Greatest Megadeth Solos

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21 Trust

UNBELIEVABLE! The solo in Trust is the only one that can compete with Tornado of Souls.

Trust has a great solo!

Very nice. Tornado of Souls then Trust. Thts my top 2 I mean for real

22 Head Crusher
23 Devil's Island
24 Conquer... or Die!

Kiko is perfect

25 Youthanasia

Marty's solo its just awesome! truly epic solo - Wahmmett

26 Return to Hangar
27 Good Mourning / Black Friday - Chris Poland

It's a no brainier Polands solos cannot be duplicated even Marty has trouble with them live go watch yourself

28 Burnt Ice

The second part is madness! These solos are wonderful!

29 Washington Is Next

Come on guys, have we forgotten about that start of the solo that Mustaine does?! That damn harmony solo?! PROOF OF WHY HE IS THE NUMBER ONE BEST IN HISTORY!

Come on guys, one of the BEST solos of all time, and the best song MegadetH wrote by far!

30 Dialectic Chaos

Chris Broderick is the stand out star on this song - Sabbath

31 Sweating Bullets
32 Post-American World

Unbelievable Energy. Rhythm section adds an extra layer of pure awesome. The actual solo is so blistering and genius. No. 1 solo in my book.

33 Set The World Afire
34 Peace Sells
35 Blackmail the Universe

Something about the last part of the solo, the tapping part, just makes the song feel so intense and awesome. Underrated solo in my opinion

36 44 Minutes V 1 Comment
37 High Speed Dirt

Awesome friedman solo... super smooth sounding.

38 Shadow of Deth
39 Go to Hell

Highly underrated guitar solo. - Gofannon

V 1 Comment
40 Angry Again

I'm absolutely in love with this solo. Many of this solos are great but you can tell they are too "random" or improvised. The feel you get from this solo, however, is unique.

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