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21 The Call of Ktulu

Leading up to the solo is one of the greatest riffs of all time to be honest

22 Orion

What!? This songs has the best riffs ever! Too underrated :o

At least top 5

Badass riff!

23 The Unforgiven II

Reload is really underrated man!
This song along with the rest of the album is pure genius stuff!

24 The Small Hours
25 Some Kind of Monster

So simple but really heavy and fun to play -

26 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

That fast riff that starts at 4 minutes just blows my mind every time I listen to it! I LOVE IT!

The fast riff that starts at half of the song is BEAST!

27 Disposable Heroes
28 Memory Remains
29 Hit the Lights
30 Leper Messiah

The riff that starts around half way through the song is just incredible, their best in my opinion. Don't know why they don't play this song more live.

The main riff has an awesome groove

31 The Thing That Should Not Be
32 Jump In the Fire

Why is there so little Kill 'em All on this list? I mean half of those riffs were written by Dave Mustaine (who is a far better riff writer than james or kirk) and they all sound amazing

33 Carpe Diem Baby
34 The Four Horsemen

One of the best riffs in Metallica's collection.
Yes, Dave Mustaine wrote the riff, but remember he was a part of Metallica at some point of time. Unfortunately for him, this song came out first so he had to increase the tempo for the Mechanix.

35 Through the Never

Really simple riff, but so effective! Maybe not the best, but I think it deserves to be in the top ten.

36 Dyers Eve
37 Fuel
38 Thorn Within
39 King Nothing
40 The Outlaw Torn

The best. - CostcoHotDogs

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