Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


Adolf Hitler IS the greatest man Alive. Just think of it, he rose from the ashes of a corrupt and Jew infested country that deserved all the glory the US possessed. He had a great plan from the beginning and it was evident that he was loved since he met little to no resistance when his campaign had barely started.

But it was the Jews who incriminated him, making him look like an evil dictator who just killed for fun. In reality, Hitler was just trying to purify his precious Aryan Master Race, but the Jews had to oppose. As a result, Hitler used force to cleanse his nation. Concentration Camps were not a thing back then. The Jews were the ones who funded the workers who lay the dead in mass graves and it was also them who built the gas chambers.

The only mistake that Hitler made was invading the Soviet Union. No one is successful of achieving such task, unless you were the Mongols.

Perhaps one of the most controversial, interesting, and tragic man in recent history, Hitler will either inspire tears of joy or tears of anger. So powerful a man was Hitler, however, that he has an image that is larger than life, and the more one reads about him, the more deeply interesting and thought-provoking his story becomes. Though the man had his faults, it is clear that he has secured a place for himself amongst history's greatest leaders, resurrecting Germany from the lowest place of depravity and poverty on Earth and turning it into a superpower to challenge both the United States and the burgeoning Soviet Union. The many faceted leader of Germany, there are no end to the fascinating stories of his life, his deeds (for good or ill), or the acts that almost transcend believability done by followers and admirers in his name and inspiration.

Though he did many things that we can all disagree upon, it would be terrible to realize the good that this mysterious man brought the world. He pulled Germany from the rubble of The Great Depression, which helped spark the fire which got the entire world back on track. He was one of the most intelligent military leaders the world has ever seen: the only reason he lost at Stalingrad was because he was on leave and left another man to organize most of the battle. From his incredible economic policy to his military genius, Adolf forever changed the world as we know it.

Turned out to have been right about a lot more than the autobahn and the importance of worker safety and personal hygiene. Led Germany to excel in every area til they were the most productive, most innovative nation the worlds ever seen. As mandatory as it has become to admonish him for going overboard in recognizing that middle-Eastern culture presented a clear and present danger to European cultures of the time, if it weren't for Hitler, we wouldn't have the life saving and live-prolonging technologies that have shaped the modern world. All the worlds Old Money would still be in Europe, and USA would still be a nation of farmers with a piddling industrial revolution behind it. More influential than Jesus or John Lennon.

Well he was ranked as number 1 in Barack H. Obama's book "Dreams from My Father", he did many great things in his life, he always thought of others, he loved and died poor, he didn't seek revenge.

The sad thing is that people always try to ruin his greatness by saying lies about him and they try to destroy his view, but they always fail because people who read about his life will know why did he deserve to be the number 1 upon all humans.

Read about his battles and the aftermath so you can know and understand that he didn't fight for glory or money and that he didn't force anyone to convert to National Socialism, and know how he treated his enemies and the people around him.

No matter what Aryans do, we will never be able to thank him or be even 10% like him, trust me he is almost perfect so never believe what ignorant say about him because there are hundreds of books that wrote about his true life so try reading them because his life was hard yet ...more - DocHolliday

Fixed Germany from starvation, incredible debt, lost pride, and liberated German citizens from foreign powers. He led his country to be economical stable with high growth and employment.

His ability to empower the masses to do great work in unifying his people and shaped alliances that would benefit his neighbor nations and Germany. Unfortunately like many Great people before him, his dream of destroying the dangerous ideology of Communism which would lead to more deaths, did not happen.

Adolf Hitler was our only hope in stopping the communist invasion of western Europe. If it was not for him we would be living in poverty while run over by dictators. He was one of the few people who understood what it meant to be part of a nation. He made the German people from weak and isolated back into their hardworking spirit. He brought Germany out of economic collapse and made it into a super power in only a decade. Hitler should be set as an example for today's leaders. All they care about is depriving people of their rights and collecting shekels from them.

A drifter, an artist, and a soldier, with nothing but passion in his words and a love for his people captured the heart of a country using brutal sincerity.

Compare him to politicians of today, a self interested group of privileged lawyers sold to the highest bidder, and you'll see why Adolf with his humble background was a true populist leader. Instead of fomenting conflict between classes, he asked the German people to help themselves. And when they saluted him, he gave the salute right back to the whole of the German Volk. "... And the world will know that I was right" - Adolf Hitler

He was visionary who can do anything for his country. Even do sins to make his country the best.

Honestly, I didn't understand how amazing and brilliant such a man could be. He's not only a hero for me, but also one for you and society itself. When great leaders rise to action, they'll often change the fate of history and mankind, without him, say good-bye to most modern works of wonder today. This one-of-a-kind genius is truly one of the greatest men ever.

After a Jewish treason that made his country to lose ww1, the German people had to give their weapons, limit the number of their soldiers and pay for all the war damages to the allies, and for that reason, they become so poor that before the war something that costed 1 dollar after paying reparations the same thing would cost around 50 billions.

Even after he was sent to prison, he managed to write his own book, gain political power enough to win the leadership of his country, rearm his people, regain the terrain lost in the war, defeat the oppressive Frenchs and defy half of the world with his tiny country one peninsula and some islands against countries 4 times or bigger than his.

