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241 Sacred Heart - Dio

How is this album not on here. With songs as great as rock n roll children, king of rock n roll and sacred heart and you get this masterpiece. So underrated - luke_cody_03

242 Ubriakore - Killers in Rage
243 Stratovarius - Infinite
244 Pantera - Official Live: 101 Proof

The best live metal album i've heard - purelegend1

245 D'erlanger - Basilisk
246 Machine Head - Burn My Eyes

As you put on this album you already hear from the first song it's the kind of album that will easily beats all the others...

Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!

247 Sepultura - Arise

The production is too flat and it lacks the technicality of Beneath The Remains. Andreas Kisser is electric on this one though, as is Igor. Did he use baseball bats to smash his snare on this one. I saw them on this tour and was so pumped for days afterwards that I literally won a sporting trophy.

248 Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare

Way back when, this album was the business. Rob Flynn carving it up like a chicken.

249 Sodom - Persecution Mania V 1 Comment
250 Destruction - Eternal Devastation
251 Exhorder - Slaughter in the Vatican

I haven't dusted this one off in a while, but it was a violent slab of Thrash.

252 Anthrax - Spreading the Disease

They should come up with a better storage medium than vinyl. It's the petrol engine of music.

Anthrax's best album, and the production values on it is staggering considering it's vinyl.

V 1 Comment
253 Possessed - Seven Churches V 1 Comment
254 S.O.D. - Speak English or Die

I love this album, but I'm not sure what to make of the lyrics on it. Taken at face value, they're distasteful. Taken as humorous, then I guess they're humorous. Dunno.

255 Sodom - Agent Orange
256 Manowar - Battle Hymns

One of the best metal albums ever...

257 Therion - Secret of the Runes
258 Manowar - Warriors of the World
259 Uroboros - Dir en grey
260 Insomnium - Above the Weeping World

Mortal Share just really starts of the album then all the songs drive through beautifully

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