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221 Slayer - Hell Awaits

It is definitely one of the best Slayer albums. The mix is The Exorcist on vinyl - probably just the way Slayer wanted it.

Slayer is too amazing! The second album by them has received world-wide critical acclaim. This album is legendary.

The production is dreadful, which ironically makes it unique. It sounds literally evil.

222 Slayer - Show No Mercy

One of Slayer's best albums, but no Reign in Blood, Reign in Blood, Raining blood.

I love Black Magic (Metallica's brief cover is smoking), Crionics, Show No Mercy, Evil Has No Boundaries...

223 Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

Epic maiden albums with standouts - Afraid To Shoot Strangers, Fear Is The Key, From Here To Eternity, Fear of the Dark, Be Quick or Be Dead, Judas Be My Guide

224 Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
225 Dehumanizer - Black Sabbath
226 Korn - Issues

This is Korn's heaviest work. It is little wonder why Jonathon Davis has most of the metal community's respect. Take a moment to look at the cover and the title of the album.

I have issues with Korn, but I'm working on them.

227 Between the Buried and Me - Colors

It's embarrassing to see an album with so many elements added than anything above to be so down in this list. This album went beyond metal boundaries; that's what made it good.

I have the album, but the real pleasure is how they incorporate the dvd live performances. ATTENTION: Tool. Dvd please!

228 Tempo of the Damned - Exodus V 1 Comment
229 The Legacy - Testament

Probably their best album, but it needs a remake. Currently they're rocking Bay Area thrash like no one.

230 The Gallery - Dark Tranquility

One of the most best melodic death metal albums of all time, surpassed in its influence on music only by Slaughter of the Soul.

231 Atheist - Piece of Time
232 Candlemass - Nightfall
233 Lamb of God - New American Gospel V 1 Comment
234 Bathory - Hammerheart

I do not understand how this masterpiece could be left unnoticed. A little annoyed at that. - LadyBanshee

235 Under the Blade - Twisted Sister V 1 Comment
236 Mr. Bungle - California
237 Opeth - Orchid

I hope this albom is not only my favorite

238 Overkill - Horrorscope V 1 Comment
239 Motorhead - March or Die

Sad to see this is so low

240 My Winter Storm - Tarja
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