "Flight of the Bumblebee" esque solo leading into Dave's wicked tap solo that sounds like a demented church organ being violated by the devil. They knew this solo was genius because they do the thing twice and the second time's even better!

44 Rattlehead (last)
45 Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
46 Silent Scorn
47 Cold Sweat

An underrated song but what a damn fine solo

48 Black Curtains
49 Bad Omen
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