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81 The Madness Begins - Powermad
82 Mind Funk - Mind Funk
83 Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

Again, they've always been a metal band here. Metal-lite perhaps, but a rocking metal band nevertheless.

Classic! Although I would say it's more hard rock than metal...
Great sound, powerful songs, the two guitars harmonize beautifully and slash's solos on this album are legendary!
Too many great songs to make a toplist on this one

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84 Slipknot - Iowa

Linkin Park is above this Disasterpiece! (Pun intended)

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85 Byzantine - And They Shall Take Up Serpents
86 Lamb of God - Sacrament V 2 Comments
87 Slayer - South of Heaven

Slayer at their most diverse, technical, and best.

Lombardo's all over this one like a rash.

88 Mastodon - Blood Mountain

Dude this album is epic way better than anything avenged sevenfold ever did.

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89 The Weight of Oceans - In Mourning
90 Dark Tranquillity - Fiction
91 Quiet Riot - Metal Health

This should be on top 10 this made metal popular

A classic.

92 In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
93 British Steel - Judas Priest

Is this cover a shaving kit promotion?

94 Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden

Rusty Chains, Jesus Christ Pose, Room A Thousand Years Wide and many others are classics. You're not a Dio or Black Sabbath fan without this one in your player.

I'm a Dio fan and a Sabbath fan and I'm don't this album very much. I like outshined, but that's about it. - Edgelord

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95 Manowar - Kings of Metal

This is real heavy metal! The heavist and the most powerful in this world! In my opinion this albom better than Master Of Puppets, no? Yeah! Listen this albom! Vote!

LOVE this album, they ARE the TRUE KINGS OF METAL. HAIL TO YA!

I'll meet you half-way. I'll vote but not listen to a band named after a jellyfish. Lol.

The true metal

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96 Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

Same powerful anti-system message as the one described by "...And justice for All". But the delivery of the message is completely opposite: pure rage and fury here, when Metallica chose the deep, elaborate approach.

97 Machine Head - The Blackening

So much for best metal album of both the decade and the century. It's a heavy album with songs to most people's liking. The guitarists can handle both the awesome and highly technical riffs and solos. They know when to unleash their fury and when to deliver the mood setting strumming of acoustic guitars. The vocals are also very good. Didn't like screaming until this. The vocals have this heartfelt anger to it. The lyrics are also meaningful and clever. Drumming is good too and do the job. Same with the bass; can't really complain. It got an interesting concept too. U haven't heard good music if u haven't heard this yet!

It was 2007's metal album of the year from memory. It is also called 'The Blackening' has a black cover, and a cover of Battery. It is Machine Head's Black album (not in style but substance as it is a big departure for them). It does show how great a guitarist Rob Flynn really is. And he seems like a stand up guy. Props.

They were on tour with Metallica, and Flynn wanted to pay homage to them by creating an album of the quality of Master of Puppets. It isn't as good, but it is Machine Head's best album.

Was on all the magazines top 10's! I don't know why that changed! One of the best metal bands ever!

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98 Byzantine - Fundamental Component
99 Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Way too low on this list. Should easily be in the top 10!

Top 20 for me.

100 Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
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