Ride the Lightning


At the time It was easy to Crown Master Of Puppets as the King of Metallica's Discography. Looking back on it though, It's a close horse race between Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets. Ride The Lightning is just a little better, Even though these are Flawless albums we're talking about. Ride The Lightning just sits in the Perfect spot between the Shrill, Speed and Fury of Kill 'Em All and the Heavy Polished Master Of Puppets. The best of both worlds.

Battery > Fight Fire With Fire

Master Of Puppets > Ride The Lightning

For Whom The Bell Tolls > The Thing That Should Not Be

Fade To Black > Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Trapped Under Ice > Disposable Heroes

Leper Messiah > Escape

Orion > The Call Of Ktulu

Creeping Death > Damage Inc.

If you didn't keep up, That is Tied. Sure The Title Track Master Of Puppets is miles ahead of Lightning's but For Whom The Bell Tolls is Miles Ahead of The Thing That ...more

Ride the Lightning and Fade to Black are what made Metallica in my opinion.

I really hate how they got rid of the amazing drum sound after this album and Master of Puppets in favor of lighter drum sound, especially the snare drum.

Metallica at its finest. It still had a tiny bit of Dave Mustaine influence and Cliff Burton shows great musicianship as well. As overrated as Kirk is, joining the band really helped Metallica find their style towards this release. Plus he brought a couple Exodus riffs, which gave songs like Creeping Death and Trapped Under Ice that much more of an edge. The entire album passes by seamlessly, with a constant duration of excellence, while Master of Puppets tends to be overindulgent. Before you vote for MoP, just remember that this album completely laid out its blueprint, making Ride the Lightning more unique in its own right. - surgeonsanic

This album is the best of the best from the best
It featured such a diverse and amazing variety from Metallica that was not before expected!
Fade to black and Call of Ktulu as well as almost all of the others are infinitely in the top ten EVER

This is both really heavy with "Fight Fire with Fire" and "Creeping Death", but also have very good light emotional songs like "Fade to Black" and "Call of Ktulu". I feel this album just combines the two styles perfectly. I'm more into thrash than the new stuff and would say I only really liked Metallica's 1980s stuff (Kill 'em All, Ride the Lighning, Master of Puppets, and... And Justice for All), but I still though Death Magnetic was pretty good. My order of their albums would be.
1. Ride the Lightning
2. Master of Puppets
3... And Justice for all/kill 'em all (Like them equally in different ways... I like And Justice for all for the Heavy sound and that it's just a great album, and I like kill 'em all for the guitar work with Mustain and the real Raw thrash feel. )

I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I respect other's opinions and, to be honest, the only reason I chose this one is because... Well, to start... My three favorite songs OF ALL TIME are at a tie between "Fade to Black", "Master of Puppets", and "One"... AKA the top 3 albums... Black is also a bloody FANTASTIC album. I don't know why, but I just... Prefer this album over the others. I hope you understand that if I could vote for all 4 I would... But I just love this album so much.

Ride The Lightning is the first Metallica album I listened to and it remains my favourite. I bought it along with Master of Puppets when I first started getting into Metallica. This album got me into metal and I still believe that thrash metal is the greatest thing on earth. Ride The Lightning took everything Kill 'Em All did and turned it up to 11. It has a lot of texture from its slow, anthemic songs like Fade To Black to its face-melting, lead poisoning thrash metal monster tracks like Trapped Under Ice and the title track. Ride The Lightning is truly one of the greatest albums of all time. - Uner1996

I thought: "Master or Ride" I check albums song by song and I noticed that Ride is better. Ride has only one weak song "Escape" and Master has three. Leper, the thing... And damage. Of course Master, Orion and disposable heroes are awesome, but Ride has Creeping (awesome), Fade (yeah) and for whom the bell tolls, so Ride wins this time. Maybe tomorrow Master is the winner. But today I think: RIDE THE LIGHTING!

