"Kill 'Em All" Album Review

Alpha101 The debut album from possibly thrash's greatest band in history. This will be tough to review, that's for certain.

"Hit the Lights" is the second best song on the album. It has a few great, but short, guitar solos, and Hetfield's vocals really give the song it's edge.

"The Four Horsemen" has a great opening guitar riff, and a fantastic chorus, which really paints the picture for the song perfectly. I can clearly see what is going on in my head with no problem. It's very well written for a Metallica song, which I guess should have seen coming. They do churn out great songs, most of the time.

"Motorbreath" has great riffs and solos, and Hetfield does a decent job, but this was one of the lowest points on the album for me.
Still, it was enjoyable, and is very fun to bang my head to.

"Jump in the Fire" is another classic song by the band. From it's easily recognizable riff that begins the song, to the surprisingly great lyrics, and the uneasy but catchy chorus, this is one of the best songs by the band, and in thrash history.

"(Anastasia) - Pulling Teeth" was one of the best parts of the album to me, believe it or not. It's simply a joy to listen to, and was a nice breath of fresh air for the record.

"Whiplash" is another great track. This is one of Metallica's rawest and fastest songs, and also one of their most likable. It's up there with my favorites, and will always be one of thrash's best songs.

"Phantom Lord" is very raw and intense like many songs above. I would not necessarily call it a weak track, for I do like this song, and can definitely say that I recommend it. But, compared to "Jump in the Fire," and "Hit the Lights," it's not very impressive. Though, it does have an amazing solo, I must say. Nevertheless, I love this song.

"No Remorse" had a mind-blowing solo to really kick it off! Besides that, there's not a lot to say. Lyrically, it's an average song, with pretty much the same formula as most of the songs on the album.

"Seek and Destroy" is, yes, my favorite on the album, sue me. Sure, it is a little overplayed, and is not as impressive as some of the band's later works, but it still holds up to this very day. It's easily one of the best songs to be heard live. There's a reason why, after they never really played anything off the album anymore, they still found time for this track. It's atmospheric, has a great riff at the beginning, and the chorus is one of the most recognizable in history. Even people who are not fans of Metallica still have at least heard of this song.

"Metal Militia" was one of the first songs that i heard by the band. It's beginning riff is fantastic, the vocals are some of the most impressive on the entire album, and it's simply a must-listen for anyone who claims that they ae a fan of the band.

Sure, this album wasn't as well produced and well received as albums such as "Master of Puppets," and "Ride the Lightning." That's exactly why I love this album. It's easily Metallica's rawest album, and was the album that started it all. Of course I don't even have to mention how many bands this single album influenced. This is, and forever will be, my favorite by the band, and, possibly, my favorite thrash album ever.

9.2/10 - Great Album


Good album - bobbythebrony

At least I've seen somebody praise Jump in the Fire. I really think it's criminally underrated, just like Damage, Inc. - visitor