And at that time, no one was sure who would win, in summary, Adolf Hitler's actions are one of the greatest feats in history even after his defeat being capable of do what anyone else would think that was impossible.

Hitler only did what he thought was the best for his country. This may of not been the right or moral course of action to take for a country, but he always thought of the German people and achieved many thing to make Germany a rich and powerful country. If he didn't rule Germany, it wouldn't be nearly as influential and powerful in this day and age.

Truly an inspirational man. He sought to unite a country in turmoil, and create prosperity for the German people. He wanted for every country to care about it's citizens. Unfortunately for him, some of the citizens of Germany did not care for it as much as he did. These citizens were the Jews. His goal was to repatriate the Jews, but Polish rumors of death camps eventually turned to allied propaganda of death camps. Hitler wanted nothing more than to restore the glory of Germany, but unfortunately, that's a bit too much to ask.

Hitler took a weakened and destroy Germany, which was shamed and stolen from heavily by the French frogs, then he transformed his country into one of the most flourishing countries in Europe with the most infrastructure and revived economic power. Before Hitler, German employment rate was below 15% and the people we starving, he transformed Germany into a powerful country capable of maintaining a war on the entire world by itself for some good time. He was a real Hero.

Adolf Hitler was a truly inspiring man. After being rejected from art school, he followed his true calling. He became God emperor of mankind, inspiring millions of people to follow their own true callings, often becoming engineers, scientists, and great politicians. Although his views on Judaism were deplorable, he was at heart a truly great human being, and we wouldn't have such a strong society if he had never been.

He was loved by his people, he would ride around in a motorcade unprotected because he was so loved. The greatest public speaker of all time, he motivated millions at a time with every speech. Beautiful influence, beautiful agenda, beautiful strive for world peace and world betterment.

Grew to power from nothing. Took in a failed Germany and made it capable of nearly winning against the whole of Europe and Russia. Although the genocide of the Jews was unwarranted, calling him anything less than great in the sense that he nearly achieved victory would be an insult to logic. Also Mohammed or however you spell it would have been a child molester had he even existed.

This man dragged his country from the depths of a depression and defeat to create what was one of the most modern and proud nations of the time. Hitler made Germans proud to be German, and vastly improved his people's quality of life. Yes, his reputation is marred by the holocaust, but once that one blunder is subtracted, his leadership adds up to nothing less that stellar.

For those of you saying this disgrace of a man was great by any means you are WRONG. He was A COWARD, who committed suicide instead of facing the enemy like a true great man. Hitler was addicted to drugs and fame, like an egotistical maniac, and historians have proved that he had a host of mental illnesses. The only reason this cretin took power was because his country was in economic turmoil due to many reasons beyond the Jewish influx in the country, and the people would turn to any monkey proposing a popular plan to redemption. Screw Hitler and screw everyone on this thread spouting antisemitic remarks, or pro-Nazi remarks. Hitler wasn't great.

Hitler is a victim of endless Jewry. They insult the Germans in the media and celebrate their decline. Hitler, a proud Austrian who desired to fully complete the unification, fought to bring Germany back to glory and remove the Jewish threat. Unfortunately, after annexing Poland to regain needed farmland (also claiming extra land, I will admit), England declared war. This escalated into the war we know as WWII. As the war went on, the Reich didn't have the funds or supplies to remove the Jews from Europe through transport, so he simply used them as labor and fed them the bare minimum. Of course, typhus fever would claim the lives of many. Eventually, he would be wrongfully blamed for the murder of 1.5 million Jews. I mean, 7 million. No, 5 million? NO! It's 6 million. Or is it 8 million? Find out how many he truly killed for just $499.99! -Schlomo Shekelbergstein.

The man did more to turn around the floundering German economy in three years what multiple US presidents couldn't do in 8, and they didn't have the added problem of dealing with an insidious and malevolent Jewish infestation hell-bent on destroying the white race and enslaving all who they considered "inferior goyim."

Adolf Hitler, the man who will go down history as a villain but true scholars will recognize as a true hero to nationalism. Hitler's leadership skills allowed him to command an empire of loyal follows, and his doctrine brought a country from its knees to a glorious Reich.

Well yes that r&d is true but Mexicans blacks and all other colored people except for white people with blue eyes and blonde hair would be alive Mexicans blacks and other races would either be dead or slaves and yeah maybe the world would be better off with Hitler running it no terrorist no suicide bombings no stupid allah or stupid jesus religion would cease to exist we'd be living under a tyrant even though you make some good points about Hitler and you know I make some good points too so your probably a white Supremacist or just a racist person but your points are well deserved.

He had a vision set on, And he made it HAPPEN. He almost accomplished his goal, Something NO ONE will ever do again in such a number. Sure that goal was to eradicate the Jews, But damn he killed millions, That's more than any one of us will ever get to do

A visionary, who saw what Europe would end up as if nothing would be done about it. There are British WWII veterans nowadays who, when they see their country today, say that this isn't what they fought for. He's still vilified, but times are changing, and people will see his greatness someday.