Until some time ago I was sure that Master of Puppets was the best Metallica album. Now I've changed my mind. Ride the Lighting is just better. Maybe it doesent have the best songs, but overall, its still better. Master of Puppets does have the best tunes, but comes close second. Although, if I had to rate the best metal albums of all time, I would put MoP above RtL, not sure why. - JDoesIt

The best. It has so many classic tracks like Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, and Ride the Lightning. Almost every song is a technical shred-fest, and the songs Call of Ktulu and Ride the Lightning made my jaw drop. To top it off, it has a cool name, 'Ride the Lightning' - sharp10

Truly This Is Metallica's Greatest Album, it Has Everything, Metal Songs, Ballad's, The Greatest Riffs, The Best Drumming and Of Course The Great Songs Like Fade To Black, The Call Of Ktulu, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Ride The Lightning and All The Others, This Is For Sure A Great Album!

More polished than Kill 'Em All. Rawer than Master of Puppets. Ride the Lightning brings all the best elements of their 80's catalogue into a timeless album.

Personally, it's was a tough pick when you consider the stretch of quality releases they had in the 80's (including... And Justice for All). However, invariably Ride the Lightning stands out with it's consistent quality track list and close link (only beaten by Kill 'Em All) to thrash.

Ride the Lightning is a landmark in metal history and stands on the shoulders of it's close predecessor and successor.

This was not just a breakthrough for the band but for metal genre in general. If you listen to other metal albums of that time you will realize it's nothing like Metallica's ride the lightning.
The creativity of the band in this album is simply amazing. There is so much passion and dedication in each and every song. No matter how metal genre will change in the future this work of art will always be a monument in metal history.

The greatest album of all time in my opinion! Fade to Black has everything! For Whom The Bell Tolls is so awesome, and Fight Fire with Fire makes you want to bang your head till you get an damn brain injury! Not to mention the song Ride the Lightening itself, what a GREAT solo!

YES! THE WORLD UNDERSTANDS. Those of you who like master of puppets nothing against you but ride the lightning was the begining of thrash NOT mop. Ride the lightning has WAY more memorable songs like fade to black, ride the lightning, and for whom the bell tolls. All they did on mop was copy their sound from their last album what album was that RIDE THE LIGHTNING. Totally deserves top spot.

Sometime we forget that Metallica built the 3-G masterpieces as concept albums. MOP deals with war, and justice is with, well, injustice. And ride deals with DEATH. Well, I don't know what is it with the other comments, but I think this concludes the debate..

MoP's is a good album, no doubt, but this album is what made Metallica well-known with songs like For Whom the Bell Tolls and Fade to Black. This album is well deserved to be #1 and no matter what people say, this album started it all for Metallica

Personally, I love every Metallica album, except for Load and Lulu (I don't think it can be called album, but ok). I play the bass, and I think that this album is the greatest ever. It's different from Kill 'Em All, which is such as an energic album, and also from Master of Puppets. In this album, the bass lines are perfect, and the thrash/speed metal is fantastic, near the quiet of some songs like Fade to Black.

Greatest metal album of all time and really locked me in as a Metallica fan! I love songs from each of their albums but this one, every song is just better than the next, and can never get sick of it. Would just love to see them live one day.

At the end of the day, I always come back to this album. It has truly stood the test of time and holds up strong and will continue to hold up strong against metal albums for decades to come! Best Metallica album by far.

I can't believe it, I finally found a list that has Ride the Lightning in first place. I've been telling people for 25 years that it's Metallica's best album but they just laugh at me. I guess for now, I have last laugh.

Epic compositions from James, Lars, Cliff, Kirk, and also Dave. With songs like: For whom the bell tolls, Fade to black, Creeping death, and all the other ones. This is a masterpiece.

This is when Metallica was unique, and different from every other 80s-90s band. They has their own sound, and man was it good. I wish following albums took tips from this.

This is true metal, raw Metallic!

Fade to black is the best ever metal song. Creeping death, for whom the bell tolls, ride the lightning, all of ktulu all the songs are masterpiece. Truly one of the heaviest album of all time.

I was in my car on the way home from our cabin when I listened to the whole album for the first time, and I have to say, the song Ride the Lightning has the coolest riff ever after the intro!