"Load" album Review

awesomedp900 Load is a great, and an underrated, Metallica album. So I'm going to rate all the songs, in order.

Ain't My *****

A solid song, and a pretty heavy song, too. The lyrics are hilarious, too. An underrated gem from Metallica. The solo is ok, though. I overall will give it a 9/10


I didn't really like this song that much. The drum solo in the beginning and the riff is cool, plus the solo is amazing! It’s a great song. So I will give it a 8/10.

The House Jack Built

I have to say, this is a very freaking underrated song! The message is great, and the riff is amazing. You could tell James was going very deep singing this song. The talk-box solo is also great. This will get a 9/10.

Until it Sleeps

I don't get why this song gets a lot of hype. It's pretty boring, and this solo is kind of good. This will get a 6/10.

King Nothing

AMAZING song! The intro is really cool, and the riff is perfect. The 3rd best solo on Load. This will get a 10/10.

Hero of the Day

Same thing with Until it Sleeps, except it's worse than Until it Sleeps and has a boring solo. It’s ok, though. This will get a 7/10.

Bleeding Me

Perfect song! It starts off slow, and then it gets heavier, and then the second best solo on the album! 10/10!


A pretty solid song, and I like how in part of the song Jason uses slap-bass, which is cool. The only problem with it is that James’ voice make the song awkward. It will get a 7/10.

Poor Twisted Me

Overhated song, the riff is good, and the solo reminds me of the doors. This will get an 8/10

Wasting My Hate

Overhated song, and one of the heaviest on Load. It has no solo, so it’s raw, and that’s why I like it! This will get a 9/10.

Mama Said

To be honest, this song is meh. It’s old country so I don’t mind it, plus it’s very deep, but it’s just not... Metallica. This will get a 6/10.

Thorn Within

This is a heavier song on the album, and it’s fun to play on all instruments. The only problem with this song is that it has a short solo. This will get a 9/10.


This is a good songs, it’s pretty catchy, plus, it has a cool western theme. My favorite part of the song is when the mini drum solo come on. This will get an 8/10.

The Outlaw Torn

My first song off Load! Plus this was when I was one of the Metallica “Fans”. But when I gave it a listen, I was surprised. The riff, the solo, the emotion, everything on it is great! This will get a 1000000/10.

That was my review of Load, I hope you liked it, and message me if you want more! Have a good day!


Alright, looking back, The was super cringy. - awesomedp900