...And Justice for All


In my opinion there best, when I heard it at first I thought "oh nice! " didn't think much until I got this one (no pun intended) Anybody should get this album take out the lyric book and read it along with the songs, make you really think and gives different perspectives on things. The lyrics on this album are very dark and questioning. I was not surprised though because at the time of this release they were dealing with the death of Cliff Burton (there bassist) also this album includes the best instrumental that Metallica has done (to live is to die) in my opinion anyway. So much changes of pace and near the end you hear Cliff speaking to put the cherry on top (yes although someone spoke its still an instrumental) Anyway I think someone should pick this up and take out the lyric booklet and read along with the songs, it will really make you think. - superluke10000

To live is to die is their best instrumental by far and away.
Blackened brings intense energy to start off the album.
One is without a doubt one of the best metal songs ever written.
Frayed Ends of Sanity and Dyers Eve are the two most underrated songs in Metallica's discography.

Death Magnetic is a good album but I feel like it's Metallica's attempt to cover Metallica. It seems to me that they tried to recreate song structure similar to this albums. There's no way it could be better than the original.

I'm sorry but how on earth is this not #1 in the list? Clearly this is the finest Metallica record, One is the finest track that the band have ever recorded and for that reason alone this should be #1 :)

...And Justice For All, Shortest Straw and The Frayed Ends of Sanity still stand up as some of the strongest records from Metallica, even after 25 years.

Sure, some people don't get on with the production, but this is a band that always like to forge new ground and for me this was simply the peak of their strength and song writing.

Lets get this to the top where it belongs!

This album is the best cause their writing and execution of the instruments were at their best. The production sucks but you can't take the Power of the songs away.

The bass situation was kind of bad, but regardless, their best work. Lars was really at a peak here, and the heaviness of each song, even including Harvester of Sorrow, which is a pretty moderate song compared to all other songs of their first 4 albums, is just fantastic. The Time signatures were crazy (Which I love, since I'm also a huge Tool fan as well), and the overall sound of each song was just very good. Great riffs and everything. Bravo

The dry production, lack of bass, and straight forward-ness are all present for a reason - the albums intention. The album was made after Metallica lost bassist Cliff Burton in a bus accident. With all there anger and bitterness, they poured it into this album. It is a brutal, complex album than has been stripped down so you can only focus on one thing - the obvious rage every member is spewing out.

Struggled to choose between Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning and Justice wish I could give each one a vote! Those three albums are just classic masterpieces of any music genre. As for the Black album - I despise it. I hate everything about it, its commercialism, softness, weak ballads, although an incredibly smart business move by Lars which was the beginning of the money monster that Metallica have become. It opened the door for millions of new fans and the rest is history - the reason why teeny boppers started wearing Metallica T-Shirts

Everything about this album is just phenomenal! It has the most complex song structures of any Metallica album, and every single song is just pure aggression and raw energy!

It also has the greatest instrumental ever, To Live Is To Die!

In my opinion, the best Metallica album ever, but Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets comes VERY close!

IT's Metallica's best album ever it's maximum heaviness. It has great lyrics. The first four songs were all hits. Also Harvester Of Sorrow. Obviously its them at their best all in just one album. How is this album lower than Ride the Lightning and Master... And Justice For All has sold 8 million copies from then to 2003. Last it is the album that made Metallica Metallica

This is by far the heaviest of all of Metallica's albums. It is the most complex in song structure, and is the overall best album ever released. Blackened, Dyers Eve, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, One, the Eye of the Beholder, to Live is to Die. Easily the best songs Metallica has ever written. You may not agree with me, but there is no denying the fact that this is their most complex album out.

The reason this album is so great is because of the strong meanings to their songs:
... and Justice for all: Political controversy
Dyers eve: Hypocrisy
Shortest straw: Betrayal
Harvester of Sorrow: Madness
To Live is To Die: Sadness and grief.
This album really showed how they really felt about cliff dying. - jake33

People need to stop criticizing Metallica. Stop thinking all your opinions are facts. Unless you can do better shut up and keep your opinions to yourself. Everyone has something different to say about Metallica anyway so what's the point of criticizing them? And justice for is my favorite but that's my opinion.

There isn't a bad song in this album, while in the others maybe there is something no special, LIKE "Escape" in Ride the Lightning! It's a pity that the sound of the bass isn't very audible, but fortunately in the remastered edition you can hear it! Simply the best (despite I prefer Cliff Burton as a Metallica's bassist. )

This is a very dark and depressing record with many progressive touches. Underrated and the music is better than MoP, but the bass is too quiet. - Caleb9000

One is probably the best metallica song, and if you disagree, you put it into your top 3 rank.
Blackened gives the album energy, and comes with one impressive solo
To live is to die is one of the best instrumental songs of heavy metal
And Justice for All mixes a great and beautiful intro, with power and energy.
Diers Eve teaches you about the energy that a couple of power mutes can bring.
Come on guys! This is the best album

I've listened to this album for 2 years weakly! It has never gotten old, one is my all time favorite song, and the only bad song on the album is the shortest straw! The first five albums by Metallica are legendary! But don't count out other ones like load and garage inc.

Why is this in at number 4 and below the black album? Vote for this people! It should at least be in the top 3, Blackened, Justice, One, Shortest straw, Frayed ends of sanity, Dyers eve... This album is not only Metallica greatest, it's the greatest metal album ever made!

What in the world is this doing at number 6?!?!
Should be number 1 or 2. Anyways, this album is a flawed masterpiece. Every song on here is fantastic. It heartfelt and vicious at the same time. Amazing work done here. - blackenedamage

...and Justice For All was composed in the grief-stricken, enraged wake of bassist Cliff Burton's tragic death; and, in being Metallica darkest and heaviest album, spends its central theme violently pronouncing the death of the American Dream.

ONE IS JUST awesome

I just love this album. It's really pure thrash metal, but very complex, and just...Heavy! Even though Lars gets hated on a little bit (or should I say, a lot), his best drumming skills are represented when he plays any song off this album live. - Metalfan2112

I loved all of Metallica's earlier albums... But Blackened,... And Justice For All, One, and Harvester of Sorrow are the best... And Justice For All will always be my favorite Metallica album, with Ride The Lightning as a close second.

I am a big fan of Cliff Burton. I am learning most of his songs, I love Orion, Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, Anesthesia, The Four Horsemen, Seek And Destroy.
But I cannot say that this is the most energic album of Metallica. Personally, I love the speed metal kind of Metallica, but I think the most beautiful is the Power Ballad, apart from songs like Orion, The Call of Ktulu and To Live Is To Die, and I also know that in this album the sound of the Newsted's bass is very low, but its songs are very powerful, and the sound is perfect!

Sinister, Dark, Political, James's most aggressive vocals. Almost 30 years on since I first heard it and I still listen to it. I would love to hear a true follow up to this all time classic Metallica album

Every song on here proves how cool Metallica actually is. The brutality and the heaviness to this album is awesome. Probably Metallica's most progressive album, and personally My favorite Metallica album. - Metalfan2112